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Make: Porsche
Model: 356
SubModel: "C"
Type: Coupe
Trim: "C" COUPE
Year: 1964
Mileage: 63,543
Color: White
Engine: 1600 cc
Cylinders: 4
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Manual
Drive type: RWD
Interior color: Black
Drive side: Left-hand drive
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Pleasanton, California, United States

1964 Porsche 356 "C" COUPE Additional Info:

1964 Porsche 356C
Incredible Example - Desirable Late Model, California Born & Raised 356C
Comprehensive & Detailed Documentation Dating back to 1967
One Owner for OVER 48 Years!
One of the Finest Original / Restored Examples Available Today…
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Classic Cars Ltd.
Pleasanton, CA
For more than half a century, enthusiasts and collectors have continuously sought after the iconic and agile Porsche 356. And while many cars have propelled Porsche to new heights, the 356 set a standard, launching the marque into world production. Porsche began the venerable 356 series as their first foray into sports car production. With much of their success in racing, the world would soon see that Porsche was a sports car company to be reckoned with.
Upon its release, the 356A became one of the most sought after Porsche's, exhibiting the finest craftsmanship and engineering, particularly in these early cars. Subsequently, the improvements to the "C” made the car even more desirable and fun to drive (more on that later). Thoughtfully designed and sporty, the 356C offered customers high quality, value, reliability, and mechanical robustness that would define the Porsche brand in the coming decades. Today the 356 series cars further entice collectors to seek out these capable and beautiful sports cars for the same reasons enthusiasts purchased them when new. The cars remain reliable, recession-proof investments and are revered by enthusiasts and collectors alike.
What are some of the benefits of the 356C vs. the earlier A & B cars? The 356C reflected the new standard Porsche practice of having the coachwork house Karmann build is bodies with welded steel sheet over a steel chassis. The lack of the Ruetter badge is the easiest and most reliable way to determine the difference between a late edition 356B vs. the more desirable "C.” The 356C introduced new ATE, 4-wheel disc brakes with an alteration to the chassis to accommodate the rerouted rear caliper hydraulic lines.
As important is the fact that earlier 356 examples carried Volkswagen derived magnesium cases and VW crankshaft, before Porsche lengthened the stroke, then adopted its own, in-house aluminum cases. The ''three-piece'' case is named for its removable timing-gear cover. Porsche was now out of Volkswagen's shadow and was already well along in developing the 911 when the 356C was being produced.
The 356C engine is a pushrod flat four cylinder with compression of 8.5:1 with fuel fed through a pair of Zenith 32NDIX carburetors with twin chokes. The factory fitted transmission is the impregnable Porsche 741 transaxle is unassailable under almost any condition. The front suspension consists of parallel trailing arms with transverse laminated torsion bars and anti-roll bar. The rear suspension has swing axles with transverse torsion bars. This example remains in totally stock configuration.
Many believe that, as a result of the ongoing development of the 356 that the "target” 356 to acquire is the 1964 or 1965 356C. By the mid-60's, the Porsche offered a good ride due to the softened torsion bar set-up, good torque, the best cylinder head and 4-wheel disc brakes.
The included Porsche Certificate of Authenticity (COA) #217667 (shown in photos), issued to the current owner reflects the following information:
Model Year / Type: 1964 356C / 1600 C Karmann Coupe
Production / Completion Date: 03/13/1964
Engine Number / Type: # 712914
Transmission Number / Type: # 76941 (741 2C)
Exterior Paint Color Code: Light Ivory / 6404
Interior Material Color / Type: Black Leatherette / B
Optional Equipment: Conti Tires
- The 356C retains its original engine and transmission along with a significant number of other original components (photos of engine and transmission number shown on the Website)
- Porsche Certificate of Authenticity (COA) documents engine, transmission and color combination as current and as factory delivered but they are consistent with Body and ID numbers on the Stoddard site and others
- No indication or history of accident damage
- Any minor rust has been repaired (lower doors, years ago) using lead and the car has had several bare metal, all trim removed, high quality resprays over the course of its life in California
- Unbelievable maintenance history and total documentation since 1967
- Includes factory original owner's manual and other delivery documents
- Original tools & pouch
- Engine professionally completely rebuilt to 912 specifications within <5,000 miles
- Rebuilt transmission with synchros replaced
- Chrome 15” wheels mounted and original wheels included (photo attached)
- Fitted with optional Porsche 356 headrests
To say this Porsche has an incredible history would be an understatement. The documentation and history of this particular 356 is simply as good as it gets. Since the car was delivered new to its original Northern California owner, the car has remained in this immediate area. The Porsche has been continuously maintained and meticulously repaired, with an expense no object philosophy during the course of its 53 years in California. During that time, the car has had a total of 3 owners from new (with one owner having ownership from 1967 to 2015).
Specifically, the Porsche was purchased new by the original owner in 1964 from Mill Valley Volkswagen Porsche. The car was sold to its second owner in August, 1967 with 57,980 miles on the odometer by the same dealer (Mill Valley Porsche VW) who coordinated the sale and serviced the 356C since it was delivered new by their dealership.
Amazingly, the cars second owner retained possession of the car for 48~ years until 2015. It is this owner who maintained what is perhaps the most comprehensive history synopsis that we have seen on any vintage Porsche. The detailed binder reflects virtually every repair, restoration effort over the years (of which there were several), and even the most minor service. The 12+ page typewritten summary is entirely too long to list in detail but is available by request to qualified, prospective buyers. Highlights include:
- Delivered to the original Northern California Owner by Mill Valley Porsche VW and accumulated 57,900 miles (Serviced by the dealer) when it sold to the second long-time owner of 48 years in 1969
- During the period of 1969-1979, the Porsche was used as daily local transportation and serviced every 3,000 miles by then Lukes & Shorman, Albany, CA.
- In August 1979, retired from regular use and maintained and driven only for special occasions and shows; insured as an antique/collectible
Perhaps most significant is the most recent restoration of the 356C from a mechanical and cosmetic perspective. The following summary will provide the reader with some idea of the ongoing effort (since the car was new) to maintain it in the best possible manner and keep it in superb cosmetic condition at all times.
Within the previous 5,000 miles:
- Complete engine rebuild to 912 (including clutch) specifications including powder-coated sheet metal, new transmission mounts and a major service - Replaced original metal stickers with originals (German/French/English) in the engine compartment.
- Total trim removed high quality, bare metal respray in factory correct, original color (Ivory #6404) in acrylic enamel (Glasurit) - All new rubber seals and trim were replaced along with a new headliner, new door panels and other cosmetic attention to a high standard.
- 6-Volt electrical system overhaul
- Carburetors rebuilt, new axle seals/kits, valve adjustment(s)
- Complete braking system overall including new master cylinder, hoses, fluid, etc.
Within 3,000 miles:
- New Bridgestone Potenza Pole Position Tires
- New battery
- Change brake fluid
- Check for floor rust (NONE found on original chassis) - remove horsehair insulation and replace with Mercedes Benz insulation and tunnel mat.
- Check oil leaks, replace gasket at oil fill tank, clean and re-check - No leaks
- Check and adjust carburetors, new fuel filter and replace front fuel line
- Oil service and filter, remove and inspect generator re-fit left door glass in channel
- New battery
- New hood seal
- Replace shifter seal, bushings, shift rod
- Change brake fluid
- New wiper blades
Again, the maintenance history is too lengthy to list but reflects an almost obsessive approach to the care of the Porsche including very frequent oil services, valve adjustments, carburetor work, and tune-ups and addressing any and all identified issues immediately.
This pristine, late model 356C is being offered after over 50 years of private ownership (One owner for over 48 years!). The car boasts care by its meticulous owner's that cherished the Porsche and approached its maintenance and cosmetic condition with a "No expense spared” philosophy.
Supported by a factory issued Certificate of Ownership (COA), the car remains in the same configuration as when it left the Porsche factory on/about 3/13/64. The 356C retains its "numbers matching” engine and transmission along with a host of correct, factory components. Maintenance was performed excessively and proper parts were utilized for any needed replacement of mechanical items. With an engine rebuild to 912 specifications s during the past 5,000 miles, the car runs and drives extremely well with performance that exceeds that of a stock C and probably that of an SC, as well.
Having spent its entire life in California the car is exceptionally solid, straight and free from any indication of previous or present damage. The paint is absolutely striking, factory correct, and done to a very high standard. The body gaps and fit are superb and all of the rubber seals and trim were replaced when the car received its bare metal respray within the past few thousand miles.
Of particular note is the solidity of the chassis, suspension components and underside. A close inspection by an independent German specialist with 30 years of experience reveals an all original chassis with no evidence of significant rust repair, accident damage or other "surprises.” There is a very minor professionally welded patch immediately below the battery, and a very minor jacking indentation on the passenger side of the cars under-body (not visible unless the car is on a lift and then extremely minor). It is important to note that the original fender supports are in place and the front underside and front trunk show no signs of accident damage. The often rusted jacking points, front torsion mounts, and side lower sills are in beautiful condition with no rust or damage. The words of the inspector were ‽This is as nice as it gets for an original 356C.”
The cars interior is in totally original configuration showing signs of recent updating of materials including rubber mats, carpet, door panels and other components. The car is fitted with the original, factory issued Blaupunkt radio, clock and other gauges that are all functional with the exception of the radio. The seats, front and rear are excellent and free from damage. The headliner and interior bright work and other trim are lovely and the dash is painted the factory correct color that was re-done during the restoration process. The Porsche side glass, including the vent windows are factory and in very good condition. The front windshield appears to have been replaced some time ago, during a restoration effort and is free from all but the most minor imperfections but no major cracks, or stars. Lighting / electrical systems operate as designed.
The goal of achieving a spectacular blend of originality and factory delivered appearance has been achieved with this 356C. True Porsche enthusiasts will appreciate the car for its California lineage, unparalleled documentation and ongoing care and attention by its long term owner.
The 356C comes complete with extensive binders of receipts, a 12 page summary of history and maintenance dating back to 1967, original tools, jack, and spare. Two sets of wheels are included; the chrome wheels that are mounted (4), and the original factory wheels (as shown in the listing) four (4) plus the spare in the car.
Engine - Horizontally opposed four, air-cooled, three-piece aluminum crankcase, 1,582cc (96.54 cubic inches)
Horsepower - 75 @ 5,200 RPM (Now rebuilt to "912” specs with an increase in an estimated 30+% horsepower
Torque - 90.41-lbs.ft. @ 3,600 RPM
Induction system - Two Zenith 32 NDIX downdraft carburetors
Gearbox - Rear-mount Porsche transaxle, all-synchromesh, four forward speeds plus reverse
Top speed - 120-125 mph (as tested by owner)
Length - 158 inches
Width - 65.5 inches
Height - 52.5 inches
Wheelbase - 82.7 inches
Curb weight - 2,000 pounds
1964 - 8,567 Coupe, 1,745 Cabriolets
• California smog test not required for vehicles 1975 and earlier
• Registered in California (for California buyers)
• Passed the California required safety inspection for working wipers, turn signals, lights, brakes, etc.
The Porsche 356 is a luxury sports car and was Porsche's first production automobile. It was a lightweight and nimble-handling rear-engine rear-wheel-drive 2-door sports car available in hardtop coupe and open configurations. Engineering innovations continued during the years of manufacture, contributing to its motorsports success and popularity. Porsche introduced the 356 to the American marketplace in September 1954. The light weight, bare-to-the-bones style of the line soon became the American race icon, often winning SCCA races in stock trim. Decades later, numerous firms have produced replicas of the car.
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Classic Cars Ltd.
Body Type / Style:Coupe
Exterior Color:White
Interior Color:Black
Engine:4 Cylinder
Transmission: 4 Speed Manual

4-Wheel Disc Brakes
California Car!
California Lic & Reg
Dual Exhaust
Excellent Documentation
Exceptional Paint
Exempt from CA Smog
Factory 4-Speed
Factory AM Radio
Factory Gauges
Factory Spare
Fog / Driving Lights
Front Bra
Full Instrumentation
Heater / Defroster
Incredible "Survivor"
Interior Light
Local California "Survivor"
Matching Numbers Engine
Matching Numbers Transmission
Original Jack & Tools
Original Owners Manual
Original Porsche Gauges
Original Sheet Metal
Porsche Steering Wheel
Rebuilt Engine
Rebuilt Transmission
Records Since New!
Repair History
Repair Receipts
Runs / Drives Very Well
VDO Gauges

Engine # - Factory mMtching
Transmission # - Factory Match
Front Bra Included
Factory Wheels Included
Powder Coated Original Wheels
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