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1960 MGA 1600 Roadster 40 Year Storage Rock Solid 0 Rust Running Driving 2 Owner

Make: MG
Model: MGA
Type: Roadster
Year: 1960
Mileage: 59,186
VIN: GHNL91601
Color: Iris Blue
Engine: 1600
Cylinders: 4
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: 4 speed manual
Drive type: RWD
Interior color: Fawn
Drive side: Left-hand drive
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Canton, Georgia, United States

1960 MG MGA Additional Info:

SEE MY OTHER AUCTIONS FOR MORE VINTAGE CAR PARTS AND ACCESSORIES Further cleanout of surplus vintage cars and parts: This is a no reserve auction and the MGA will be sold on or off auction. Scroll down to the bottom for more photos.


Am 77 and it's time to let go of my British car collection. There is a lot of junk out there - I don't have any junk. Started collecting cars about 50 years ago and the main objective was to buy one owner, original paint, rust free cars for pleasure and investment. Hard task, as many were pummeled junk or so called "restored" cars. Good true original survivors have disappeared and the majority of the leftovers are either weekend restored cars, rusty beaters, money pits or overpriced trailer queens with a dubious history. An unrestored original, even though it may have some faults, gives you an accurate assessment of it's overall REAL condition along with plenty of character (or the nauseating word "patina").

This MGA is one of those cars. Recently brought out of it's 40 year storage and recommissioned for road use. It is a two owner (am technically the 3rd owner) 1960 MGA Roadster, matching numbers, mostly original factory paint (what is left of it), unrestored, unmodified, original survivor as shown. I purchased it from the 2nd owners wife in Florida about 40 years ago and stored it in my warehouse. The owner was preparing to have the car repainted when he passed away. It is an extremely solid no rust running and driving car that needs painting. The British Motor Industry Heritage Trust Certificate shows that it is a matching numbers car in the original Iris blue color. This is the perfect easy restoration car - no rust, no body work - If you have an uncle in the painting business this would be a very easy and cheap solution to getting a stunning MGA with little investment.Please read the complete description so you will understand all conditions and any issues. I will answer all email questions.

As of this writing Hagertys classic car values list the value for the 1960 MGA MK1 roadster at: Fair: $9,400. Good: $17,800. Excellent: $30,800. Concours: $39,900. This is also a good investment as the value will probably increase over time.


The engine is the original factory matching number unit, serial # 16GA-U22623 and runs perfectly. Using proper internal preservation oiling procedures for storage the cylinders were filled 40 years ago with an internal parts preservative used by the US Air Force in their internal combustion engines and the car was put in storage shortly after that. The engine is in exceptionally good order. Starts and runs perfectly with high oil pressure when warm. No smoke or noises. Oil level is full and clear. Idles well and has excellent throttle response. Very good healthy engine. Clean as a whistle inside - check the valve cover photo - the way it looks - untouched and not cleaned for photos. Carburetors were disassembled, cleaned and adjusted during recommissioning.


Transmission is the factory original in good condition. Goes through all gears very well. New clutch/brake master and slave cylinders were installed recently in the recommissioning process. Rear axle/differential is the original. Smooth, no noise, grinding, clunking or other issues on anything. The clutch shudders when starting out in first or reverse only - indicating oil on the clutch disc. Can be used like this or replace the clutch disc. You can burn the clutch disc in and it will engage smoothly after that but later on if not used it will begin to shudder again.


Nice, straight solid and original. No accident damage anywhere. Inner fenders straight and undamaged. Original paint throughout - no rattle can blackout. Good original wiring. Original Lucas fuel pump was rebuilt. New 12 volt battery - positive ground. Both original 6 volt battery boxes are intact and in perfect order. No rust. New battery will need to be fitted properly - it is just sitting in the battery box unsecured.


Entire trunk including the bottom is extremely solid - this is a very good rust free car from front to rear. Original spare tire and disc wheel are there.


This is a VERY SOLID car. All panels are in original good solid condition. This is the kind of rust free car that makes ones life easier. There is only one dent on top of the left rear fender and there is one small area next to the left side of the grille that has been filled in with bondo years ago - it is not rust - instead of taking out a very small dent (very small) they elected to take the easy route and fill it with bondo. Easily rectified. There are no issues with the integrity of any of the body panels including inner and outer rockers.


The chrome is original and still in decent useable driver condition. The fuel tank is the original and is clean as a whistle inside.


Very very poor. The past owner was in the process of prepping the car to be repainted and passed away before that happened - so it needs repainting. Any brown/dark area you see is not rust - it is primer or areas that he was addressing with a rustproofing paint as part of the paint prep process. Scratches, nicks, bare metal and hand sanded spots were touched up and painted over just for rust protection. The perfect candidate for someone who knows a painter. No body work needed other than the 2 dents.


The interior is useable for a driver but a new interior kit would really be nice for this car. The seats are not bolted down but the seat rails/tracks do come with the car. All of the floorboards are original and in amazingly good dry condition. No carpeting. A piece of the original 60 year old factory carpeting still covers the transmission tunnel.


Dashboard is original and quite nice. Odometer shows 59186 miles which, although I cannot guarantee it, is probably the correct total mileage. All original gauges are there and are working. Here is what works: Horn, turn signals (miracle), Tachometer and Speedometer, temperature gauge, generator and generator light, oil pressure gauge, fuel gauge, ignition switch, starter pull switch, dash lights, heater fan, choke, windshield wipers. Here is what doesn't work: Radio. Under the dash is neat, original and tidy - nothing burned or ripped out - no nightmares.


Original wiring appears to be completely intact. No butchering to be seen anywhere. New 12 volt battery - system still on positive 12V ground. Both 6 volt battery boxes are intact and in perfecet condition - Original Lucas fuel pump has been rebuilt and is in it's proper original place. All lights, turn signals, electrical systems work well.


Windshield is in good order and unbroken/uncracked. There are no side curtains. Nobody uses them anyway, eh?


The frame, crossmembers and all supporting factory steel and wood work is simply excellent, straight and complete from front to back. Solid as a tank.


The convertible top bows are excellent, undamaged and come with the car. There is no vinyl convertible top.


All tires hold air. That's all they will do.


None. Aftermarket air conditioners are available if desired - the new units are excellent, compact and very efficient.


New brake/clutch master cylinder. New rubber brake hoses. New wheel cylinders. Suspension is tight and so is the steering.


Still very good condition - a nice, healthy MGA sound.


The original ID plates are all good and unmodified. The vehicle serial number is GHNL91601. Engine number is 16GA-U-22623. (This is the correct original engine).


The car comes with a clear proper Florida State title and proper bill of sale. Includes the British Motor Industry Heritage Trust Certificate which shows that it is a correct matching numbers car in the original Iris blue color. Original equipment was: Disc wheels, heater, windscreen washer, blue tonneau cover (no longer there) and tubeless tyres. Built special order May 5-6, 1960 and shipped May 6, 1957. Includes bills from Moss Motors for the new parts mentioned.


An attractive surviving roadster that has not been modified or abused throughout it's life. Pulled out of a 40 year storage and recently recommissioned for use. Can be used as a fun driver as it stands or rebooted in many ways while driving if desired. It really just needs painting - If you have a contact in the car painting business this would be a very easy and cheap solution to getting a stunning MGA with little investment. It has not been driven down the road because of insurance/licensing - it has been driven quite a bit up and down my 1/10 mile steep driveway and it may need (may not) minor sorting out or just exercise/driving for proper road use.


As always, it is difficult at best to describe something as complex as a vehicle and it is highly recommended that you personally inspect the car or have a 3rd party inspect it for you. If you elect not to do this you will have one of three outcomes after purchasing the car. #1. The car will be exactly as you thought it would be from the auction description and photos and you and I will be happy. #2. The car will be less than you thought it would be and you and I will be unhappy. #3. The car will be more than you thought it would be and you and I will be more than happy. I can accomodate anyone to show them the car. It is described to the best of my ability along with many good photos but it is the bidders ultimate responsibility to ensure that what he thinks he is getting is indeed one in the same and something he will be happy with. I have purchased and sold roughly 30 autos/motorcycles through ebay over the past 19 years and also many more over the telephone and have always had excellent results and complete satisfaction from the buyers but I do my due diligence and suggest you do the same.


I have shipped many cars to all parts of the world over the years and can assist the buyer with transport or completely arrange transport. The car is in a secure place at my home and it can be collected there. I can assist with loading.


Contact me if you have less than 5 feedbacks or your bid WILL be cancelled. A $1000 non refundable deposit via Paypal is due immediately after the auction closes. The balance is due within 3 days via a bank cashiers check or wire transfer. Full payment is to be made IN ADVANCE of collecting the car. IN ADVANCE, BEFORE YOU COLLECT THE CAR - This is an auction and you have plenty of time to inspect the car personally or have a 3rd party inspect the car - inspections are welcome and encouraged. Winning the auction does not mean that you now have the privilege of coming to inspect the car to see if you like it. When the auction is over payment is due at the close of the auction per these instructions. The car is at my home and can be left here for up to 30 days at no charge before collection. After that I have the option of charging a storage fee.


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