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1966 Pontiac LeMans 2-door - 455 V8 Engine - Super Clean - Runs 100%

Make: Pontiac
Model: Le Mans
Type: Coupe
Year: 1966
Mileage: 98,422
VIN: GA20982
Color: Teal
Engine: 455 V8
Cylinders: 8
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Automatic
Drive type: RWD
Interior color: Teal
Drive side: Left-hand drive
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Cleveland, Ohio, United States


We are Euclid Car Co. at 1240 E. 286th St., Euclid, OH 44132. We have been in the used car business for over 40 years and we love to sell cars on eBay. The buyer gets a car he or she wants, and the dealer gets a car sold. Don't participate in the auction if you're not 100% sure you can pay for the car when the auction is over. We depend on the sales of these cars for income to our used car lot. eBay considers the winner to be in a binding contract with Euclid Car Co., so any non-paying bidder will be reported to eBay. Please do not call us when the auction is over to tell us:

"My wife won't let me buy the car."
"I hit the button by mistake."
"My son or daughter bought the car on my account and I don't want it."
"The car is too far away, I don't want it."
etc, etc.
We only accept wires, certified checks, and cash. We do not take deposits, Paypal, credit cards (cash or debit), or checks in the mail. We will not deal with a loan from your bank. All cars must be paid for within 3 days of the auction ending, no excuses. Please make sure you have the funds available before you bid on our vehicles. Thank you very much for taking the time to read this, and we're sure that all other car dealers feel the same.
If you're the lucky winner of our auction, we will email you immediately to congratulate you and give you our number, 216-990-3880 (Lou). Most of our auctions end between 7 PM and 10 PM. We would like a call from the winner within 12 hours of auction ending so we know that they are a real buyer. If not, we will offer it to the 2nd highest bidder. If the original winner has still not contacted us after 4 days they will be reported to eBay as a non-paying bidder. Thank you again for reading.

This is a no-reserve auction, which means that the last highest bidder when the auction is over will win the car. Every time you bid on the car keep in mind that you have an opportunity to be the owner, so your bid means something.

We encourage all bidders to stop out, personally examine the car and drive it for themselves. If you can't personally make it out to check out this vehicle, simply find a local mechanic to look at the vehicle and give you a personal report on the condition. Ebay also offers a service like this! Please do this BEFORE bidding on the vehicle!

This is an as-is vehicle, which means that once you buy it, you own it with all faults (known or unknown). With the purchase of this vehicle, the buyer will pay for all repairs. We sell all cars as-is, which means you will pay all costs for any repairs. The dealer assumes no responsibility for any repairs regardless of any oral statements about the vehicle.

If you need a 30-day tag, it's $18.50. We handle the transfer of the title. We will also have to collect the tax for your county if you live in one of the following states: Arizona, California, Florida, Indiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Ohio, and South Carolina.

We would like the vehicle picked up from our lot within 7 days of auction ending. There will be a $100 paperwork fee added on to the final sale price of the vehicle, along with a $15 title fee. By Ohio law, we must transfer this title into your name. The reason being is that if we would just send you the title and it was to get lost, there would be a problem. Or if we would send you the title and you didn't transfer it for several years and it got lost, it would be an even bigger problem. We follow the law of our state and will make sure that the title is transferred correctly for all customers. We will not pay any shipping fees, but we would be glad to assist your shipper in picking up your vehicle. If you have any questions, call Lou at 216-990-3880. Good luck bidding!


We are Euclid Car Co. in Cleveland, OH. We've been in the car business since 1974. When we sell cars on eBay, we describe them very well and we show pictures of the total car. We take as many as 200 pictures of some of the cars so that people can be familiar with what they may be purchasing and it's up to the buyer to check the car further or have the car checked before he or she bids. Here again, most people don't do that. We sell on eBay probably 150 cars per year, and most people who buy a car like it and don't leave feedback. We do appreciatethe positive feedback, but the fact remains that buyers are more likely to leave feedback if there is something that they don't like about the car.

Of the last 217 items we have sold, we only received 5 negative feedback, mostly all for trivial things. Honestly, there is no reason for anyone to ever leave us negative feedback, because it is their responsibility to check the car first, drive it, and bring it their mechanic so that they know exactly what they're buying. If they don't like it, they don't have to bid on it. Not everyone likes every car sold on eBay. We hope all buyers are satisfied with their purchases. But if you buy a car and there's something you don't like, please know that we didn't hide anything, and you should have personally inspectedthe car before budding.

We believe that we have a great relationship with our customers. We help them get their car delivered if they can't personally pick it up, and if they personally pick the car up, we go through the whole car with them from bumper to bumper so that they understand the car and understand how everything works in it. This is especially true in our classic cars. In conclusion, if you're happy with your purchase we encourage you to leave positive feedback.

Thank you for looking at our clean 1966 Pontiac LeMans 2-door. This car came originally with a V8 326 and it was removed probably 5 or 10 years ago and then they installed a 455 engine, and then a couple years after that there was $7,000 spent on rebuilding it to what you see today. The transmission was rebuilt for $1,300 and I have all the receipts. All receipts come with the car to prove that what you're seeing is real. The car runs and drives absolutely 100% excellent. It's fun to drive and a pleasureto be in. The brakes were just gone through1 month ago for $500. The shocks seem good, and the underneath ofthe vehicle, as you can see in the pictures, is very solid, with justa little bit of flaking going on.

Nothingwas touchedup underneath the vehicleand nothing was hidden. What you see is how it looks 100& solid. Repainted 30 to 35 years ago, all we did to the body was haveit buffed outand touched up. The interior is 100% original except the drivers armrest was recovered, and it's still in really nice shape. The carpet is original and you can easily replace it for 120 dollars or just dye it and it'll look better than it does today. But we left it alone. The trunk is all solid with no bondo. I'm sorry, we do not have a spare. The engine compartment and engine as you see in the pictures taken, looks really good. The bumpers, front and rear and in better than average condition for the year and they are also all original.All the glass on the car is fine, but the passenger door window goes down but sticks going up.

This caris equipped with air conditioningfrom the factory but it was taken out and we still have most all the parts as seenin the picturesto put the factoryair back in. The vehicle is automatic, and the shifterwas changed so that a betterhigh powered shiftercould go along with the rest of car, to bring the value to the next level, but we still have the original shifteras seen in the box. It still has the original factory AM radio, but the antennawas broken off and we left it that way, because we don't know what type of sound system the next personwants to put in. It drives well, shifts well, stops well and steers well. If you have the chance to stop out and drive it, we believeyou're really going to like the way it runs. When you start the car up, it fires when you let go of the key. We don't know if it's supposed to do that or not, but that's the way it presently is starting. It also has the original, upgraded factorymag-wheels with trim rings. We know the car is old, but after you see the condition the car is in, beingthat its all original, it's really impressive.