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1974 MG MGB exceptional driver quality restoration

Make: MG
Model: MGB
Type: Convertible
Doors: 2
Year: 1974
Mileage: 08363
Color: Limeflower
Engine: 1.8 Liter I4
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Manual
Interior color: Black
Drive side: Left-hand drive
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Easton, Maryland, United States

1974 MG MGB Additional Info:

  • This 1974 MG-B has benefited from extensive updates by the previous owner and from me, the current owner. Clearly the total cost of these efforts is substantially more than I hope to get now. I should also add that some of my current expense was focused on replacing parts installed earlier with more appropriate original parts. The new parts that are yet to be installed are pictured and will be included. Some original hose clamps are not pictured but will be included. and 20 or more pictures can be found at the end of the description of details including visible flaws.
  • The previous owner had assured me the engine had been rebuilt at about 60,000 but the documentation on that is not available yet. It has always run well and one of the many things anticipated was a proper carburetor jetting since it clearly runs rich.
  • The mileagestated of 08, 463 must be questioned. The previous owner statedthe speedometer unit was replaced at some point, so clearly the mileageis unknown. However, the mileagesince the major rebuild is about 30,000 miles.
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Like many MGs today, this car has a Weber carburetor and a solid state ignition. You should have Solex or SUs carburetors and Lucas points for originality, but if you plan to drive this to church every Sunday, you're better off with these discreet updates.

A small tear in the top as pictured below the description and a tonneau cover is included.The 4 tires are not brand new but show about the ware I would expect for the less than 2,500 miles of use they have. About 2,000 by me and, according to the long term owner under 500 miles when he sold it. If I haven't pictured all 4 wheels they seem identical..II I see other MG-Bs listed that are described as absolutely water tight. I have driven British cars for longer than I care to remember, from my mothers MGA I passed my drivers test in, an Aston Martin DB-6,a Cooper F-Jr, my current Austin Cooper vintage racecar and half a dozen others. If you want absolute water tightness and year round comfort, buy a Lincoln. If you want original, exciting sportscar handling with weather protection and comfort that always reminds you its special and a car no one on your block has, buy a good British sportscar and let the Miata owners wish they had your style.The dreaded "tin worm" is the scourge of all British cars of this vintage, and the previous owner was obsessive about its potential damage, almost to a fault, as can be seen from the rust protective plugs to cover the points that protection was injected. In an overzealous further protective effort further protective agents were sprayed over much of the engine bay that I had started to remove..There is very slight rust in places that I've picturedor can send detailed pictures of, but the body seems solid.I have not inspected the hard to access areas that are impossible for most people to reach.I would be happy to make the car available for a competent inspector with British car expertise.If you want specific pictures please ask.I'm sad to say, my efforts to remove as much of that rust guard as possible is only half finished. With the rest of that coating removed and the installation of included parts the car will look far better. You should also understand the obligations of owning a more than 40 year old car of any make. It will always require more attention then that new Lincoln.
This exciting looking MG will be a good driver and it has the appointments to make it comfortable. It's not ready for Pebble Beach and it's unlikely 1974 MG-Bs will be welcome for decades anyway.
It is ready for top down spring drives and summer pick-nicks and it will serve you well when given the care and service it will expect. Please don't feel my comments are in any way negative. I'd be happy to keep this car and complete the few things needed to finish this project were it not for a few unrelated problems that have prevented that, so I'm looking for the right person to continue.
I've priced this to sell at a very fair price with the hope it will go to the right person who understands what he will be getting and who is prepared to take over stewardship and its obligations.

Please ask any questions or for other pictures. You should know as much as I do and I have attached below more pictures of details and flaws. I should have mentioned that the actual spare wheel and tire seem to have gone missing during my work and sublet of work.If they can be found they will be included, otherwise this will be sold without them.
I can also help with shipping arrangements, including taking the car to a convenient pickup point. That could be a new car dealership close to here.. I would also encourage, should you not be able to inspect this yourself, to hire and inspector, but it should be someone knowledgeable about vintage sports cars, not a normal used car inspector. Again, thanks and ask any questions..
I have allowed for a best offer, but in light of my investment and effort,as well as that of the previous owner, any offer will have to be close or Ill be forced to drive it for another spring and bring it to the level it deserves. The 6 pictures of the black panel below are of only one panel.