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1973 Porsche 914 Renegade

Make: Porsche
Model: 914
Trim: 914/6
Year: 1973
Mileage: 52,000
VIN: 4732907741
Color: Silver
Engine: Chevy Small Block ZZ4 crate motor
Cylinders: Eight (8)
Transmission: Manual - 4 speed
Drive type: RWD
Interior color: Black
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Greenfield, California, United States

1973 Porsche 914 914/6 Additional Info:

First off this is a1973 Porsche 914 renegade. The description has 914/6 in it and I don't know why.... tried to get rid of it but it keeps coming back. Unfortunately, the car/pictures is/are dusty due to a on-going fire were having here in California. The car is generally spotless but it's dusty/smokey right now. I purchased this 914 over three years ago and it was a project that someone had started and then quit. The following items were in place when I purchased it. The Transaxle was completely gone through by the guys in Vegas (Renegade Hybrids) and the gears flipped, 1st gear was eliminated and a Quafe' limited slip was put in. In addition 930 turbo axles and early 80's 911 SC suspension and breaks. The chevy ZZ4 crate motor was new and had a slightly more aggressive cam put in but when I took delivery of the car it had sat for years in his garage. Front engine seal had to be replaced along with stock valve covers and gaskets. The body was original but in need of a new paint job. Also had a cracked windshield and needing some rust removal/repair.

Now, here is what I did:

Removed rust in and around the center floor horizontals. POR13 coated as well. ALL new rubber from the front trunk to the rear. That includes all the top seals to boot. Big $$$ . Replaced the front windshield, seals and trim. Replaced the master cylinder with the 911 version. Rebuilt the 911 SC calipers, new pads and rotors. (All OEM). New fiberglass rear piece that is behind the seats. 914 rubber sells this. New springs in the doors. 73bumpers with bumper-ettes removed, then chromed, all Porsche Fuchs with 205/55/ ZR16's front and back. You will not find this done on any other 914 that I have seen. I trick from Germany where3/4" is taken out of the swing arms to allow for those larger Fuchs to fit in the rear keeping those fenders stock.If you notice this 914 is a stock looking wolf in sheep’s clothing. The car has been completely painted last year and is what I would call "good". It's a driver and I had a drivers paint job put on the car. This is difficult to convey but I did not want to put a $15K paint job on this as I live in a very agricultural area and the roads are always in bad shape with dirt and mud everywhere. The paint job and body work was about 8K so it was not a "cheap job". Theyused the original Porsche Silver. Now the front drivers side quarter had seen some action as well as the rear which was evident by some poor welds. These were fixed and aligned properly. I of course cannot say the car is rust free because we all know these cars but this car is about as good as I have seen and especially with the repairs I had done. It's in great shape. California car it's entire life and really a survivor. The vent system was taken out and VDO gauges placed in that area. A heater/AC unit was installed but more about that later. Brand New Alpine cassette (Found it online new in box). All new imported German Loop carpet (From 914 rubber) and custom COCO mats. The car is not perfect. It's not a show car but probably the nicest looking/equipped 914 Renegade out there.

The engine is strong. It's a ZZ4 engine based on the serial number. #10243880. GM Intake #GM1246430 with Aluminum Zeus GMPP Heads. Horse Power is estimated to be @ 400 and let me tell you it's nuts. The beautiful thing is you can drive this car to the grocery store as it idles perfectly, in fact if your easy on the gas it behaves very well. Drives great and my wife actually enjoys it. When you get with it though you better be ready. MSD Dist/Ignition, Edlebrock 625 CFM. Renegade radiator and fans with a high output Eldebrock water pump. The car has a front intake for the radiator. Two exit areas behind the front wheels and one at the bottom. THE CAR RUNS COOL. I do not have a heat problem as some of these units have. Euro tail lights and turn indicators. All gauges work as well as the lights, light motors and flashers. 914/6 rear valence modified with additional exhaust port. High Torque starter. Coil over Bilsteins on the rear help dramatically with the slight increase in weight. I believe it has koni's on the fronts (There Green). Restored rockers and sills. All new shifter bushings and rear shifter seals. (Very nice shifting). Michelin pilots all the way around. No spare.

The general purpose of this project was to keep the 914 looking as stock as possible with what I would call 911 or 914/6 upgrades. Having those wider Fuchs and tires makes this car handle very well. The doors and trunks are aligned and work as they should although the driver’s window and rubber are a tad tight when the door shuts and the window is all the way up. It took me many months to get this car sorted with the emphasis on it's general driving characteristics. It originally had Borla mufflers on it but it was way to loud. I have some sporty mufflers now that offer great performance but not nearly the noise. My wife and I can actually communicate. The AC..... ugh. I live on the central coast of California and I wanted AC for when I headed over to the central valley. The AC unit is in place however I screwed up and didn't have the AC switch auto power the fans on the radiator and evaporator. As I was testing the unit it got hot and pressure went high. I eventually lost pressure and now it will not hold vacuum for long periods of time and I have just not wanted to screw with it. I also think you might have to figure a better way to route the hoses although it's ok now.

Additional Parts: Set of swing arms with 911 e-brake setup. When I had the original ones made I was planning on using the 916 brakes. They ended up not working and I sold them. Problem is now the mount plates are clocked differently then the stock and makes the emergency break in operable. Purchased this second set with the intent of removing the 3/4", new seal, bearings and an using the 911 e-brake setup. Spare rear trunk with 914 luggage rack mounted on it. Had my paint guy hit it with some paint but he didn't do both sides but it's included.

Bottom Line: I have a ton of cash in the car but that's my problem. I'm not expecting to get what I have into it but you will pay double this price for one of these out of Vegas.You will also need to learn how to drive this 914 as it's nothing like my other 914's including a six. It's remarkably stable at high speeds and is one of my favorite Porsches I have owned. I would not hesitate driving this car to New York and back. By the way, the odometer says nearly 52K but who knows how many times that has turned over. I do not. Car is being sold as is. No written or implied warranties. No refunds. I suggest if you have questions or would like to see something specific, please contact me and I will do my best to get you the information.