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1993 Toyota Land Cruiser FZJ-80 w/Lockers ZERO RUST SOUTH URBAN FJ-80 FZJ80 FJ80

Make: Toyota
Model: Land Cruiser
SubModel: Lockers ZERO Rust OBD1
Type: SUV
Year: 1993
Mileage: 303,885
VIN: jt3dj81w1p0040618
Color: White
Engine: 1FZ-FE 4.5L DOHC I-6
Cylinders: 6
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Automatic
Drive type: 4WD
Interior color: Blue
Drive side: Left-hand drive
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Charlotte, North Carolina, United States

1993 Toyota Land Cruiser LOCKERS Additional Info:

I am literally typing this via candlelight because the wonderful hurricane winds just shut the power off right before I was about to procrastinate and fall asleep instead of writing this. Fortunately the 2x laptops that I have with keyboards that light up are dead! Of course the least low light friendly computer I have has a fully charged battery. Luckily both of my sensible new covered by a warranty grown up responsible boring corporate approved vehicles have 110 volt outlets in them so I can run extension cords upstairs and charge other stuff plus keep my green spotted puffer fish alive. How fortunate that I just bought like 6 frozen pizzas that are now going bad! Hopefully it doesn't get any worse here I know people south of us got it much worse, stay strong southeast we'll get through this and come out the other side better off.
That being said my roomate a.k.a. the fiance a.k.a. wifebot 3000 has decreed that I have to make space around our house and sell all of my projects. I tried to explain to her that Land Cruisers are not projects they don't really ever break or officially ever need your help. I had a 1974 FJ-40 that had sat since 1990 behind a barn and it started ran drove with zero work other than gas and a battery. I ALSO tried unsuccessfully explaining to her that I didn't even purchase this Land Cruiser! My super handsome super popular Doberman named Copper Murphy that is A. a much better person than me and B. actually has several social media accounts is the one that brought it home. Once he figured out the internet and what money was his next logical step was to purchase a Land Cruiser. So of course being the majestic and dapper gentleman that he is the proper choice was a 1993 FZJ-80 with lockers because of course only the lockers will do. I feel like he has given us names that we cannot understand, like we call him Copper Murphy and he calls us Thurston and Lubby. Oh and he has an affinity for hunting toads which he then only pokes with his snoot for some reason, ever since we put a light on his collar he just uses it to hunt toads. Did I mention this cruiser has the factory lockers front rear and center? Lockers and zero rust.
Zero rust you say?!? Yes my darling zero rust. If you have the means I highly suggest trying it.This has been a family cruiser for the past 15 years give or take a month and spent its ENTIRE life in Atlanta and has never been offroaded. The lockers have been used like twice in the truck's life and they work just fine. I'll take the miles you can have the rust. I also have a del sol vtec, mr2 turbo, ae86 corolla gts, Ducati 998, and Ducati M900 I have to offload! Growing up is for the birds and getting sensible vehicles is for the sheople. Below are the honest details so you can make an honest offer on this honorable vehicle. I also have a copy of the carfax which I will include with the sale along with maintenance records.
Exterior: It has one dent to the actual body that is worth noting and that is to the passenger side of the roof, gate arm came down at a parking garage just becuse it felt like it. Other than that the body is straight as can be, both bumpers do have some damage just from bumping into stuff over the years but what else is a bumper good for if not bumping? It definitely bumped some pink lawn flamingos at a country club a few times (i.e. more than once). The paint is in great shape, none of the clear coat is peeling, no rust on the body anywhere that I can recall. There definitely isn't any significant rust underneath it. All of the electric stuff works, minus one of the turn signal bulbs, and the sunroof works great too. The power antenna is broken, long story. All of the glass is in good shape, all the windows work (the drivers front window you sometimes have to fonzy but it works). All the doors, handles, liftgate, etc work fine. Truck looks great! If you want to turn it into an offroad truck replace the bumpers anyways.
Interior: The interior reflects the sitting of many asses over 24 years. The factory leather seat covers are toast, like toaster toast, so they have seat covers. I'm keeping the center console cover because it has memories and i'm fairly sure it is for a jeep anyways. The carpet is also not great, basically this was a daily driver that didn't get vacuumed for YEARS. The rest of the interior is decent as you can see in the pics, though half of the steering column cover is missing, another long story. All the buttons and such work great, did I mention it has lockers? Lockers lockers lockers, lockers, lockers lockers lockers, and a locker switch. The power seats work the backs work better than the bottoms, the A/C needs to be recharged but the whole system is there and heat works fine. Lockers.
Mechanical: The frame has zero rust, the suspension has no rust, the body has no rust, the frame serial number is very clearly stamped into the frame and it is easy to read............because it is an urban only truck. It is a 1993 which means it still has the invincible bus transmission and OBD1 which means no OBD2 inspection BS but also is the first year of the much more powerful 4.5L DOHC I-6 with full floating rear axle and reverse gear high pinion front axle, larger brakes, and electric lockers front rear and center! The truck starts right up every time, drives fine. Steers good, trans shifts smooth and solid, transfer case smooth, lockers smooth, never overheats it did have the headgasket done with all OEM Toyota parts 140k miles ago. Has always been maintained regularly with Toyota parts. It does have 300k miles so let's be real, it burns some oil, it leaks some oil (self lubricating to prevent rust and lubricate joints), and the brakes probably need to be bled. Maybe even check some joints or do an alignment. Truck will run and do whatever you want for another 200k miles with minimal investment easily. Just do some maintenance and love her, make her part of your family and she will return the favor, even if you decide to put 35's and a lift and punk all of our friends in jeeps with way less money invested. (You should probably stop being friends with anyone that drives a Jeep and grow a beard even if you are a Lady once you purchase this).
Thanks for looking good luck bidding this is a NO RESERVE auction so whatever it goes for it goes for, and such it will please my roomate. If you suck I will not sell her to you, she needs a good home with an above average personality.

On Sep-13-17 at 04:24:47 PDT, seller added the following information:

I would also like to mention the engine runs super quiet and smooth, no valve noise no ticking, great oil pressure never overheats, it drives smooth as well just the brakes are a little soft but it has been like that for years. Generally my principle with land cruisers is don't mess with them unless they break break, which pretty much never happens.