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1971 Porsche 911

Make: Porsche
Model: 911
Type: Coupe
Trim: Coupe
Year: 1971
Mileage: 110,000
VIN: 9111102037
Color: Blue Metallice
Cylinders: 6
Transmission: Manual
Drive type: Rear Wheel Drive
Interior color: Tan
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: West Palm Beach, Florida, United States

1971 Porsche 911 Coupe Additional Info:

You can enjoy this car right now and decide which direction you want to go with it in the future. If you are looking for a classic Porsche that will be reliable and give you the driving satisfaction that is unique to these early 1970's 911's this car may be for you. Many improvements have been made to give a more modern driving experience but the look and feel of the original car is still all there. This car has just been sorted out by Orbit Racing in West Palm Beach and they look forward to continuing the relationship with this car and its new owner. So if you have always wanted to drive a classic Porsche 911 but were concerned about the maintenance and upkeep - Orbit will be happy to be your Parter in Porsche! Orbit is happy to represent this car for one of our customers, if you have any questions please contact us. This Porsche was originally a Sepia Brown Arizona car that shows very limited signs of rust and no previous accident damage. The rear torsion bar areas are in excellent condition and original undercoating is present on the undercarriage. The car was stripped to bare metal and painted in a PPG light blue metallic about 2 years ago and the paint job is holding up great. One nice feature about this car is that it has power windows, the doors have been upgraded from a later model 911. A fiberglass 911 S style front bumper was installed up front. When the car was painted it was a glass out, interior out, complete disassembly of the car. All the exterior trim parts were either replaced or reconditioned. All rubber seals and gaskets were replaced, including the seals in the door frames and quarter windows. The door frames and quarter window bright work has been anodized. The front windscreen was also replaced. The engine was just recently removed and alot of work was completed at Orbit Racing in West Palm Beach, a company widely known as Porsche Specialists. A top-end rebuild was performed and all major components were evaluated. The cylinder heads were freshened up with new guides, new springs, and re-cutting the valves and valve seats. All the engine sheet metal was stripped and powder coated black. The exhaust is original with heat exchangers that are in solid condition and the single outlet exhaust is also in excellent condition. While we had the engine apart we cleaned and checked everything that we could and replaced many items like fuel lines, the oil return line, and updated the lower valve covers. The PMO 40mm carburetors were completely taken apart, cleaned and rebuilt with all new gaskets and seals. Since the engine was removed it made sense to open up the gearbox to clean, inspect, and reseal. The gearbox is a 915 gearbox from a 1972 911 which is a huge improvement from the original transmission. The 915 style gearbox was a whole new design from the earlier transmission - one of the benefits of the 915 gearbox is the improved shifter and the classic H-pattern for first thru fourth gear, fifth gear is selected further to the right thru a spring loaded gate. While the gearbox was apart we replaced the synchro’s, the first/second operating sleeve, the differential bearings and the pinion shaft four point bearing. When the gearbox was assembled the pinion depth and ring gear backlash were set to factory specifications using Porsche factory tools and 30 years of Porsche transmission building experience. Quite a few improvements have been made to the suspension. The rear trailing arms have been replaced with the later model aluminum trailing arms with Carrera adjustable spring plates. The front cross member is an aluminum part from a later model 911, not the original steel front cross member. Adjustable Weltmeister front and rear adjustable anti-roll bars. The front struts have been replaced with Bilstein struts that fit the larger from Brake cast iron A calipers from a 911 Carrera. The rear torsion bars are hollow 30mm diameter and the front torsion bars are 25mm in diameter. The suspension bushings have been replaced and the front A-Arms have the solid bushings from Elephant racing. The rear shocks and the front strut inserts have been replaced with new Bilstein units. New wheels bearing were installed front and rear. The interior was completely reconditioned. The dash was replaced with a new part from Porsche. Headliner was replaced. The carpets were made locally and they are a tan German square weave pattern. The rest of the interior was also recovered or manufactured locally and it is tan leather. The seats are from a 911 SC with adapters that allow them to slide back and forth. The seat belts have been upgraded to the 1972 and later style with retractors in the rear quarter panel area. There is also a front oil cooler from a later model 911 Carrera complete with oil lines and thermostat, lower oil temperatures mean engines last longer. Here are some other bullet points about the car: • Bosch H-4 headlights • Cibie thru the horn grill driving lights • Gas Tank replaced with late model tank • New engine compartment sound pad • New turn signal lenses front and rear • Fittipaldi steering wheel by Personal You can see more pictures and information at Orbit Racing Cars for sale About Orbit Porsche Service We have been dedicated Porsche Repair Facility in South Florida since 2000. Our history includes a lot of professional Racing with Porsches but we have always been involved with "Porsches with License Plates". Complete engine service for all 911/930/964/993/996/997, gearbox service for the same. Full and limited restoration work for 911 from 1969-1998. Known as 911 specialists we are willing to listen and help solve your problems.