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1987 Shelby GLHS

Make: Shelby
Model: Charger GLHS
Type: Coupe
Trim: Shelby America
Year: 1987
Mileage: 53,135
VIN: 1B3BZ64E1HD560896
Color: Black
Engine: 2.2 L Turbo Intercooler
Cylinders: 4
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Manual
Drive type: FWD
Interior color: Gray
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Houston, Texas, United States

1987 Shelby Charger GLHS Shelby America Additional Info:

I will be selling my classic cars which are manual, starting with this 1987 Shelby Charger GLHS, #0477 of #1000, VIN 1B3BZ64E1HD560896.

The vehicle is in excellent condition for a car almost 30 years old. She has received regular normalmaintenance to keep her on theoriginal condition as she was new in 1987 except for the installation of a MOPAR Performance Stage II Computer - Logic Module (See definition below), in place of the original Stage I unit.. The nylon bushings and non-adjustable nylon ends on the shifter linkages have been replaced with oil less bronze bearings and fully-adjustable swivel connectors and lubricated ends (See picture). All of the original equipment and documentation has been retained and is included with the car.

With the installation of the Stage II Computer, the horsepower exceeds 200, vs. the estimated original 175 HP. The car has no problem reaching the 125-135 MPH mark on the speedometer.

The car has always been garaged, and there is NO RUST issues anywhere. Only driven on clear days, no rain. Mobil 1 oil and filter every 5000 miles or 1 year, whichever comes first. As all the original 1000 cars were painted only black with no clearcoat (See article below), she is waxed regularly but needs minor attention in several places on the topside where she gets to direct sun when out. Those places are, the wiper panel blow the windshield, drivers side top of front facia, and passenger side top of rear hatch. These areas may need to be re-painted. Other surface areas could use some polish and wax to bring out a new shine, but to me, at her age, she looks good. The headliner cloth had come loose in several places and was repaired, but additional spots have become to loosen which suggests that the entire headliner should be removed and the cloth re-glued to the panel liner.

This is a low mileage car with only 53,155 miles. Also included with the vehicle is the following:

Custom Black Dash Cover – Shelby GLHS

Noah rain and sun resistant car cover

"Shelby" Black full front Nose Bra

Tinted Headlight Covers

Rare extra interior trim pieces.

Rare extra exterior trim pieces

Extra OEM Shelby body decals

Original Stage I Computer

Original radio (Unit in car is a Chrysler exact replacement)

Original paper work

OEM Owners Manual

Complete set of OEM Service Manuals

Front Strut Tower Brace to stiffen suspension (not installed, but included)

Sun Roof Cover

And everything else that came with it from the Chrysler and Shelby factories

See the original Shelby Charger GLHS article below.

The 1987 Charger GLHS was based on the 1987 Shelby Charger. Shelby Automobiles purchased the last 1000 of these & they were shipped to the Whittier factory for modification. Shelby modified the Charger using the same pieces as the 1986 GLHS with some changes. These included a non EGR turbo, Shelby valve cover, wider Shelby windshield decal (no CS logos), different & more extensive tape graphics package, no reference to Dodge on the outer body, black/white speedo overlay, a 4-digit serial numbering system on the dash plaque, wider Mobil 1 plaque installed on the radiator support, & Centurian II wheels.


The 1987 Charger GLHS uses 1986 electronics & fault codes.

The dash plaque on 1987 GLHS Chargers read "Shelby Automobiles Inc", "Carroll Shelby" autograph and "Charger GLH-S ####".

Some early (low s/n) Charger GLHS's came with a shortened 1986 GLHS windshield decal (CS logos removed).

All 1986 & 1987 GLHS's were first run using conventional oil for engine break-in, then filled with Mobil 1 oil. All transaxles came filled with 5-30W engine oil.

All GLHSs came from Dodge in single stage black (no clearcoat).

There is at least one odd ball that was painted above the Shelby Factory strobe stripe by a dealership because the car wouldn't sell making it a "Dealer option" much like the Yenko cars of the 60's and 70's. It's almost hard to believe 'Dealer options' on those cars have added more than 10X the value over the factory production cars. The dealer had red paint added over the black. Because of their close proximity to the Whittier Shelby plant, Anaheim Dodge had at least six 87 GLHS's on the lot at one time. They sold slowly and in October of 1988 they tried this repaint idea to move their very last unit. This vehicle is owned by the California Shelby Dodge Club president. All had the same options which included a leather-wrapped steering wheel and gearshift knob, air conditioning, sunroof, non-armrest center console and KONI struts/shocks on all four corners. There was also an allowance made for the 85mph (140km/h) speedometer in the form of a sticker which extended the range of the speedometer to an indicated 125mph (200km/h). By the time the speedometer had wrapped fully around to the "5mph" mark, the car would have been going at 135 mph (217km/h). There was also a new version of the Shelby "Centurion" wheel that looked very similar to the Centurion wheels on the 1986 Omni GLHS, but had the "blades" turning in the opposite direction. These are commonly known as Centurion II wheels.

One of the most popular performance upgrades for the Shelby GLHS was the MOPAR Performance Stage II Computer (Logic Module). This increased the boost to 14.7 psi under wide-open throttle, and output was raised to a claimed 205hp and 246lb·ft (334N·m) or torque.

The car above is also for sale in other venues. I reserve the right to cancel the listing at any time upon sale of the vehicle. If additional information or pictures are desired, please contact Randy at 713.542.4240 and leave a voicemail.

Buyer is responsible for local pickup or making shipping arrangements. All sales are Final and “As Is”.