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1987 Toyota Cressida Straight Body, RARE, 150k Miles Good Tires. Great Commuter

Make: Toyota
Model: Cressida
SubModel: Old School Luxury and Sporty
Type: Sedan
Trim: Toyota Cressida (MX73)
Year: 1987
Mileage: 150555
VIN: JT2MX73e0H0117742
Color: Burgundy
Engine: 3.0 Inline 6
Cylinders: 6
Transmission: Automatic
Drive type: RWD
Interior color: Red
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Cerritos, California, United States

1987 Toyota Cressida Toyota Cressida (MX73) Additional Info:

Below are more pictures of the 1987 Toyota Cressida. We can assist with transport, but understand this is a buyer fee, not a seller fee. I recommend Uship for the best rates. Give it a couple days, the rates for shipping become more competitive and the rates become cheaper for you. I have a broker that I deal with that usually gets it a couple hundred cheaper than Uship if you would like to go through me and my broker.

Anyone putting an offer in must message me first to confirm interest. Please send me your full contact information, Full Name, Address, Home/Cell Phone. Method of payment, and confirming knowledge of $500 Deposit upon bid closure.
California Resident purchase must pay following: Sales tax (8%), Transfer ($15), Registration ($50), Smog ($58.25), Doc Fee ($70) on top of final bid value or buy it not value.
Buyers with a rating less than 10 must contact us before sending in offers to confirm Ebay legitimacy due to many fraudulent activities associated with low rating buyers. Offers from those with less than 10 rating without first contacting us and receiving a approval to submit offers may be ignored and declined.
$500 deposit due at auction end. Remaining payment shall be made by cash or cashiers check. Vehicle will not be released until cashiers check has cleared. Buyers wanting to pay remaining balance through paypal are charged the 3% paypal fees.
This is a Dealer Sale.
The winning bidder must submit a $500 deposit through PayPal within 48 hours of the auction ending. Once you submit the deposit, please send us a message. You can call/email anytime, 7 days a week and we will respond quickly. Full payment must be made within 3 days of the auction closing. If you need more time to make the final payment please call us and ask for an extension, we understand life happens.
Payments:We accept wire transfer, verified cashier's check, cash (in person), 3rd party financing (your bank gives you a loan for our car). We almost always beat the 3rd party banks so definitely fill out the application on our website if you would like to just do everything in one place. We only take PayPal for deposits, not full payment on cars. We can take full payments at the expense of the buyer paying for the paypal fees of 3%.
Please keep in mind these are used cars and as we do our best to describe these cars as best as possible. We also don't always get books or extra keys so if that is important please confirm with us that we have them before purchase. Don't assume anything and feel free to email or call us anytime with questions.
Unless prior arrangements made, Vehicles not picked up within 30 days of sale are considered abandoned. All monies submitted will be forfeited.
More pictures below.

Vehicles not picked up after 30 days are considered abandoned unless written agreement with buyer has been made on a later pick up. Storage fees may apply after 10 days and will be in writing at the time of sale.

About this vehicle sale.

Thank you for your interest in our vehicle. We like this car too, but it’s time to let it go. Some of our vehicles for sale were personally owned, some straight from the dealer only auctions, or some are consignments from buyers that have purchased from us. We don’t normally take trade in, but we help our buyers sell their un-wanted cars if it meets our criteria to sell. We recommend taking it to Carmax if you want a quick resolution, and don’t want to take time to show the vehicle to prospects.

Please review our Ebay rating. We have sold on Ebay for over 18 years. We have a great feedback because we are honest sellers, who offer things that people still want. Some items are a few dollars, some are hundreds, and while some are thousands. We are honest and upfront with all our listings.

Ebay is where you find bargains. We value our items a certain way. We value them sometimes less than what others may value them, and they sell fast. While others, we value them higher, because to us, it’s worth more to keep, than to get that monetary value. Sometimes we just flat out need the money, and we sell it for the highest bidder regardless of how much we value it.

Selling our items on Ebay, disclosing as much information on the item as possible, as if WE WERE THE ONES BUYING THE ITEM. If we missed anything, we encourage interested folks to ask questions, and ask as many as you need to feel comfortable with the purchase. Because there are listing fees, on some items, to recuperate all the ebay fees and paypal fees, we request non-refundable deposits. We don’t profit from these non-refundable deposits, they mainly cover our time and mostly the fees associated in marketing the items listed.

We have sold vehicles and items Internationally! Yes, vehicles sold internationally! It gives us great pleasure to provide clients items/vehicles they can’t otherwise purchase elsewhere. At first, I was excited when I had local buyers come from 100-30 miles away to purchase cars. With all the used car sales and items in between us and the buyers, they choose us. That is a great feeling.


It’s so simple, we need certain things, and yet there are a lot of things we just really want. It’s a simple name, yet it is part of our daily life.

Again, basing off our feedback and our rating(leave egos at the door), I believe we are helping buyers throughout the world obtain the things they want, the things they need, and at the price that is fair and affordable to any and all individuals.

We sell our items mostly for a hobby. I buy and sell cars because I love having cars. I want a lot of cars...but after so many, and like many of us, after you owned for awhile, you no longer desire it the same way, or you would want something else. That’s the time as sellers, we need to sell items so we can get $$$ back, to buy more items. It’s a fun circle of buying and selling, some make profit, others break even, some are losses. All part of the fun and the hobby.

We thank you for your time, and time is precious to all of us. Though we would love to show you each and every vehicle, showing it to many prospects and interested buyers take a lot of time. This is why we want to disclose everything we know of the car on our listings, to give buyers peace of mind, and so we don’t have to repeat the same thing over and over to interested parties. The more time it takes us to show the vehicle AND the vehicle still doesn’t sell, the more we truly just wasted each others time.

If I have a Buy it Now price, and there is no best offer option, that means I value this vehicle this much….An at this moment, I don’t want anything less, even if it’s just $20. If I have best offer option ON, I am willing to see who’s interested, some people just play around, throw a low offer number, whether they want to buy it or not, while others are budgeting a certain purchase price, and truly would buy for a specifically disclosed price.

So, to save both your time, and my time, we prefer not to schedule showings for our sales. This may turn a lot of people off, and that’s fine. But at least we didn’t waste each other’s time, and I still have my toy to drive. I prefer buyers who are ready to buy, have the funds to buy, and are willing to put $$$ on the fact that they aren’t wasting my time, and their time. If I have a ton of interested parties, and for some reason NOT one of them has yet to commit to purchase, then 2-3 days prior to the auction ending, we are willing to show the vehicle to interested parties. If the ad is closing in 2-3 days, and you are interested in a vehicle for the listed price, please feel free to schedule with us. NOTE, if you are willing to purchase for the listed price and there is no best offer option only. We are eliminating a lot of ‘buyers’ who just like to test drive cars and have no desire to purchase them, or are just giving lowball offers.

As of 5/27/2019, for this 2019 year, we have sold only about 7 vehicles, mostly cars, 1 motorcycle. 3 local, while the others all out of state. We offer non-profitted shipping quotes from a reliable broker. Not one buyer has regretted purchasing from us, and have received positive ebay feedback. If you want to search our dealer review, you can search our dealer sales from DNT999 Auto Solutions on Cargurus.com

This took some time to write, thank you for reviewing it. It will hopefully put time back in your hands and mine. If you like what we have to offer, great, if not, please feel free to pass us up and move on to the next sale. Have fun, good luck, and enjoy the process.