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Triumph TR3 - 1959

Make: Triumph
Model: TR3
Type: Convertible
Year: 1959
Mileage: 81,444
VIN: TS47804L
Color: Blue
Cylinders: 4
Transmission: Manual
Interior color: Black
Drive side: Left-hand drive
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Hernando, Mississippi, United States

1959 Triumph TR3 Additional Info:

UPDATE and RElisting:
For those of you who had expressed interest in the car, thank you... for those that haven't, please read the whole listing.
I am relisting the Triumph as I put the rear wheel back on so it can be driven onto a trailer... still not roadworthy as I just put the drum on without brake shoes (See pics where I tie wrapped the brake adjuster and wheel cylinder... you can also see that the hub will not be usable as it bent slightly while I was trying to pull it)... I cut off one of the studs and the other three are cross threaded on... there is a pic of the new drum, but there are no shoes mounted (I have the shoes, springs and pins)
ALL of the outdoor photos of the car were taken within the hour of my writing this update... I drove it out of the garage, took the pics and drove it back in... brakes are sufficient to stop, but it will need to be tied down to a trailer with ratcheting tie downs (Which you would do regardless). I know it needs a bath!
It comes with a beige tonneau cover as well as a black soft top... side door window panels are also included (I drove with them one winter day and the drivers side one doesn't fit real well... pretty rinky dink set up but better than freezing).
I changed the radiator petcock, but there still seems to be a slow drip... origin now unknown... no worries, I did NOT put in a can of radiator sealant...
As stated below, lots of new and used parts come with the car... I deleted those pics in favor of more of the outside of the car (Seemed to be what y'all were looking for).
I haven't removed the tape deck... new owner can use those sweet tape deck sounds if they desire.
AS far as pick up; I am pretty busy this summer so we will have to coordinate schedules... We find a suitable time and you show up with cash or a cahsiers check during business hours and drive off with the car... No returns, but if you show up and you decide you don't want it for some reason, you don't have to take it, but I will not enter into re-negotiations over the price... I will just relist it on ebay. Thank you.
(Original post)=========================================
I was driving the car as of last fall... an issue with the left rear brake cylinder had me jack it and put it on stands to change the rear cylinder. The lug nuts were cross threaded, so I bought new studs and lug nuts without realizing that the hub needs to be pulled (and ideally replaced) to change studs (New hubs are available with studs in place for around 240 bucks for a pair). The axle nut came of fairly easily, however removing the hub is beyond my tool buying and patience thresholds.
SO BEWARE: To get the rear wheel back on to enable the car to be driven onto a trailer, I will have to cross thread the lugs back on (Unless you know of a better way) and the car will not be roadworthy! Just enough to drive it onto and back off a trailer where you and your awesome set of pullers and torches and know how will get the hub off and be back in business.
The good... the car runs and shifts and drives fine (When all four wheels are on it). Everything works... except for the little tape deck that the previous owner added.. I took the speaker out and will be removing the tape deck as well as it does not belong in the car. Even the horn, the turn signals (Trafficator), gauges, heater, wipers, lights etc... No major rust on the frame or body panels.
The car has been modified from stock... overdrive (3rd and 4th gear), spin on oil filter, brake and clutch fluid reservoirs separate, positive ground electrical system and, as I discovered, a TR4 fuel tank instead of the standard TR3.
It has a new gas tank and fuel pump as well as new clutch master and slave cylinders.
Extra NEW parts I have: Water pump and pulley, aluminum radiator, thermostat, trunk seal, cooling system hose set, brake master cylinder, round side mirrors, brake lines, fuel lines. Many other smaller parts like brake shoe pins, zeus fasteners, seals and bolts for the water pump
Extra USED parts: Spare SET of carbs, the old clutch master and slave cylinders, old fuel pump and old gas tank.
There is a slow drip of a coolant leak (Hence all the cooling system parts) but it seems to be coming from the radiator petcock. I'll drain the radiator and change the petcock.
There are several blemishes on the paint, but they don’t show up well in photos. I don’t really know how to describe the finish other than fine for driving around but a new paint job would be nice. Far from a show car, but gets a lot of attention nonetheless.
I am not a car guy, so I cannot be aware of every little deficiency that a Triumph aficionado would find material (it IS 58 years old and was last restored in 1997 according to the last owner), but if there is something you would like to see a picture of, send an email address, as I have maxed out the allowable photos on the auction, and I will do my best to get one to you. The car is currently on jack stands, but I run it every week for a bit. It really needs someone familiar with old British cars to take care of it. It is priced well below what I paid due to the hub issue and I want whomever gets it to be happy with the deal.
Any questions, just ask and I will check email at least once a day.
Local pick up only.