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1989 R32 GTR

Make: Nissan
Model: GT-R
Year: 1989
Mileage: 120,000
VIN: EBNR3200000004187
Color: Gray
Engine: RB26
Cylinders: 6
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Manual
Drive type: AWD
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Mountain Home, Idaho, United States

1989 Nissan GT-R Additional Info:

1989 Nissan Skyline R32 GTR, gunmetal grey, 5 speed manual, AWD, all the usual right hand drive GTR stuff. This car was manufactured in musashimurayama in Dec 1989. This car makes 630whp at all four wheels on 91 pump gas mixed with boostane at 3000 feet elevation. Let me tell you a little bit more about it.
I have owned this car for four years and I am the 2nd owner. While I was stationed in Japan, I bought this car from the original owner (a guy located in hachioji) who owned and drove the car for twenty years. He originally bought the car at the Nissan Prince dealer in Mitaka. Current km reading 120k km, but it is not the original speedo.
Since I bought it I have modified it pretty extensively, which brings us to how the car sets now. This car has been completely setup as a fast road legal car while also having optimal settings to circuit track and road race. I imported the car to the US last year and it is US federal and Idaho state legal, and I have copies of all the paperwork (CBP, EPA, etc.). I have a clean Idaho title in my name with no liens.
Mod list as of today:
Early RB26 block
Wiseco pistons and manley rods with ARP rod bolts
R33 crank balanced and run out checked
Rotating assembly has been blueprinted and fully balanced
ACL main and rod bearings
Tomei sump baffle
Trust oil pump, with 1.3mm restrictor in head oil supply
Cometic MLS gasket
ARP head studs
Static compression is around 8:1
Head was built by JUN auto in Japan.
Intake squish pads removed, unshrouded exhaust valves, blended bowls and seats, good port and polish
Valves- crower stainless intake valves with backcut, +1mm Supertech inconel exhaust valves
Valve seats- radius cut by JUN
Bronze valve guides installed+honed by JUN
Cams- 264 degree intake @10mm lift, 272 degree exhaust @ 10.7mm lift
HKS adjustable cam gears
Bosch 1000cc injectors
Twin walbro 450 pumps with dual feed rail and single -10 return.
Trust oil filter relocation kit with oil cooler
ARC 100mm intercooler
HKS hardpiping
Fluidampr harmonic balancer
IGN1A coils (AEM, Haltech, MSD, and a few others have rebranded versions of these same coils) and MSD wires and Iridium 8 heat range NGK plugs
Garage Whifbitz twin scroll single turbo conversion
twin 40mm turbosmart wastegates
EFR 8374 turbo
Whifbitz stainless manifold and 4" downpipe
Snow Performance Water Meth kit-- installed and operates but I don't have it activated in current tune.
HPI radiator
NEW optima red top battery
NEW 125 amp alternator (stock is 90 amp)
AC parts are all there and it worked before I pulled everything apart to swap the engine. It will need a charge, but I am very confident it will work.
Cusco catch can
Cusco torque dampener
ARC radiator panel
Greddy profec B boost controller
Tomei titanium catback system. This is very light weight.
ATS carbon twin plate clutch set
lightened ATS flywheel
Nismo clutch pivot
NEW master cylinder
NEW slave cylinder
NEW stainless braided clutch line
NEW front CV boots
Nismo GT Pro 2 way rear differential
Full alignment this summer at Les Schwab, at circuit track specs (Front- 5*caster, -1.5* camber, .5 toe; rear -1* camber, 0 toe)
M-SPL adjustable camber arms
Cusco adjustable tension rods
Cusco zero 2R coilovers
Nismo lower control arms
Cusco adjustable camber arms
Cusco adjustable tension rods
Cusco zero 2R coilovers
Project Mu rotors
Endless pads
Stainless braided lines
Quick bleeders
I've kept the body pretty stock, but have added some items.
NO damage to frame rails or body from idiots that don't know where to jack a car
Rear fenders have been rolled a little bit to fully clear wheels/tires at full compression
N1 Front bumper ducts
J speed front under fender braces
Front and Rear Nismo tower braces
35w HID low beams
50w HID high beams
Also have an N1 hood lip, but it's unpainted and isn't installed yet
The paint is the original 28 year old paint. The color is good but the clear is a little weathered and swirled. There are some imperfections and dents; it's a 28 year old original body. Some time spent buffing and polishing could get it looking better but I never polished it myself. I'm not a paint and body guy, I just like to go fast.
Volk rays TE37 SL 18x10.5 +15 offset
265 Dunlop direzza star spec tires
I've kept the interior pretty simple. I always hated the "starship enterprise" look a lot of JDM rides have going with all the ten billion gauges, so I only added what was needed.
Bride low max full bucket drivers seat
Driver and passenger harnesses
Nardi Torino wheel and extension
Kenwood DVD player w/ touch screen
AEM UEGO wideband
Custom shift knob w/ 2 step activation button
Line lock activation button on shifter stalk
NO dash bubble
NEW AC vents
NEW quarter window trim
The car was tuned this summer by BK Industries in Meridian, Idaho. It is tuned in the AEM V2 ecu as MAP speed density with TPS compensation. It made approx 630whp (540 pound ft) at all four wheels on 91 pump gas mixed with boostane. That number will certainly go up with the water meth kit on, optimising cam timing, or switching to E85 (which the fueling system is capable of). I spent approx 2 grand going back and forth making sure everything is right for driveability, starting, traffic, max power, etc. I'm picky but the end result is a good tune with good manners.
I'm sure I'm forgetting some things. This is NOT the typical R32 GTR you will see or experience, it is extremely fast in a straight line and corners like it's on rails. Its got a 2 way locking differential that locks, it does not ride like your minivan. It handles the road like it looks; direct and aggressive. All of the little items work on the car; all the little items you don't usually think of like the clock, temperature blend motors/climate controls, light switches, window defroster, mirror motors, etc. If you're wondering if it has something in particular just ask; I will get you an answer. If you want more detail or specific pictures of something I will be happy to get them. This car has been a labor of love for the past four years and I hate to sell it. I will sell this car for the right price, and if it doesn't sell I will part it out and convert it back to stock. The car has about 18 grand in parts in it, and that doesn't take into account time, labor, base car price, etc. It's safe to say it would cost you a lot more than my asking price to build a comparable US legal R32 GTR with a clean lien free title at this power and performance level. All the hard work is done, all the mechanicals are solid, all the big ticket expensive items have already been done. If you're in the market for a GTR, save yourself a lot of money in the long run and buy this car. Get yourself a fast holiday gift this year.