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Make: Volkswagen
Model: Beetle - Classic
Doors: 5
Year: 1968
Mileage: 74,967
VIN: 118185204
Color: Tan
Engine: 1776 CC
Transmission: Manual
Interior color: Tan
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Local pick-up only

1968 Volkswagen Beetle - Classic Additional Info:

Mixing styling elements from a vintage Ford on a classic Volkswagen foundation would seem to be a difficult endeavor with a very delicate balance. Choose the wrong components or merge exterior parts that are too dissimilar and you could end up with a four-wheeled Frankenstein monster. So, with the bar of difficulty set so high, it's especially impressive that this 1968 VW Beetle has emerged from such an endeavor as a unique but well-executed and undeniably fun to drive custom car.
Clad in a shade of Cadillac tan that's adorned with flames on its front fenders and pinstripes on its flanks, it only takes a single glance to see that this is no ordinary Beetle. The hood mimicking a 1940 Ford, with its elaborate chrome grill and prominent trim still in tow, extends outward from the easily recognizable form of VW's most popular offering, while in back, a full-blown flatbed sits in place of what would otherwise be the back half of the car, sporting a pair of tail lights from a 1959 Cadillac. It's not something you see every day, for sure, and yet it works. Very well. Its assembly was obviously performed with a strong eye for proportion and finish, as these seemingly disparate parts actually fit together well to make for an unabashedly unique car that will no doubt receive thumbs up from onlookers wherever you may roam. Yet as ambitious as it is, it's well-finished and properly aligned, as well, as both that vintage transplanted hood and the still-stock doors open and close securely.
Just inside those doors, the tan interior strikes a nice balance - custom styling set against a vintage, stock backdrop. There are plenty of distinct touches, such as the silver frames at the tops of the doors and a one of a kind steering wheel, but they reside in an inviting and still-familiar VW environment. The pair of comfortable, high-backed cloth bucket seats that sit in place of their original German counterparts are still in good shape and blend in well with their surroundings. The dash area retains its stock-looking configuration for the most part, with a set of VDO gauges taking their place just to the side of the original single dial cluster, which is still very readable behind a clear lens. Just underneath the glove box, a Sony AM/FM/CD player sits ready to provide the audio options you're looking for during your journeys. Up front in the storage area, a full-sized spare is securely stowed, while in back, the custom flatbed is in great shape - unscathed and framed with stainless steel, and flanked by hardwood retaining walls to each side.
This unique vehicle is as fun to drive as it is to look at. A 1766 cc VW engine sits underneath the bed in back. Carrying a pair of Weber carbs and a 1:23 Eagle cam, it's in great form - starting right up and running smoothly as it exhales out of its Porsche exhaust. It's bolted to a 4-speed manual transmission that shifts with confidence-inspiring precision to provide a thoroughly enjoyable driving experience. As an additional measure of protection from the elements, the bottom of the car has been treated with a coat of rust inhibitor. This truly unique vehicle sits on a set of 15" custom wheels, with Kumho tires up front and Goodyear Wranglers in back.
Looking for a one of a kind vehicle that's a blast to drive and will stand out in a crowd? You have to check out this 1968 VW Beetle. Call today!