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1968 Nissan Patrol KL60 Hardtop 4.0L Original California Truck w/ Black Plates

Make: Nissan
Model: Patrol KL60 Hardtop
Type: SUV
Trim: N/A
Year: 1968
Mileage: 3,831
VIN: L60-22679
Color: Tan
Engine: P series 4.0L Inline 6
Cylinders: 6
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Manual
Drive type: 4WD
Interior color: Tan
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Los Angeles, California, United States

1968 Nissan Patrol KL60 Hardtop N/A Additional Info:

1968 Nissan Patrol KL60 HardtopChassis # L60-22679Engine # P-66850
Ownership History
This 1968 Nissan Patrol KL60 Hardtop was first sold on February 18 1969 and remained with its original owner until August 28 1975. It was then sold to Donald & Charlene Cook of Grass Valley CA with at the time 55,471miles on the odometer - this couple kept the truck the longest (I have a handful of receipts from them covering 1975 to 1999). Apparently the Cooks had a pot farm and this was one of their work trucks. Leslie Brown (aka "RiverPatrol" on the60Patrol.com Forum) owned it next - bringing it down from Grass Valley to sunny SoCal. I bought it from Leslie in July 2014 - that makes me the 4th owner in 49years.
Rare Parts
  • This Patrol includes the rare factory power take off (PTO) case mounted to the transmission, as well as the dealer option KOENIG Iron Works NPC-100 winch with a rated pulling capacity of 8000lbs. PO Leslie Brown fitted the new 5/16"stainless steel tow line to the winch. I've only had to use the winch twice and it worked just as expected. The factory pintle hook is rated at 8TONS but I have never towed anything with this truck.
  • This Patrol was fitted in the 1970s with an aftermarket A/C unit - the A/C unit owner's manual is included in the literature that comes with the truck, but of the actual A/C unit the only thing that remains is the bracket & pump that was mounted to the left side of the engine where the alternator normally goes (they had moved the alternator to the right side of the engine at the time).
  • This Patrol has WARNmanual locking front hubs - a plastic tool is included to help turn the hubs in cold weather. The jerry can and holder are both Made In USA, & the jerry can is ex-USMC and dated 1969 - it is clean inside and I have been using it to store gas.

  • Original Nissan Patrol exterior mirrors (both of them).
  • Original Nissan Patrol glass (side doors, hardtop sliding glass, hardtop rear barn doors), with the exception of the windshield.
  • All low & high beam head lights / turn signals / tail lights / brake lights / license plate lights work.
  • 1968 model year Patrols do not have reverse lights - this was an OPTION for 1969+, so none is present here.
  • Normal wear and tear paint scratches & paint fading throughout the exterior - this is not a trailer queen. I personally prefer the patina.
  • Some various holes have been drilled in different places owing to previous owners adding / removing various accessories.
  • The hardtop is removable but I have never tried removing it since I've owned the truck.
  • Original California Black Plates (both of them) & the truck is registered in California through October 2017.

  • The front seats were reupholstered by PO Leslie Brown. Original Nissan front seat lap belts dated October 1972 are present.
  • The rear fold down bench seats are original and could use a re-trim. I've replaced the rubber bumpers on the bench seat foldout legs.
  • All gauges (oil press, water temp, ammeter, speedo, fuel tank level) work, with the exception of the odometer - I have not looked into why the odometer has recently stopped working. Also the odometer only has 5 digits, based on where the truck lived and how it was used I guess that actual mileage is 1xx,xxx - I really doubt it has made it to 2xx,xxx.
  • The wipers/heater+defroster/horn/interior room & dome lights work, with the exception of the high beam warning light in the dash and the cigarette lighter which does not have a heating element / isn't wired - cigarette lighters were also an OPTION on early Patrols.
  • The manual hand throttle (to help operate the winch) works great, but the clear cone shaped plastic handle is not an original Nissan part - it is vintage aftermarket.
  • The headliner is present but shows evidence that an overhead console was fitted to it at some point - the overhead console is long gone and is not included.
  • I made custom rubber floor mats front & rear matching the original patterns and re-using the original floorpan snap fittings.
  • A PO (probably the Cooks family) trimmed the door panels & rear cab interior panels in a custom light brown vinyl sewn quilted diamond pattern.
  • A PO (probably the Cooks family) added what looks like a 1968 MOPAR Barracuda emblem to the glove box lid.

Included Literature & Extra/Spare Parts
  • Original Nissan Patrol Owner's Manual, but with photocopied front/back cover as the originals were tattered
  • Original Nissan P Engine Service Manual
  • Original Nissan Patrol Chassis Service Manual
  • Original Nissan Patrol Dealer Parts Book
  • Original Nissan Japan Patrol Sales Brochures (2qty)
  • Original Nissan USA Patrol Sales Ad w/ Will Rogers
  • Original Koenig Iron Works Winch Sales Brochure/Manual
  • TeenVogue January 2015 issue with Patrol photo shoot
  • New Genuine Nissan Patrol Valve Cover Oil Cap
  • New Genuine Nissan Patrol Foot Operated High / Low Beam Switch
  • New Genuine Nissan Patrol Slave Cylinder Piston Rebuild Kit
  • New Genuine Nissan Patrol Fuel Filters (2qty)
  • New Nissan Patrol Oil Filters (1qty Genuine Nissan & 1qty NAPA)
  • New Nissan OE (4WDParts Australia) Patrol Front & Rear Brake Shoe Set
  • New Nissan OE Flywheel Bronze Pilot Bearing
  • New Nissan OE Hardtop Rear Sliding Glass Weatherstrips
  • New Nissan OE Patrol Sticker Set ("NissanPatrol" below license plate, Oil Quantities, Transfer Case Instructions, TuneUp Specifications, etc)

  • UsedNissan Patrol Sandblasted Floorpan
  • UsedNissan Patrol Sandblasted/Painted 16x5.75 Steel Wheels (5qty)
  • Used Nissan Patrol Modified Front Grille Panel (from TeenVogue fashion photoshoot)
  • Used Nissan Patrol Front Grille Chrome Moulding (rusty)
  • Used Nissan Patrol Water Protect Distributor &original Spark Plug Wires & Air Cleaner Vacuum Hardlines (working, could use a rebuild)
  • Used Nissan Patrol Fuel Pump (needs rebuild)
  • Used Nissan Patrol Single Circuit Master Cylinder (needs rebuild)
  • Used Nissan Patrol Cast Alu Clutch Master & Slave Cylinder (needs rebuild)
  • Used Nissan Patrol Front & Rear Wheel Cylinders (1 set - needs rebuild)
  • Used Nissan Patrol Front & Rear Drums (1 set - still useable)
  • Used Nissan Patrol Speedo Cable (still useable)
  • Used Nissan Patrol Voltage Regulator (still useable)

Recent Maintenance
Here's what I have done to the truck in the past 2.5 years - I'd like to think I've put in my fair share of time to ensure it lives on for years to come:
  • 07/2014 Optima Yellow 34/78 + OldManEmu OMESD22 steering damper + Nissan OE KYB Excel-G struts
  • 07/2014 Earl's custom stainless brake hose & all new oil/coolant/brake fluids
  • 08/2014 Sandblast spare floorpan / front grille panel / 5qty 16x5.75 OE steel wheels + straighten/true OE steel wheels + paint steel wheels
  • 10/2014 New Nissan OE rebuilt alternator & converted to internally regulated (removed stock voltage regulator)
  • 11/2014 Painted & installed stock front grille for Nissan USA commercial shoot.
  • 07/2015 Located & installed original Nissan Patrol OE exterior mirrors. Oil change.
  • 12/2015 New rebuilt 1bbl Rochester Model B carb
  • 04/2016 Straightened/painted front bumper & rear bumperettes
  • 07/2016 Oil change.
  • 10/2016 Period correct working Realistic TRC-50B 23ch CB radio & new 49" stainless antenna with FireStik stud mount & spring
  • 11/2016 New driveshaft u-joints & balance/straighten
  • 11/2016 Sandblast spare set of brake drums & ebrake drum + bought new brake shoes (incl ebrake) & arc'ed to drums
  • 11/2016 New transfer case output seal, new Redline gear oil for transfer case + transmission/PTO
  • 11/2016 New Nissan OE (Protex) front & rear wheel cylinders
  • 11/2016 New Nissan OE (ForkliftPartsSupply) mechanical fuel pump, new fuel hardline to carb with Earl's fittings
  • 11/2016 New Nissan OE (Helmar/Century) distributor converted to Pertronix Ignitor II + Pertronix coil & plug wires
  • 12/2016 New Nissan OE (Protex) Patrol G60 1977-1980 Dual Circuit Brake Master Cylinder
  • 12/2016 New Nissan OE rubber boots for ebrake / shifter / transfer case
  • 02/2017 New muffler + New BFG AT KO2 31x10.5R15 tires (5qty)
  • 02/2017 New Nissan OE (Protex) Patrol G60 1967-1977 Clutch Master & Slave Cylinder + Earl's Custom Stainless Clutch Hose

The original Nissan Patrol was admittedly not a runaway sales success in the USA where it was easily outsold by the Toyota FJ40 LandCruiser. It's strange because at the time the Nissan Patrol had the most horsepower (145hp @ 3800rpm), most torque (235ftlbs @ 2000rpm), largest engine displacement (3956cc / 242cuin), most features, and most standard equipment ... However, today it still enjoys a following and aftermarket parts support in Australia and South America (Colombia especially) so all hope is not lost. Here in the USA, the60 Patrol Forum is a tight knit community of especially helpful fellow owners and enthusiasts who make owning a 60 Patrol fun & easy.
This truck will have its 49 year anniversary from the day it was first sold in less than two weeks. It is used and is sold as is. I have represented everything I know about this truck to the best of my knowledge. Buyer assumes all responsibilities. The roof racks used in the TeenVogue and NissanUSA commercial shoots are NOT included in the sale of the truck. If you are out-of-state I will work (within reason) with the shipping company of your choice to have the truck & parts picked up locally.
Thanks for reading everything, good luck and happy bidding!