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1966 Plymouth Valiant Convertible Signet all-original

Make: Plymouth
Model: Valiant
SubModel: Signet
Type: Convertible
Trim: Signet
Year: 1966
Mileage: 143,000
VIN: VH27B62647943
Color: Red
Engine: 225 slant-6
Cylinders: 6
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Automatic
Drive type: RWD
Interior color: Black
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Concord, Massachusetts, United States

1966 Plymouth Valiant Signet Additional Info:

I am the second owner of this car, I purchased it in 1976 from the
original owner.
A great convertible automobile with a great ride. Have you everridden in a convertible? Did you know, that if you keep yourspeed up over 50mph, you can even drive with the top down inthe driving rain? Yes, you can. And you have never seen autumn,until you have seen it driving in a convertible. Whatever trip youare taking, (unless its very cold), the trip is twice as good in aconvertible as in an ordinary automobile.
I encourage anyone considering bidding, to come see the car in
person, in Concord Massachusetts. I will be available all week
at your convenience to show you the car in depth and discuss all
aspects of its history.
The current condition of the car is WILL NOT DRIVE.
ENGINE original equipment is slant-6. When the original engine
got tired, I swapped in a 1976 slant six motor and (made an
amateur's mistake) brought in a new torque converter and
thereafter the excellent motor I brought from the 1976 (a factory
unleaded vehicle by the way - will never require lead
substitutes) ran very well but the new torque converter though
sold to me by a good shop was simply the wrong one and the
propulsion did not reach the wheels. I do have the original
torque converter and it is included in this sale. I have not
started the engine in several years.
The PAINT is original. I have just received a comment from a viewer
of this listing the '66 Signet was offered in many colors.
In 40 years, I only saw only two colors, the grey and the red.
Thank you reader for interesting information!
This Signet has never been painted since it left the factory. There
are blotchy dark areas of the original paint (see on photograph
showing hood) and it is possible these may not remove completely,
if you elect to retain the original paint.
FENDERS: I had an opportunity about 15 years ago to take as parts
from the same year-Signet also of the same red scheme, two
excellent fenders. These have been reserved all these years and
have never been installed, these fenders come in this auction
together with the car. (The fenders on the car are due
replacement.) The last time I checked, aftermarket fenders are
not available for the 1966, although they have been available for
the 1967 and later. I see slight rust on one of the fenders at a
bolt slot on one margin. The two excellent spare fenders (due to
their rarity, their original factory paint, and excellent
condition) may be = this auction's starting price. I have been
asked why I do not sell the fenders separate in their own auction,
the answer is that I gathered the fenders in for the purpose of
installing them on this car, the purchaser needs these fenders,
and these fenders should be with the car. I do ask you to
remember you would have to pay a lot extra for these fenders if
you had to purchase them separately. If, you could even find
them. Please consider this in the price you are willing to pay.
RUST: Photographs are to show. One photo shows the front right
fender at the point it abuts the rocker panel. The photo shows
rust on the fender, none on the rocker. The fender is going to be
replaced anyway with the supplied replacement.
Rust on pillar between doors - likely the rust most concerning on this car,
Photo shows rust perforation in sheet metal
above rear wheel. Several photos show the frame in
excellent shape. There is a picture of the frame extension (if
that is the correct name for the boxy frame structure just in
front of the rear bumper.)
SPRINGS: The original springs on the car are tired. However, I
purchased new leaf springs plus shackles and these are included
with your purchase in this auction. The two leaf springs are
shown in one of the photographs. One website prices the pair at
TIRES: Four tires purchased new in 2016 at a cost of $480.00,
were installed on another car, and when that other car was retired
all four tires were with less than 1,000 miles on them transferred
to this Valiant, and these 185/65R14 – 86H – M+S – Dural
are installed on this Valiant and included in the auction.
This car is packaged with extremely hard to find parts to this car - including
• two rare factory same-paint scheme front fenders.
• four 2016 tires (less than 1,000 miles)
• two new leaf springs (springs not yet installed)
• the original owner's manual
• original torque converter
• many original and replacement minor parts
CONVERTIBLE TOP present, but in need of attention (probably
replacement.) Certainly the window needs replacement.
The auction hasthe maximum number photos eBay allows, 24.Ihave additional photos I can send upon request, just ask. If
there is any particular photograph you want taken I will respond
with alacrity. I want every defect and asset in this car
documented fully. I want every bidder to know all possible about
this car. Questions will be answered promptly and fully.
THIS CAR HAS NEVER BEEN TITLED: I contacted the Registry in my
state (Massachusetts, the only state the first owner and I the
second owner ever garaged the car in) and no record exists for the
VIN of this car ever having been supplied to apply for a Title.
The RMV website states that "Passenger vehicles with a model year
of 1980 and older, purchased before November 26, 1990 are exempt
from titling." This is:
• A 1966 car
• I purchased it in 1976
RMV further indicates the requirement for titling falls to the
purchaser of a car: "This law requires that all motor vehicles and
trailers be titled within ten (10) days of purchase." I will
therefore not obtain a title before selling, as I am by statute
exempt from requirement due to the car's model year and I
purchased it prior to the trigger threshold for titling
requirement. Please check with the motor vehicle registry in the
state you plan to register the car in, to make sure you have a
smooth path to titling the car in your state although it has never
been titled in any state ever before. Copies of RMV research into
Title history and a previous registration of the car in my name in
the 1980's will be sent upon request.
This is the last auction in which the fenders are packaged with the vehicle. If this auction does not sell, the fenders and vehicle will be sold as separate auctions.
The auction starting bid price is reduced from $1,595 to $1,200.
Please bid after you feel fully informed.