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1988 CADILLAC COUPE DEVILLE 4.5 V8 AC 173K Runs Good, Drives & Looks GREAT!

Make: Cadillac
Model: DeVille
Type: Coupe
Year: 1988
Mileage: 172,883
VIN: 1G6CD1155J4334961
Color: White
Engine: 4.5L V8
Cylinders: 8
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Automatic
Drive type: FWD
Interior color: Blue
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Salem, Virginia, United States

1988 Cadillac DeVille 2 DOOR COUPE Additional Info:


For sale isthis wonderfully optionloadedCaddy & believe it or notit almostall works!The paint looks great & there have been no accidents or fender benders.The top is presentable with some light cracks just starting. The engine runs & soundsgreat & is all original. This is a vehicle that has always been driven, never sitting for long periods so like a rock that gathers no moss this has no rust or gremlins. I have owned this for about a year now & am amazed how well it does: the battery never dies, it is warm & ready to go in 10 seconds in any weather. The trans shifts a bit slow but that only means you cant drive too fast or use too much gas. I believe its always been driven like that & that's the only way it will work. Of all the cars I own she seems to have a specialpersonality!

Inside is a bit strange: it needs arm rests, front seats recovered & a headliner. The interior really doesn't match the clean outside of the car but I believe its explainable: first all caddies door panels of this vintage eventually crack at over 100K, all GM headliners eventuallyneed replaced &since the front seatsare real leather they simply cracked badly. You may note the rest of the interior is amazing: no cracks in the dash, gauges areclean/working &it has great looking carpet. Every piece of glass isextremely clean& the power windows work: the passenger side is slow but steady. The brakes work well & have new rotors, calipers & hoses.Sorry the car isa bit dirty from use in the pics, I would have liked to clean it betterfor thebutits been cold lately & my power washer is broken.

The car is loaded with options & the electronic temp controls:heater/AC controls all work &so does theradio.The power antenna doesn't work, its fully extended & straight, however.Both doors open with no sag& close/latch tight. The cruise control works, the engine has been constantly maintained & is in perfect order down to every single hose, relay, belt& vacuum line. The 4.5L V8 engine may not be a powerhouse but at least in the instance of this vehicle it certainly has remained very reliable. The body has never seen an accident, has no strange dents or parts out of line/place. The white paint peels in spots on the trunk but overall it looks great from several feet. The trunk pull down works but one of the tension bars broke in half at some point so the lid needs help up by a prop. The jack assembly is complete. The leveling system still works & it never kills the battery: don't worry if it runs & runs, it will stop.

It has cool, rare, factory 14" alloy wheels with nice tires that hold air, have no dry rot & have plenty of tread: two match in the front & two in the back. The muffler has no leaks & is so quiet while you drive you wonder if the engine is running! ;) The radiator is in great shape & the car NEVER overheats. The trans leaks a little but that is pretty normal for any GM vehicle of the vintage. The oil/filter were recently changed. All lights work as does the power seats. To sum this car up:the engine & controls havebeen extremely well maintained but much of the interior will need attention. The trans slips a bit at start up but once going it keeps going! The exterior is very presentable & you can be proud driving it as is & the body/frame/floors have no rust. Overall a very pleasant, good lookingdriving vehicle that I have greatly enjoyed.

Now thatall 1980svehicles are classics you may be wondering where they are? Why don't you see them on the road anymore? I believe this trend is going to continue to the point that 1980s vehicles are going to be the rarest of all mainly because nobody ever expected them to be valuable & that, my friends, is the definition of collectable! I keep watch on all collector cars like some people watch stocks. Like stock brokers I'm not always right but here is my reasoning: Classic car junkyards are a nearly dead thing. Mostly because of laws that prevent new ones. Old yards are drying up in droves. The price of scrap went up so high that many classic cars were destroyed. Remember the clunker laws? Mostly 80s cars went to their death that way. Old yards that DID keep classics around still crushed (the money was too seductive)& what theysent to metal heavenwas anything newer than 1979! Yards that exist today are fast paced part monsters that pull parts so fast you cant recognize the cars when they are done w/em& they don't even bother with anything OLDER than about 2000 so anything they get from the 80s & 90s are gone ASAP, they don't have the room for them: not cost effective. That means that soon people will notice there are no 1980s cars to be had, parts are already getting rare & prices WILL go up. So if you can locate a neat classic 80s car like this loaded 2 door Caddy buy it now CHEAP, store it in a safe, dryplace & wait, who knows the return on your meager investment may surprise you.

You may ask why sell if 80s cars are going to be so valuable? I have a half dozen of them: 2 Fleetwoods, a 80s Chevy truck & Van as well as an 88 Trooper & 2 Caprices, the truth is I'm about out of storage space! The best one of the bunch iswithout a doubt the Coupe DeVillebut if I can find her a good home I'm OK with letting someone else profit! ;) So enjoy this no reserve, real auction!


Buyers are encouraged to see the vehicle in person: there is nothing to hide & I want you to be happy with the purchase! Distance keeps that difficult for many so I will be happy to speak with you about the vehicle: 540-384-7440 (call between 12 noon & 6:00 any day of the week). Winning bidders must pay a $100 non-refundable deposit. I KNOW right? That's not much. Final payment is expected 7 days after the listing ends by cash in person, Paypal (if you pay the fees) or bank to bank wire transfer. I will be here to help after the listing is over to help get it delivered, loaded or if you plan to drive it home. The vehicle will be allowed to stay for4 weeks after the end of the listing for free. $10. per week outdoor storage after.

This is an as is, where is listing with no warranty expressed or implied.I've described in detail how this vehicle runs & handles... so please don't ask if you can drive it home, Use your own judgement. In my experience: If you plan to fail you will usually make it!;) Thanks for checking out my listing!