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1986 Porsche 944 - 44,100 Miles - Over $7,000 in Documented Labor / Parts!

Make: Porsche
Model: 944
Type: Coupe
Year: 1986
Mileage: 44,100
VIN: WP0AA0944GN451579
Color: Red
Engine: 2.5L
Cylinders: 4
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Manual
Drive type: RWD
Interior color: Black
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Aliquippa, Pennsylvania, United States

1986 Porsche 944 Additional Info:

Hello and Thank You for taking the time to check this listing. I am listing my 1986 Porsche 944 for sale. The reason I am choosing to sell this car is because I have too many cars and have not been able to secure a storage garage for the cold winter months ahead here in Pittsburgh, PA. This is an excellent example of this kind of car and the 2nd 944 I’ve owned thus far. I greatly encourage and welcome questions / conversations should you be interested in this car. I am extremely motivated to sell this car ASAP.

I purchased this car in late February of this year from a small collector car dealership near Cincinnati, OH. The dealership focused mainly on older American collector cars and didn’t have much knowledge of the car. The owner informed me he picked up the car because he “loved the lines of the car and how it sat”. The dealership bought the car and performed basic inspection and occasional car washes.

Additional photos of this car are located here:

I purchased the car with the intent of it being a project car. When I acquired the car, there was quite an extensive list of things that needed done considering its 30 year age. The car had approximately 40,100 original miles on the odometer at the time of purchase. At the time of this listing, the car now has approximately 44,100 miles. I do occasionally drive the car so mileage will vary.

The car has a CLEAN car fax which is remarkable for a car of this age and type. I would be happy to share that car fax with anyone should you be interested. Since purchasing the car in February, I invested significant time and money into this car and have detailed invoices for all the labor and parts involved.

Overall I would consider this car to be in good condition for the age. This is a driver’s quality car and I’ve mechanically sorted the car to the best of my knowledge and ability. I would not hesitate to drive this car long distances. From an appearance standpoint, the car is a good 4 foot car (meaning it looks great from 4 feet away). The front fascia and roof will need to be repainted at some point (various chips and scraps). The interior is in reasonable condition as well. Both driver and passenger seats will need to be reupholstered. There are typical dashboard cracks (approx. 3 that are noticeable).

Below is a detailed list of all the work that has been performed on the car:


· Clutch Work - Replaced at 43,595

o Crank Reference Sensor

o Clutch

o Pressure Plate

o Throw-out Bearing

o Flywheel Bolts

o Flywheel Resurfaced

o Pilot Bearing

o Release Lever Bearings

o Slave Clutch Cylinder

o Flywheel Seal

o Throw-Out Bearing Guide Tube

o Clutch Master Cylinder

· Transaxle Oil – Replaced at 41,000 miles

· Rear Shocks – Replace at 43,100 miles

· New Tires – Installed at 42,841 miles

· Wheel Balance – Completed at 42,841 miles

· Full Alignment – Completed at 43,551 miles

· Inner/Outer tie rods – Replaced at 42,000 miles

· Rear Sway Bar / End Links Replaced

o The rear sway bar that came with the car was a larger aftermarket bar and had a broken end link. I replaced the rear sway and end links with original OEM.


· Tune-Up – All Replaced at 40,500 miles

o Air Filter

o Cap

o Rotor

o Coil

o Spark Plugs

o Spark Plug Wires

o Fuel Filter

· Power Steering Flushed at 42,000 miles

· Replaced entire exhaust system with all stainless resonator, cat, and flowmaster super 40 muffler with large chrome exhaust tip. (Nice sound - moderate volume)

· Vacuum Lines

o All original rubber vacuum lines were replaced with longer lasting silicone hoses

· Carbon Canister Replaced

· Windshield Washer Pump and Assembly Replaced


· Driver Side Turn Signal Lens Replaced

· Passenger Side Turn Signal Lens Replaced

· Headlight Surrounds

o The black plastic pieces that go around the headlights are not installed however parts will be included with car

· Headlight Beam Alignment

· Rear Hatch Lock Gasket Replaced

· Rear 944 Bezel Secured

· Hood Struts Replaced

· Wipers Replaced

· Passenger Rear Parking Light Replaced

· Rear Hatch Glass - Seal Leaking

o This is a common fault on all 944s as the seal around the frame and glass separate due to wear and tear over the years. I was able to seal the glass using a clear sealant.


· Power Mirror Adjustment – Fuse Replaced

· Sunroof Relay Replaced

· Sunroof Seals Replaced

· Armrest Hinges Replaced

· Glovebox Hinges Replaced

· Digital Clock Replaced

· Right Dashboard Bezel Replaced

· Temperature Sensor Rosette Replaced

· Headliner Dash Screw Hole Covers Replaced

· Engine Pop Mount Replaced

· Rear Hatch Struts Replaced

· Roof Trim Glued

· Hatch Pins Replaced

· Hatch Pin Upper Mounts Replaced

· Hatch Pin Receiver Latch Greased

· Center Dome Light Replaced

· Sun Visor Clips Replaced

· Clutch Pedal Cover Replaced

· Brake Pedal Cover Replaced

· Sunroof Microswitch Cover Replaced

· Sunroof Microswitch Cleaned

· Sunroof clips Replaced

· Sunroof Adjustment Screw Replaced

· Wind Deflector Hinges Replaced

Below is a detailed list of known items that have yet to be replaced or fixed:


· 1st Gear Synchro Damaged

· Transaxle Whining Noise

o At speed, there is a whining noise coming from the transaxle. I had Porsche mechanics tell me that all these cars make noises at speed.

· Front / Rear Brake Calipers Should Overhauled

· Rear CV’s have play

· Front Struts look to be original

· Rubber Bushings

o Due to age, some of the original rubber bushings are starting to perish and should be replaced.

· Wheel bearings should be repacked or replaced

· Front Brakes appear to be original

· Rear Brakes appear to be original

· Parking Brake does not work. The rear disc brakes have a drum built in and internal shoes / springs require replacement. This should be done during brake job.


· Coolant Flush

· Horn

o Horn is not electrically connected. Initial testing did not produce any voltage. Horns may be faulty. Clock spring in steering wheel is missing and will need to be replaced as well.

· Timing Belt

· Timing Cover

· Cooling Fan

o The driver’s side cooling fan functions however makes noises as the bearings are starting to fail. I have the fan electrically disconnected. I’ve put 2,000 miles on the car with only 1 fan and has never overheated.

· Balance Shaft Belt

· Water Pump

o Works fine however should be replaced when timing belt is done.

· A/C Compressor

o A/C does not work and may be a compressor fault

· Motor Mounts

o Original rubber mounts are deteriorated and is causing vibrations at certain RPMs.

· Heater Control Valve?

· Fuel Lines / Fuel Rail Recall

o My local Porsche dealership informed me that there is an active campaign from the early 90’s that was never resolved on this car. The campaign aka recall is related to the fuel lines and fuel rail. Porsche has informed me that they will honor the campaign and did request the parts. If the parts aren’t available, they will have to be specially made and shipped to the dealership. Note: there are no fuel leaks or fuel issues that I am aware of.

· Engine Protection Pan

o Based on my research of this model of car, there should be an engine protection pan underneath the car and it is missing.

· Engine Oil Leak

o There is a very small engine oil leak which appears to be coming from the oil pan gasket area. This is not surprising considering the oil pan gasket is a thick rubber and it has begun to crack due to age. The leak would be corrected by replacing the gasket however it might be possible to stop the leak using RTV.


· Right Rear Tail Light

o It looks like the plastic is deteriorating from 30 years of age. The lens is showing signs of fogging / small cracking. (See Photo)

· Right Rear Bumper Extension

o Secured in place however insides are rotted and will require replacement. Due to this the bumper piece so does sit flush with the steel bumper. (See Photo)

· Driver Side Head Light Alignment

o Looks like previous owner had a small hit in the front by an object which caused a ding and slightly misaligned the popup light. (See Photo)

· Driver Door Lock

o There seems to be a piece inside the door that is broken or missing as you are unable to lock the driver’s side door using the key from the outside handle. In order to lock the door, you must close the door and manually push the lock down from the inside of the car.

· Rear plastic panels dented / deformed

o There is a small body color plastic piece that covers a part of the rear steel bumper. It is slightly concave and should be flush with the bumper. (See Photo)

· Hood / Headlight / Front Panel Alignment

o The front panel / fender / headlights need to be all adjusted for proper panel fitment / gap. (See Photo)

· Cowl Cover

o The plastic cowl cover that meets up with the windshield has a few cracks / missing plastic pieces. (See Photo)

· Paint Respray

o The car was repainted one time in the mid to late 1990’s. The car could use another paint respray particularly on the roof, rocker panels, and front fascia from 20+ years of use.

· Antenna – Missing

o This particular year and model of 944 had the radio antenna mounted on the rear glass. The antenna is missing however there is a ‘hidden’ antenna which is wired up to the radio and is under the rear hatch carpet.


· Armrest

o Original armrest is showing wear and tear and should be replaced.

· Climate Control

o Temp Control / Vent Control / Heat only

o Climate controls are not functioning except fan speed. There is no control over temperature or defroster. Have not tested AC as a result.

· 3 Dashboard Cracks

o There are 3 ‘main’ cracks in the dashboard. This is a common fault of these cars.

· 3rd Brake Light

o Tested and found no voltage coming from wires.

· Rear Hatch Electric Release

o Does not function – could be switch or rear hatch release motor.

· Driver / Passenger Seat Upholstery

o Both seats are ripped / torn and will need to be reupholstered.

· Driver’s Seat Motor Cover Missing

o Based on my research on the car, there should be a plastic cover under the driver’s seat to cover the motor.

· Parking Brake Sensor

o Wire does not stay connected. Need to crimp / solder connection.

· Driver Side Door Panel Holes – Needs Replaced

· Driver / Passenger Side Lower Door Panel Missing

· Carpet

o Carpet is original and is worn/frayed in places. Some sections have been removed and patched with new carpet from previous owner.

· Audio System

o Car has an older aftermarket Pioneer CD player which should be replaced as it’s about 20 years old. The speakers are all original and drivers side have blown out and do not function. Passenger side speakers are failing. All speakers will need to be replaced.

· Hatch Pin Seats

o Seats in rear hatch seats are worn and should be replaced.

· Hatch Seals (Outer/Inner)

o Rubber seals on rear hatch are original and should be replaced.

· Hatch Latch (Passenger Side) Drain Tube Missing

o The drain tube that runs from the passenger rear hatch latch to the inner wheel well is missing and should be replaced

· Rear Wheel Well Holes

· Shifter Cover Worn

o Shifter cover is original and is worn and should be replaced.

· Door Sill Plates

o Both driver and passenger door sill plastic plates are cracked / worn and should be replaced.

· Fuel Gauge Accuracy

o Fuel gauge does not show full when tank is filled. Gauge frequently fluctuates especially when taking corners, etc. Fuel sending unit should be replaced.

· Sunroof Bag Missing

o These cars come with a leather storage bag used to store the sunroof when removed from the car. The bag is missing.

· Clock Spring Missing – Steering Wheel

o Horn doesn’t work – found that clock spring is missing from steering wheel and will need to be replaced.

Please contact me should you have any questions regarding this car.

Thank You,