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Make: Buick
Model: Regal
Type: Coupe
Trim: WO2
Year: 1987
Mileage: 33,400
VIN: 1G4GJ1172HP408169
Color: Black
Engine: 3.8L TURBO
Cylinders: 6
Transmission: Automatic
Interior color: Tan
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Silverton, Oregon, United States

1987 Buick Regal WO2 Additional Info:

Beautiful clean and pristine low mileage Turbo T. This is a very rare car in that it was ordered in that short window of time when a Turbo T could be had with a beautifully colored interior, PLUS also having the W02 Black out package. This car has been quoted by Dennis Kirban as probably the rarest of all the Turbo Buicks he's ever seen or had. To Quote:
1. kirbans 2 cents worth
For 1987 Turbo Regals with exterior paint black (19) it did get very interesting. While many of you are fully aware of the WE4 a lesser known fact created a very very rare black Turbo-T for the model year 1987.
The Product Information Bulletin from Buick annoucing the new WE4 is dated 11-15-86. The WE4 as most of you are aware was all black with matching bumpers and WO2 black out package.
What many of you may not know is 2 days prior 11-13-86 another Bulletin was released stating that the WO2 black out package was no longer available on a black Turbo-T.
You can see why Buick did this as it would be too confusing since the WE4 was basically the same car except the WE4 now had matching black bumpers. You could however, order a black Turbo-T with the chrome package.
So, that left a very small window at the beginning of the 1987 model year for individuals to order a black Turbo-T with the blackout package. With only basically 2-3 months of production and black not being a popular Turbo-T color, you can see that their is not going to be very many of them produced.
The one label on your door jam would have the production date so if you have a black 1987 Turbo-T with the black out package see how close the production date is to 11-13-86. If you have such a car it is by far a lot rarer than any WE4 produced.
I have only had one out of 300 plus cars. If memory serves me right I may not have realized at the time how rare it really was. Plus, if it has any color interior other than grey it would really be rare. I would even go out on a limb and say you may have something that only a handful exist if that many. The Buick documents back up the dates that production was limited to. Its just a darn shame no one can figure out or had access to the production numbers.
Again I am not taking anything away from the value of a WE4, merely pointing out that because of its existance, it created an even rare black Turbo-T in the fall of 1986.
Something to think about.....
Keep the comments/compliments whatever coming.....I'm game
#6 Dennis Kirban, Mar 27, 2009
This particular car was a one owner vehicle from Georgia when I bought her 3.5 years ago, with just over 33,000 miles on the clock. She had been maintained perfectly but not polished or recently freshened up with fluids and filters and new exhaust or even tires..so I did all of that, and have added all 4 new stereo speakers and also added a nice little 200watt amp into the interior dash area. Brakes (all original Powermaster) work great and are original. For a new owner doing more than showing the car, I'd recommend a change just for insurance/safety reasons. I've bought Kirban's front grille springs and replaced those with shiny clean new ones. Power windows work very well. The car has an aftermarket power chip that was added years ago and is very effective albeit modest. The original cats are in place. The paint is original but under warrantee was resprayed with high quality GM spec (work done at original dealer, documented) clear-coat and black on hood, roof and trunk tops. It shines beautifully. In fact, this paint on the top surfaces of the car is incredibly hard (as evidenced by the professional detailer who buffed the entire car) and very resistant to scratching or swirl marks. All bumpers and wheels and trim, grill, bumper insert rubber are all original and absolutely perfect! The interior defects include a tape deck that is inoperable (doesn't eject, a $175.00 repair via a service in Canada if wanted) and the very typical cracks in the top front speaker grilles. The upgraded stereo radio, however, sounds fantastic with the upgraded yet stock looking equipment.
The engine bay is original and very clean. I replaced the heater core and have had the radiator recored/rebuilt as it had a small leak. Other than a new turbo inlet tube (stock color but upgraded material), power steering cooler hoses (as per Kirban's advice) and some cleaning/detailing, under the hood it as she was in 1987. Hood blanket looks fantastic. The underbelly of the car is also extremely clean, and all rubber/trim pieces are in really nice soft/flexible shape. I've always dressed the plastic and trim and weatherstripping with Aerospace 303 and kept them well toned.
I cannot emphasize how untouched, relative to most turbo Buicks, this car is. It is a real time capsule and she drives with fantastic quiet power and comfort. I have to sell the car simply to pare down the fleet and make room. However, I'm not desperate. If the right buyer comes along looking for one of these fantastic rare black Turbos, I'll be happy that she has a new home and a buyer who understands the car. Call Brian at 503-949-2911 with any questions.