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Homologated 1983 242 Volvo 1 of 500 made in the US Factory turbo intercooled

Make: Volvo
Model: 240
Type: 2 door
Trim: GLT
Year: 1983
Mileage: 293,000
VIN: YV1AX4720D2235954
Engine: B21FT
Cylinders: 4
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: M46 5 speed
Drive type: RWD
Vehicle Title: Rebuilt, Rebuildable & Reconstructed
Item location: Oregon City, Oregon, United States

1983 Volvo 240 Additional Info:

Selling a genuine flathood Homologated 242 1 of 500 that was shipped to the United States in 1983. The car is 100% original, factory M46 4 speed with OD. Most of the Homologated 242 were Automatics transmissions.The car has some rust, but repairable shown in pictures. The homologated 242 has thedistinct SO#2476 on the struct vin plate. The best thing for this car is to get fully restored to itsformerglory. The 242 runs and drives, but I wouldrecommend the car to get shipped to itsdestination.

In the last issue, I mentioned the very rare 1983 "flat-hood" 242 Group-A Turbos. Volvo manufactured 500 of these cars to meet production requirements for Group-A sedan class racing in Europe. Some number of them were sold to private customers in the US through the Volvo dealer network. Different sources tell different stories about the distribution of these vehicles. According to various US sources, all 500 were brought to the United States through Portsmouth, Virginia port of entry. Some 30 were then sent back to Europe for racing. In racing trim, the cars had bigger (T04) turbo, water injection, a different intake manifold, four wheel vented disc brakes, full digital instrumentation, light alloy roll cages, and different front struts.

The vehicles which stayed in the US were changed back to standard 1983 Turbo specs in these areas, although the Group-A Turbos sold here did retain the GT springs, a factory intercooler, and the 242-style European front end sheetmetal. Although Volvo Cars of North America spokespeople indicate the Group-A Turbo has the standard 161 HP turbo output, those who have driven these cars all say they are definitely faster than a stock turbo with an intercooler added. Supposedly, all Group-A Turbos sold in the US came through with manual sunroofs, while the European racing cars did not have sunroofs. One unconfirmed source suggests 312 of the 500 vehicles had 4-speed manual plus overdrive transmissions, with the balance being automatics. The vehicles were produced in a variety of colors, although metallic blue, metallic silver and black seem to be the most common in the US. Information on the Group-A Turbos is scarce and conflicting. Any club member who has one of these cars is encouraged to check the VIN and VIC plates, and let me know of any discrepancies from the information shown here.(An article from ROLLING the VCOA's bimonthly magazine. Vol. 9 No. 3 May/June 1991)