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1974 Plymouth Scamp Factory 318 Disc Brakes

Make: Plymouth
Model: Other
Trim: Scamp
Year: 1974
Mileage: 150,000
Color: Green
Cylinders: 8
Transmission: Automatic
Drive type: RWD
Interior color: Black
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Austin, Texas, United States

1974 Plymouth Other Scamp Additional Info:

Please read this entire description before bidding or using the Buy It Now.
1974 Plymouth Valiant Scamp, factory 318 with disc brakes, factory AC car. I have upgraded a number of items on this car, but it still is a project. Runs, drives, stops - just needs time and work. Purchased this car about 4 years ago on eBay for way too much, and have put a lot of money and effort into it to get it this far. Clean and clear title.
This is a mild mannered 318. I would assume it has a stock grind and as it has never pinged on regular unleaded, the stock compression. Original AC is not functioning but compressor turns freely as it should.
We upgraded stock 2bbl with Edelbrock LD40 (Performer) and 600CFM carb, using Holley fuel pump and pressure regulator so it is easy on gas and more reliable. New Powermaster one wire alternator + heavy power wire down to starter solenoid. Converted ignition to GM HEI (with power relay to protect ignition switch) with stock distributor. New power wires with correct fusible links run from starter relay to dash power (called a fleet bypass in the 70s). Headlight relays provide much brighter headlights. Improved grounds in the engine bay for proper charging.
New PST tubular upper A arms with delrin bushings, rebuilt factory sway bar lower control arms with new bushings, upgraded tie rods, T/A style faster idler arm, PST indexed 1.03" torsion bars and new bushings. Rebuilt Mopar Police steering box for a slightly firmer road feel and quicker ratio. New Monroe shocks. Delrin bushings squeak a bit when they are cold. Have Helwig front and rear anti-sway bars to install (come with vehicle).
Factory front disc brakes have not been touched as they work well. I am including new flexible lines for front and rear. (This car uses the wider standard 5 bolt pattern.)
Rear factory 4 leaf rear springs, new Monroe coil overs (I think they are too bouncy on bumpy roads but the stance looks great). Rides smooth on the highway. I am including new heavier duty rear leaf springs if you want them.
New tires, but they are too small for what I wanted but they are safer than what we bought it with. Chrome wheels are ok but nothing to talk about.
This car was originally off-white with gold interior. When we bought it, it was blue with a black interior. We had the car painted Sherwood Green (a factory color correct for this year, but mostly used on Satellites). Car has rust in lower rear quarters that he grinded off and then bondo'd - so when they painted it, started bubbling again. There is rust in the passenger forward floor pan. Most of this was from sitting too long under a tree. New front windshield, new windshield gasket - but leaks in the corners as it wasn't installed properly. Prep could have been much better and has separated around trunk lip (can see when you open the trunk) and some bubbling where the bondo was applied).
Replaced the dash with a 1972 dash panel that is in better condition than the original. Factory dash pad needs recovering. New ignition switch. Replaced turn signal switch. Parts need to be reinstalled. Prior owner recovered seats and door panels in a custom black cloth and alligator pattern. Custom Scamp molded headliner. Non-smoking car so smells ok. Carpet is ok but needs cleaning. We installed new 3 point seatbelt with inertia reels. New car stereo with (2) front dash and rear speakers.
Car starts up well. I think the pushrod seals have a slight leak as it puff/smokes on startup after having been driving and then parked. (The issue is that oil slowly leaks past pushrod seals into cylinders.) As well, there are other leaks that are annoying, a minor rear main seal leak and a minor water pump leak. These types of things may or may not self-repair if the car was driven more (only drive around the neighborhood once a month).
I want to emphasize that this is a project car - much better than when we bought it, but still needs time and money. I also want to note that I can guarantee this is a factory 318 car - but we don't have the option plate anymore (though we have the numbers). The paint guys lost it.
I have created a video on YouTube of this Scamp. Search on '1974 Plymouth Scamp 318 eBay 201723268080'. I will cover the car in much greater detail in the video. If you can't find the video, please let me know.
No regrets please. Your deposit is nonrefundable whether or not you choose to buy the car. I expect you to buy it - but I just want to be upfront that I need to pay for the listing if you do not pay and that's the way I need to do it.
This car comes with a bunch of parts that i had intended to use. I would guess 1k or more in parts. And many more parts that we installed such as speedometer cable that I just plain forgot to mention.
I have a reserve on this car for less than what we paid. (I told you we paid too much.) The way we look at it. We rescued an old car that needed love. We put as much as we could into it, and it is time for it to go to a happier home.
If you BUY IT NOW I will include FACTORY 15x7 Police Rims and Dog Dish hubcaps - but only if you use the BUY IT NOW. These are rare items and would make this car look great.
Last note. I have had people buy it now - then show up and try to talk me down in price. That's not the way it works. You pay what you bid - and if you use the Buy It Now - you pay what you agree to pay. I have to pay a sellers fee based on the sales price, and if you pay me less, then that's not fair.