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1991 Toyota HZJ77 Land Cruiser HZJ73 fj60 fj62 HJ61 HDJ81 FJ80 FZJ80 FJ40 BJ70

Make: Toyota
Model: Land Cruiser
Trim: HZJ77 with ZX trim package
Year: 1991
VIN: 11111111111111111
Engine: 1HZ
Cylinders: 6
Fuel: Diesel
Transmission: Automatic
Drive type: 4WD
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Denver, Colorado, United States

1991 Toyota Land Cruiser Additional Info:

Relisted, the original was flagged for not having a VIN postedVIN: HZJ77-0001378

1991 Toyota HZJ77 Land Cruiser “Big Bird”

· Miles Unknown

· Kilometers Unknown

· Engine 1HZ

· Turbo No

· Transmission A440f

· Axle Rear FF

· lockers No

· Brakes 4 Wheel Disk

· Seats Suspension Seats/ Driver Recaro

· Suspension Zeal Lift kit

· Tires BFG Mud Terrain

· Winch PTO gearbox, but no shaft or spool

VIN: HZJ77000

Don’t miss out on an opportunity to own a 1HZ powered JDM 70 series Land Cruiser at a discounted price. This vehicle has unknown mileage due to what appears to be a rolled back odometer. The timing belt sticker shows that the belt was changed back in 2006 with 100,753 Kilometers and today the odometer reads 134,390 Kilometers. It is highly unlikely that the vehicle was only driven 34,000 kilometers in ten years, although it is possible and there is no evidence that the actual gauge was tampered with. You be the judge, but I am playing it on the safe side and marketing the vehicle as unknown mileage. In Japan when vehicles are registered annually they undergo an inspection and are required to document the odometer reading. The number of kilometers driven will dictate the taxes owed. Due to the tax structure it is not uncommon to find vehicles that have had their odometers tampered with. However we can use some deductive reasoning to approximate how many Kilometers are on the vehicle. Given the vehicle logged 100,753 kilometers during its first 15yrs (1991-2006) when it had its timing belt changed. That is 6,716 kilometers a year. Mathematically that would mean approximately 167,921 kilometers is the actual mileage (6716 x 25yrs). This number is in line with what other Land Cruisers of this age and condition would have. Other indicators tend to agree with this, for example, the interior is in great shape and was graded at auction as a B grade interior. Most 25yr old Land Cruisers are an interior grade C, so this is an above average interior. Little clues like low wear on, seats, carpet, plastic parts, shifter handle, e-brake handle & ashtray are also great indicators. The engine bay is pretty clean and has no leaks as well. So you be the judge. I know there are some buyers who really want a low mileage Cruiser with a certified odometer and this isn’t the vehicle for them, but it is an excellent opportunity to grab a 1HZ powered LC for a deep discount. Most of us are well aware of the durability and longevity of these motors and know that the vehicle probably has a couple hundred more thousand miles in her. Having one with an odometer that is likely off by approximately 30-40,000 kilometers is probably inconsequential. Besides, you can smile knowing you paid a hell of a lot less than your buddy did for his or hers. More money for Mods!
Exterior The vehicle was completely re-sprayed in what looks like Toyota mustard yellow. The job was done with a majority of the glass removed with jambs, and interior doors painted. The paint is in fair to good condition with some minor flaws. We used a body filler detector to search over the vehicle for any areas that may be hiding large dents or rust, luckily there is very little filler used on the body at all. The only filler detected was where the original wheel fender flares were attached. They have since been removed and the mounting holes were welded shut. There is 1/16” or less of filler over the holes to smooth out the welds. The vehicle also has several areas of minor rust that need attention. The driver’s side lower rocker area where the factory drain hole is has rust (see photos). It’s the area below the footboard and is out of the line of sight. This makes repair a whole lot easier and blending paint wont be necessary since its on the under side of the vehicle. The second is a small area in the lower rear wheel arch where the plastic bumper fairing bolts to the wheel arch. The good news is that this area is out of view as well. A patch panel would be hidden by the bumper fairing, making paint blending unnecessary. There is a 1” x 1” area on the rooftop adjacent to the sunroof where paint was chipped off and surface rust has started. This spot would only need a wire wheel or flap disk to remove the rust. No panel work needed. Lastly the seam where the rear seal and the bed panel meet have a small area of rust. To effectively mitigate the rust in this section, a rear seal removal and replacement would be recommended. Again, this area is out of direct line of sight and blending paint wouldn’t be necessary. Other paint blemishes on the vehicle are minor with the exception of a small section on the rear roof where paint has begun to peel. A quick spot sand and repaint would solve the issue. Overall the paint and body are in decent shape for her age, but will require some love to bring it up to snuff. However she could be left as is and is ready to be built out. It’s your call. The frame is in good shape with little surface rust spots here and there, but mostly clean with no corrosion. The suspension parts and axles have some minor surface rust as well. The suspension is a Zeal lift that rides nicely, but their springs in my experience tend to have poor rust protection and show lots of surface rust compared to OME springs, that said, they function nicely. The vehicle at some point had a PTO winch installed, but when the "front porch" stock bumper was replaced with what looks like a Prado bumper, the spool and shaft were removed. However the PTO gearbox and shifter are still installed. The wheels are 5 Toyota 15 inch wheels powder coated in white, but the spare wheel remains in stock color. They are wrapped in 5 BFG Mud terrain tires with plenty of tread remaining.
Interior As previously mentioned, the interior is above average with very little signs of wear. The ZX model was equipped with power windows and doors locks, as well as ice cold A/C. The driver’s seat was replaced with a Recaro bucket seat with lumbar support. It is still mounted on the factory suspension seat frame. The two combine to make a far more comfortable ride than stock, but matching is sacrificed. The only defect worth noting is on the driver’s side master window control panel. The switch that controls the passenger side window won’t roll the window up. However the switch on the passenger side door works perfectly. So only a switch replacement would be necessary. Overall this HZJ77 is in excellent example of one of the best 70 series ever built. Please don’t hesitate to ask questions.