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1956 Triumph Small Mouth TR3 Roadster Easy Project Overdrive & Hardtop Black/Red

Make: Triumph
Model: TR3
Trim: Roadster
Year: 1956
Mileage: 76,661
VIN: TS11815L
Color: Black
Engine: 4 cyl gas
Transmission: 4 speed & Overdrive
Drive type: FWD
Interior color: Red Leather
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Canton, Georgia, United States

1956 Triumph TR3 Roadster Additional Info:


Further cleanout of surplus vintage cars and parts: This is a no reserve auction and the Triumph TR3 small mouth will be sold regardless of price, on or off auction. This particular auction is for an authentic original 1956 Triumph TR3 Small Mouth Roadster as shown.

Tired of seeing "restored" or junk, modified, restorod, unoriginal or rust bucket cars for sale? It's hard for the do it yourselfer to find an original car worthy and inexpensive enough to restore and have something that is a nice original when the job is finished. Many cars have been given a one week "restoration" hiding many sins and covering up interesting historic indicators of time and most original survivors have disappeared. I will answer all email questions.


This small mouth Triumph TR3 is a relatively easy project and comes with the British Motor Heritage Certificate certifying it as being a numbers matching original car. The small mouth Triumphs have a distinct LeMans look. Beautiful cars. As of this writing Hagertys classic car values list the value for the 1956 Triumph TR3 smallmouth at $13,500 low #4 and $51,500 high #1. Average of $23,000. Equipped with electric overdrive and period Parrish fiberglass hardtop. Original factory equipment as stated on the Heritage Certificate : Black exterior with Vermillion (red) leather interior. Built June 29, 1956 and shipped to the United States. It has been stored inside a heated garage for many years. The original owner passed away, whereupon I purchased the car from his brother. It is not driveable because the hydraulics will need rebuilding or replacing.


The original matching numbers engine. Starts and runs very well with the key and dash starter button. Started it by feeding fuel to the carbs through an external fuel tank. Opted not to go through the mess of cleaning out the fuel lines and tank, leaving that to the next owner. The fuel lines and tank may be fine but it was easier just bypassing them. Excellent high oil pressure even when warm. No smoke or noises. Original matching engine number is TS/12181-E.


The original owner bought the car new with a 4 speed non overdrive transmission as noted on the Certificate and later on had an overdrive transmission professionally installed including the correct Lucas dashboard overdrive switch which is what is in the car now. Shifts well in a stationary position in all gears and shifted and drove perfectly with no problems the day it was stored years ago. Overdrive works fine. Clutch master and slave cylinders will need rebuilding or replacing. Car is not driveable because of this. (As well as for the brake hydraulics needing replacement/rebuilding).


Nice, straight and solid. No accident damage anywhere. Mostly original with the original paint. Only rust through was in the bottom of the battery box but a new aluminum bottom was installed. There is no battery. The original radiator was in excellent condition until I jacked the front of the car up to take more photos - the jack slipped and dented in the bottom of the radiator so it will need to be repaired - it didn't leak after the mishap so it isn't too bad.


Very solid with original paint.


Needing some rust repair on the lower panels and will need new inner sills, outer rockers and floors. Left rear fender has a large dent, right rear fender has a small dent, left front fender needs a patch on the bottom.


Will need a new windshield and seals. There is a set of side curtains in poor condition. There is a set of good softtop bows. The hardtop is a good aftermarket Parrish Plastics fiberglass top, a popular accessory in the 50's and 60's. In very good condition with the original rear chrome hold down brackets, felt headliner material and good original rear window. There are no front brackets.

PAINT: Thought it to be the factory original paint but upon close inspection it was probably repainted many years ago in the original black factory color. No matter, the paint is now in poor condition.


The frame is good and straight but has a couple of spots that wil need to be repaired. One is a very small hole in the right rear rail (common) and the other is in the cross member in the middle of the car (also common). Shown in the photos. The car has had tow bar brackets welded to the front frame horns as the original owner towed it behind a class A Motor Home. The left bracket is intact and the right one was ripped off accidently some time ago - shown in the photos.


The rusted original floors are have been covered over with what looks like 1/8 inch steel plate from a Sherman tank. Keep them as they are or replace the floors as necessary if desired. The seats are not bolted down and there are no seat runners. The passenger seat was missing and I had an extra black spare that we put on that side. The red leather drivers side seat is the original. There is no heater. Did not have one when I bought the car.


The dash is original with all of the correct gauges. It looks decent and the gauges look to be presentable and useable. Mileage shown is 76661. Who knows. The original Lucas bakelite horn button/turn signal assembly is in nice shape and works. The cardboard glovebox is missing as usual.


What is left of the upholstery is the original factory material.


None. Aftermarket air conditioners can be installed - the new units are excellent, compact and very efficient.


Five wire wheels in useable condition. Tires are old and rotted, they just hold air for awhile.


Abarth aftermarket exhaust is there and looks solid and could be used for a driver but it needs the exhaust header pipe (leaking) that comes off the exhaust manifold.


Car is not driveable because of no brakes. All original suspension and braking mechanisms are intact, nothing missing. Shocks are intact. The brake hydraulics will need rebuilding or replacing.


Car rolls and steers easily so no problems with shuttling around.


There is NO TITLE. Georgia will NOT issue a title for any car older than 1975. It does have a proper official Georgia registration and that usually is all that is necessary to ship the car overseas or to title or register it in most any State of the Union. This is the responsibility of the new owner. Check your local DMV office if indeed a title is important to you. Most states only require a registration to buy license plates for classic cars.


The original ID plates are all good and unmodified. The vehicle serial number is TS/11815-L. Engine number is TS/12181-E. These are the correct matching numbers the car left the factory with. Serial and Engine numbers never match up exactly because Triumph sold engines to other manufacturers and just plucked them off the line whenever they needed one or more, so the engine number is always slightly higher than the car serial number.


An attractive black on red leather roadster that can be finished in many ways. There weren't a lot of TR3 smallmouths with this color combination and it suits the car well. Can be rebooted into a fine driver or completely redone for a show car.


As always, it is difficult at best to describe something as complex as a vehicle and it is highly recommended that you personally inspect the car or have a 3rd party inspect it for you. I can accomodate anyone to show them the car. It is described to the best of my ability along with many good photos but it is the bidders ultimate responsibility to ensure that what he thinks he is getting is indeed one in the same and something he will be happy with. I have purchased and sold roughly 25 autos through ebay over the past 17 years and also many more over the telephone and have always had excellent results and complete satisfaction from the buyers but I do my due diligence and suggest you do the same. I describe things as honestly as humanly possible.


I have shipped many cars to all parts of the world over the years and can assist the buyer with transport or completely arrange transport. The car is in a secure place at my home and it can be collected there. I can assist with loading.


Contact me if you have less than 5 feedbacks or your bid WILL be cancelled. A $1000 non refundable deposit via Paypal is due immediately after the auction closes. The balance is due within 3 days via a bank cashiers check or wire transfer. Full payment is to be made IN ADVANCE of collecting the car. IN ADVANCE, BEFORE YOU COLLECT THE CAR - This is an auction and you have plenty of time to inspect the car personally or have a 3rd party inspect the car - inspections are welcome and encouraged. Winning the auction does not mean that you now have the privilege of coming to inspect the car to see if you like it. When the auction is over payment is due at the close of the auction per these instructions. The car is at my home and can be left here for up to 30 days at no charge before collection. After that I have the option of charging a storage fee.


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