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1965 Triumph TR4 Roadster 2138cc 105HP

Make: Triumph
Model: Other
Type: Convertible
Year: 1965
Mileage: 37,850
Color: Red
Engine: 2138cc
Cylinders: 4
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Manual
Interior color: Black
Drive side: Left-hand drive
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: South Bend, Indiana, United States

1965 Triumph Other Additional Info:

Up for NO RESERVE auction is my 1965 Triumph TR4! A great year and a great car. I was going to fully restore this car firstly, because these are great vintage track and rally cars, secondly because they are worth over 17K in good condition and 27K in excellent condition and finally, thirdly because they not only hold their value but increase over time. A good "stock/bond" you can drive and use.
I am the third owner, I got the car in OH. and has OH title. The second owner was restoring it but passed away and that is how I came to own it, I was starting to take up where he left off, but I really don't have the time (have not done much to it in a year now) and need the garage space for other things. The sports car ran well, drove and stopped when I pick it up.
What I have done and gotten for it is:
  • good Michelin tires $175
  • professionally had the wheels striped and new powder coated. $200
  • a new battery $90
  • new black soft top $650 (cloth)
  • new black carpet kit $400
  • new black seat covers $530 ( vinyl)
  • new front shocks $50
  • use rear fender $190
  • new front end rebuild kit (bumps, pads and bushings) $100
  • floor pan & some other misc $200

Over two thousand five hundred ($2500) in new parts you don't have to source and pay to ship! Heck if you get the car for say 5k -that's 2.5k for the new parts and only 2.5K for a decent TR4!! A hell of a deal, but the car must go and that is the reason for the low open bid and no reserve.

The car is already stripped down for body work and paint prep. The TR4 was originally red, I was going to paint it black, but the nice thing with it ready for paint soon is that you can make it whatever color you want. Have all original parts, trim and bumpers! Glass is all good. Frame is solid and good, floor pans are OK. The chrome and bumpers are fine for a good driver. I guess there is about 80 hours of work left to be done on it depending on the level you want to bring it up to (not including paint), along with maybe 1 - 2K in parts and exhaust? Easy to make it a nice driver, but a bit more to make it a 17-20K car.

The rear fender needs work and installed with some patch repair to the rear section. (see photos) the front lower valance is dented and need straightened. The gap on the drivers front fender and hood needs addressed to make it nice and the back truck/boot floor needs need patched or new pan. As I mentioned it was running well when I got it, but on the long trailer ride home the fuel line or pump stop or got clogged up with old gas tank stuff, I changed the filter but that was not the issue. Besides all the rubber hose needs to be replaced as it would be dangerous to keep some of the old rubber, basically the fuel line system should be replaced and tank flushed/sealed. That and I stopped in the beginning of redoing the front end, I do have the wheel back on to roll around and transport, the garage got too cold for my old bones to finish that, so that needs finished (have the parts).

So while it is better than a project car, you can't currently drive it around the block for a test drive. What you are getting is a 1/2 -2/3rds done restoration with lots of new parts ( $2500), good frame and running engine and drive train with all original parts. There are not many of these good ones out there left to be restored, especially at this low price price for this legendary classic British sports car. So happy bidding. The car can be inspected anytime and I will be happy to answer any questions. I have more pictures too if you need something.

History of the 1961-1967 Triumph TR4

Building off of the TR3's success, Triumph unveiled the TR4 in 1961. Furthering the evolution of the earlier model, the TR4 combined a low cost of entry with a capable open-top sports car to become one of Triumph's best-loved cars.

Stylistically, the TR4 was quite a departure from the TR3. Gone were the low-cut doors and polarizing grille of its predecessor, and in their place was a more modern design courtesy of Giovanni Michelotti. A spacious trunk, high beltline, full-sized doors with roll-up windows, and a revised front look brought the company into a new era.

Mechanically, the car possessed the same 105-hp, 2138 cc, inline four-cylinder engine that was offered during the TR3's later iterations, though buyers who were looking race their Triumph in two-liter classes could opt for the 1991 cc mill. The TR4's chassis was initially the same as its predecessor, though the track was wider and steering was through a rack and pinion set-up.

In 1965, Triumph released the TR4A (which was never referred to as such by the company itself). The car marked the introduction of a completely new independent rear suspension, and the TR4's ride benefitted greatly.

Popular options on the TR4 included overdrive and a "Surrey" top that resembles what is today called a Targa roof. TR4A buyers could also opt to replace their independent rear suspension with the TR4's solid rear axle.

In all, just over 40,000 TR4s left the Coventry factory. And like most British roadsters of the era, the lion's share landed in the U.S. Their relative affordability, good handling, and brisk performance made them a popular choice on the track, and they continue to be an entertaining drive today.