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1971 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 Rock Climber Ultimate Bug Out Machine

Make: Toyota
Model: Land Cruiser
Year: 1971
Mileage: 1000
VIN: FJ400102448
Engine: Vortec 5.7 V8
Cylinders: 8
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Automatic
Drive type: 4WD
Vehicle Title: Clean
Item location: Pensacola, Florida, United States

1971 Toyota Land Cruiser Additional Info:

1971 Toyota FJ40 Land Cruiser

* We will be accepting reasonable offers for full or partial trades. Reasonable being the key word here! No we don't want your bass boat, four wheeler, shotgun and 17K!

Any ways let’s get started - Oh by the way I hope you’re willing to put up with all the Jeep owners giving you the “Jeep Wave” since they have no idea it’s a Toyota. I just look the other way when I see them coming and I don’t wave!


The FJ has been painted within the last 4 months with PPG Nexa 2K base clear. That being said the paint looks as you would expect (see pics). The original tub was modified and grafted to a base of rectangular and round tubing. This providing the main structure with body and rock protection (integrated sliders). The round tubing that is formed over the wheel wells is a beautiful piece of art, formed into the sheet metal and finished out as if it had been factory made. Gone are the ripples and spot weld dimples, straight as an arrow. It is gorgeous and masterfully engineered. It does have a full soft top as well as soft 1/2 doors


The interior has a full integral roll cage ties into the frame from the front to the rear. The windshield frame is fastened to the roll cage and is easily removed allowing it to fold and slide right off. The factory dash was removed and replaced with a custom Red Reflections™ Carbon Fiber 2x2 twill and WEST SYSTEM Epoxy dash. The cage is still within the original FJ measurements thus allowing for a conventional soft and hard-top/doors to be added with perfect fitment. A aluminum 14 gallon cell with a new Summit Racing Fuel Level Sending was added in the back hidden under the 316L Stainless Steel cover. We used the stainless so you could stand and/or place items (coolers, camping equipment, tools) on top without damaging anything underneath. The floors ares olid and have been reinforced with SS as well as precise drain locations. It is designed to remove water quickly and remain dry. The wiring was completely replaced, and protection is all handled by thermal circuit breakers along with conventional modern fuses for a complete redundant system(LED light shows which fuse is blown). LED headlights & taillights with integrated turn signals and daytime driving lights are spectacular. New Sparco seats w/sliders, Alpine stereo w/ Diamond Audio D354i 5.25" coaxial speakers,Garmin Drive LM EX GPS Nav system, full Auto Meter gauges, digital out side digital temp in dash and LED USB plug and 12v acc plug. Programmable LED located in the dash, 10-Way circuit fuse block for Neg.and Pos. LED Dash Panel Warning Lights which include turn signals, oil pressure, water temp, check engine and hazards.Indicator. LED Stainless Steel Cup holder. Full coverage front to rear Anti-Slip Rubber Floor Mats. 2020 BMW Auto fuel door with release. GIARIDE Solar Power Car Battery Charger. Bestop TrailMax II Fold and Tumble rear seat.Wireless Qi phone charger. Sunbrella - tweed soft top..

**Carbon Fiber items- were made by Custom Metal Works in Pensacola.


·Steering Column

·Speaker kick panels

·Door sills

·Roll cage lower legs (your feet won't wear off the paint).

·Center console with Alcanteria armrest


The heart is the bulletproof LS based 5.7 GM 350 Vortec V8 (Ol’ faithful) it is now sporting PFI’s (Performance Fuel Injection Systems) complete MPI set-up. Wikipedia says, “GM's 350 small block(5.7L) is perhaps the most reliable V8 ever made and had the longest production run of any V8 engine”. This gal fires right up, never hesitates, never stalls and as faithful as your grandma going to church! Huge increase in power as well as torque and reliability with the PFI’s MPI system. In my opinion it is the best one out there as it uses all off-the-shelf parts. If you need something out in “BFE”, just find a NAPA, O’Reilly’s, Auto Zone, Walmart and your set. The cooling system was upgraded with a large 4 core aluminum radiator and electric fan that can be controlled from the cockpit (on/auto/off). I’ve never seen the temp above 190 no matter what the outside conditions are. At the time of the refresh, a high output oil pump was added so this thing has very high blood pressure. The MPI system has a brain and uses a O2 sensor just south of the factory cast exhaust manifolds. It has brand new Optima Yellow top, custom aluminum valve covers for correct fitment under AC compressor. Custom oil breather set up and rad overflow tank with AN fittings. The rest of the exhaust was skillfully installed and tucked out of harm’s way and sounds just like it should…angry but not obnoxious. There is also a on-board compressor which is brand new and has a lifetime warranty. It is oil fed and controlled via a switch on the dash. There is also a regulator and port under the hood (which is awesome for running air tools or airing your tires back up) and a pancake tank tucked up under the rear.The engine is mated to a fully built Turbo 350 which is the perfect tranny for this type of application (again built for reliability). We were extremely pleased that with this set up (including the 40’s and 5.13 gears) it turns 2000 RPMs @ 45mph, 2500 @ 55mph and 3000 @ 65mph which is what everyone strives for. The transfer case is a Spicer 300 4:1 with a Twin Stick. Shifter is the preferred Winters Performance 207. The FJ has been converted to Siginaw power steering (lock to lock with one finger even with the 40’s) and the typical front and rear disc brake conversions with the GM power booster and dual master. New hardlines and STOP TECH F&R Stainless braided brake lines finish up the brakes. We have changed every fluid in the FJ as well as the usual plugs, MSD insulated wires, MSD cap and rotor, thermostat, water pump, HO oil pump just to ensure that there is no failure on the street or trails!

Frame, Axles and Suspension

The original FJ frame has been modified from every angle. It has been lengthened to 104” wheelbase, completely boxed

front to back, clearance enhanced for suspension manipulations and beefed up at all points of question. The articulation is amazing with a ramping (RTI) last week we measured a 1160 on a 30* ramp. Yes it is meaningless but nice to know where you start when making modifications. Dana 60 Axles fitted with Detroit/Eaton TrueTrac Lockers and 5.13 gears. Currently, the front axle is still set up with the Dodge hubs/rotor assemblies and inners have been converted over to the beefier 35 spline set-up. A new 30 spline rag joint coupler was installed. It has the manual locking hubs but we also have drive plates which can be swapped in when you get to the trails. The belly is totally protected (1/4 plate) as well as the suspension and drive shafts. The transmission and transfer case mounts are actually skid plates made from ¼” steel plate and the engine has its own tubular skid protection integrated into the tranny mount and frame.

The suspension is based on the tried and true design single-sided radius arm setup. This uses a single control arm on the passenger side, a radius arm on the driver’s side as well as a panhard bar keeping everything solid, ture and centered. All the tubing utilized in this construction of the arms is 2” OD ¼” wall DOM. We chose 2-5/8” Ballistic Joints for the frame mounting locations, 2” Steinjager Poly Bushing Ends at the axles and Artec Industries Rod End for where the upper radius arm bar attaches to the lower and upper. Currie Johnny Joints for both ends of the panhard bar. Then Currie Enterprises “Antirock swaybar – steel arms with custom Titanium side arms” and quick disconnects handle the sway. New KINGS 2.5 PR SMOOTHIE SHOCK Remote Reservoir w/ Internal Bypass (IBP) 16" travel. Two new King Shocks 2.5 PR STEERING STABILIZER 12" travel. Then to top it off we went with ORI STX Struts with STX RacingTop Caps and remote reservoirs. MSRP w/o shipping for the struts $4218.76 and $3488.00 for the Kings = $7698.76plus shipping for all the shocks! I know the questions are coming. Did we need both set ups and the answer is absolutely not. The struts (in my opinion) are the only way to go. However, we already had the Kings in place then decided we wanted the ORI’s so we just kept the Kings where they were at. We updated the suspension design with the latest technology regarding attachment products that offer better reliability and incredible performance off and more importantly on road. The rear suspension is really trick and articulates more than anything I’ve been around. I’ve heard it called a Texas Two Link, a Single Link, a Grader-Ball etc… Essentially it has upper and lower arms coming off the rear axle that triangulate into a single point right at the transfer case along with a panhard bar keeping it centered. There are two pivoting axis’ that work much like the hitch on some of those high-end off-road trailers. This suspension design has been around forever and still winning races at King of the Hammers. Everything works and looks extremely well together. As mentioned earlier, it has the Saginaw Power Steering setup and it utilizes dual steering stabilizers which really help to tame 40's.

For reference, it has been baselined within the past 3 weeks.

Additional notes -

WARN M8274 Completely disassembled, cleaned, powder coated,new solenoids, decals and boots.


Warn 92090 3/8" Epic Winch Hooks - 12000 lb Rating

Air Horn 139dB.

Longacre 52-22569 Billet Rear End Breather Kit.

Aluminized Titanium Heat Shield Aluminized Basalt Fiber Cloth High temp 648℃.

Lube Locker Dana 60 Differential Cover Gasket.

Five Cooper STT Pro 40x13.5-17’s-my favorite tire for everything and fantastic road manners mounted on KMC RG231 17x8.5 et-0 Aluminum Beadlock Wheels. Less than 100 miles!

Everything on this FJ works!! All the lights, high beam switch on the floor works. Wipers, turn signals, hazards, interior lights, all the gauges, horn all work. You will literally need to write the check and drive. If you decide to change some things that’s great and if not just sit back relax and enjoy the ride! My number one complaint is sellers stating they have it completely restored only to find out there’s still several things left to be resolved. I even added and labeled several extra power and ground wires so they can be used in the future (lights, cooler ect). That’s planning ahead and that’s how we do it!

Now down to the business -

The FJ is located in the panhandle of Florida and we will assistyou in pick up. Assist refers to being available and insuring it makes it onto the carrier safely and with no incidents.

We will not make any shipping arrangements.

We require a $1000.00 USD deposit (PayPal is fine) upon auction ending. There will be no refunds on deposits taken. Make sure all your funds are in order and you have all needed approvals before hitting the button. The remaining balance due in 24hrs.

We will be happy to pick you up for a fly and drive (we are on the whitest beaches in the world) at our regional airport which has several hotels and restaurants on the property and the FJ is located a mere 3 miles away.

Remaining balance to be paid by cash, bank check or transfer only PERIOD!

This keeps everyone on the same page, no surprises and a pleasant buying experience.

If you are in need of additional photos or have questions and concerns please do not hesitate to reach out to us!

We are proud of our 100% feedback rating and should put your mind at ease!