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Make: MG
Model: MGB
Type: Convertible
Year: 1964
Mileage: 59,611
VIN: 64GHN3L24379
Engine: 4 cyl stock
Cylinders: 4
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Manual
Drive type: RWD
Interior color: stock med blue for exterior Iris Blue
Drive side: Left-hand drive
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Hollister, California, United States


Very nice, good looking 1964 MG-B convertible, Iris Blue factory color, chrome wheels, bumpers and luggage rack. Stock 4 cyl engine, has been converted many years ago by previous owner to one 12 v battery system. Mileage is 59611 plus.( One of the photos showing front end taken from passenger front corner may show a bird dropping on it, however, it was cleaned off and should not show on the others).
Included are a number of odds and ends parts ie front/rear original bumpers, various rubber moldings, 3 window hardtop (which came with the car and has never been made ready for use by me, it would need the glass and new rubber molding and would be set to go on), nuts bolts, screws, etc etc too many to list.
the white soft top is in very nice condition and is attached to the fold down frame. Newer tonneau cover. We have had the car for a number of years and it has won a 1st place in 1999 in its class at the annual Autumn Classic British Concourse when it was held in San Juan Bautista, CA and comes with its trophy plate. We do not really have the time to enjoy it any longer, so it has been parked in the barn for the past 12 years, kept covered, started and driven a few miles around keeping it in moving condition, washed and cared for regular.
It has an older restoration of the exterior, and shows well i should say from about 6 ft away, with normal wear in the paint as you get closer and the body is really very nice and straight. The engine compartment, for whatever reason, was not done at the time of repainting, and is in an older state of appearance being a flat black in color. It is pretty clean inside there and could with a little work by a younger stronger back, restored with just removing out of the way various hoses and electrical wiring etc. It is just not clean looking as one would expect when looking at the outside.The valve cover was chromed at some point as well.
Upholstery may be original or older redone when exterior repainted many years ago, but all is pretty good shape. Carpet over battery cover is good shape but could use either new one or a few minor repairs, but is all there. Rest of the carpet is in good shape with normal wear.
Within the last 10 years, the exhaust has been replaced, and I have always performed regular engine tune ups etc. and or have had a british mechanic tend to it. It will start up with oil pressure going idle right up to around 55 to 60 lbs or so pounds and will run down the road warm around 50 lbs and will run like that all day. Handles nicely and is just a fun car to drive. It would mostly cold start without the choke, but for the past year or so, when cold starting, a little choke is needed, but it will flood easily, so I'm sure its past due for new needle valves in the float bowls. Tach needle sticks on 1500 rpm when off, but otherwise seems to work properly when driving, fuel gauge or float may need attention as well but is pretty accurate.
There is a 1/4" metal fatigue hairline crack on drivers doors, just in front of the wing window on the top edge where window molding is attached and it's just above the side view mirror bracket area. It has been there since we have owned the car and that is about 20 years, I've never done anything to repair it other than a drop of paint a few times and it has not increased at all in size. The car has normal paint chipping on various edges in various locations, all normal minor stuff.
One of the previous owners installed a new windshield/molding and while doing so created a wrinkle in the top left hand corner of the dash material in the flat area where that portion of windshield in fastened down into the frame. It was never repaired properly and it didn't bother us so we left it. My guess is that someone who would take a little time and care would be able to undo the windshield and with a little heat could still smooth it back out. Its doesnt jump out at you until you eye it closely. Undercarriage looks dirty as normal wear. Some spots of oil dripping here and there on front of engine frame and oil pan area, but last year I tightened down one of the oil hoses on engine and it stopped any leaking, so since it sits on cement slab inside, I do not see any new oil spots on floor. I just have not cleaned under there in a good long time. A good pressure wash would take care of that old stuff. To my knowledge the underside has never been restored, repainted or touched up.
In the center of the dash top edge above the radio is an old vinyl repair about the size of a quarter. Again, it has never bothered us so we left it. Bumpers are really still a very nice shape as is the chrome moldings, all normal age wear. The drivers wing window rubber molding has finally cracked and would need to be replaced. Tonneau cover is newer and in great shape. Soft top is in very nice shape, white for the period, and not sure but think it might be original. Luggage rack great shape with nice leather straps there to hold a picnic basket down. AM radio, doesnt work but have never tried to check it out, I do know the antenna cable is unplugged so perhaps it's just a simple electric connection, but it's there.
All and all a pretty car, still looking good when washed and polished. Chrome wire wheels still show it off nicely. Several months ago when I opened the truck I saw the spare had simply broke open from age, so it will need a new spare tire. The spare wheel is wire but basic silver color. Tires great shape. Possibly one or both of the steering boots will need to be replaced, not a big deal, as its been a number of years since I replaced them, just normal age and wear.
Still lots of driving fun left, suspension is good, handles nicely going down the back roads. Sounds really nice with just the right amount of that old sports car exhaust you'll hear when simply cruising back roads, enjoying the day. With a little effort all around on behalf of a new owner, she'll be able to continue on to look and be a great classic sports car. Buyer will pay S&H, with deposit requested as stated in payments etc. in the amount of $1000.00 within 24 hours after auction closes. Full payment is required within 3 days of auction close. PayPal accepted as well. Will work with local pickup as well.
Please contact me if you have question or need extra photos, I'll try my best to answer them as honestly and detailed as possible.