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1967 Pontiac GTO Convertible 2bbl 400CID

Make: Pontiac
Model: GTO
Trim: Convertible
Year: 1967
Mileage: 4800
VIN: 242677B109246
Color: Green
Engine: 400
Cylinders: 8
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: 3 Speed Automatic
Drive type: RWD
Vehicle Title: Clean
Item location: Sherman, Connecticut, United States

1967 Pontiac GTO Convertible Additional Info:

Good day to you all.
I am assisting my life long friend in selling his all original Pontiac GTO.
Caked by years of dust, underneath is a story that many will adorn and few will want to forget.
It is all original, I cannot stress this enough.Purcahsed new in 1966.It was parked in 1978, running and driving fine, and sat for 41 and now almost 42 years.All of the original documents are here with me and I've reviewed them all. Ive added a few photos of what I thought were some unique ones. Mr. Richardson (the original owner) will be with the car during its pickup. It is sitting underneath is home in a covered garage where it has been for the last 42 years. Delivery is available to those who are within the tristate area.
The car was originally purchased in Ansonia, CT (please see original Retail Order photo for info) in the year of 1966 on October 8th. It was driven by Mr. Richardsons father for the first 6 years and then to his son (now owner aged 66) until 1978 when it was parked at their home.
They were in an accident in the GTO the day they left the dealership. The right rear quarter panel has a dent in it that can be removed without any major body work at all. This dent has been on the car since day one.
The interior was gutted to begin the process of doing an "in home" restoration but was obviously never done. The hopes for this ended in the year of 1978, around when the car was parked. The interior is all there (can be seen on shelves in the background. The springs in the seat are good and return nicely. The leather is still relatively in tact actually. The interior is clean (the metal) and is of course, all original. There is no visible rust and will not need any immediate attention. I presume, however, that a buyer for this will be doing a concourse or rotisserie restoration and will be removing the body off the frame.
The engine is a 400cid which was standard. Now what was not too standard was the 2bbl option as it produced much less horsepower back in the day (255 instead of 300+). This was considered the "family" package because it was not meant for power, but for leisure and MPG. This "package" is extremely rare and you do not often find 2bbl optioned convertibles. However not being desirable in 1967, it has become a cult collection today as you find fewer and fewer of them on the road or even in any condition. The motor was running nicely when parked. No issues from Mr. Richardsons recollection. The motor was drained of coolant and the oil drained. I have attempted to spin the fan to see if the motor turns, and I see a slight wiggle. I did not make a consistent or "valiant" attempt at turning it with tools, just by hand and it was brief.
The transmission is a 3 speed column shifter. No issues there and is still connected to the motor.
The body appears to be very straight and extremely clean. Fenders, doors, hood, roof, trunk is all original metal. The chrome looks good with minor minor pitting, nothing that I presume a good cleaning wouldn't restore. I cannot see any wave or heavy pattern in any of the metal. There are a few areas I was unable to thoroughly inspect due to dust or debris. I presume that 90% of the body is in very very good original condition.
The electrical components were all functioning, blinkers, headlights, taillights, high beams, gauges. Everything is there and ready to be revived.
The suspension is as expected. Original, unmolested and in tact. Springs and shocks still retract and rebound well. I gave the car a good slam and everything rebounded nicely without any issues or noises/clunks.
I cannot fathom how this beautiful car has sat unattended for so many years. All of the sun rises and sunsets this car has seen from its vantage point within the garage. All the days and nights it say wondering, "when will someone caress my wheel again?" Or, "I could really go for a drive right now, the sun is beautiful tonight. Lets drop the top and drive around like old times." I found myself fighting back tears as I would frequently find myself investing human traits into the car. As if it had a heart or conscience; "Where are my fiends and family that used to spend time with me?" It was sad to see it there unattended but also beautiful to know all the memories associated with it and how Mr. Richardson would love to see the car restored back to its factory condition (as would I).
I strongly encourage for anyone local to come see the car in person. This car is for sale locally and we have the right to end the auction before its scheduled time to end. I also encourage anyone to ask me questions which I can then relay to Mr. Richardson myself or have you speak directly to him. We are 200% transparent about the cars history and its current condition. This is a no reserve auction!
I wish you all the best of luck in the bidding process and I wish you the grandest of journeys with whichever car you chose to buy for your next project.
Its easy to forget that every classic car out there has seen love, pain, joy, sadness, growth, tears, laughter and... time.