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1960 MGA 1600 Roadster

Make: MG
Model: MGA
Type: Convertible
Trim: Roadster
Year: 1960
Mileage: 30,000
VIN: GHNL 73686
Color: Red
Engine: 4 cylinder 1600
Cylinders: 4
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Manual
Drive type: RWD
Interior color: Tan
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Kent, Ohio, United States

1960 MG MGA Roadster Additional Info:

For Sale: 1960 MGA 1600 roadster
Car number: GHNL 73686
Exterior color: Chariot Red
Interior Color: Tan
So here’s our story: The MG bug bit me early, due to an on-going restoration project that my dad was working on. The 1954 TF literally grew up around me, I still have memories of 5-year old me, sitting on a box in the place of the seat, while dad rebuilt things around me, and sharing his thrill of getting back newly chromed parts all shiny and connected together with wire. It was only inevitable that sooner rather than later I would have one of my own. And finally when I was 17, there it was, the MGA. Purchased for $400 from someone that didn’t need another project. It was complete, mostly, but not in running shape. Then college and relocation from New York to Ohio happened and next thing you know a wedding on the horizon. The decision was made: Madge would be our getaway car, rice and all, and the mission to restore the car on-time was on. I still fondly recall the tow- bar hook up behind my fabulous chevette (four-door, tan with orange stripes) and bringing her across New York State in a rainstorm. We are lucky that we made it alive! Certainly I would do things differently today, but that’s life in a nutshell isn’t it? The decision to jettison the original wrinkled doors for a substitute pair is one that I wish I hadn’t made. Another mistake was to take the seller’s word that the engine had been rebuilt and was “ready to go”. It was ready to go all right, right to the rebuilders, but that didn’t get discovered until after the frantic last-week-before-the-wedding push to get the car complete. Good thing we had a family member that lent us a car, which was probably a blessing in disguise as the temperature was in the mid-90’s and the thought of my new bride sitting on the side of the road in her fancy wedding dress while the radiator did it’s impression of old faithful is one that probably wouldn’t have ended so well. Needless to say, since that time (now over 26 years ago), life happened. You know, apartments, the first house, a son, moving, different jobs, more kids. And thru it all, my faithful MGA has been following me around. About ten years ago, I swore it was not leaving my current garage unless it was moving under its own power or if it was someone else’s new love. I had occasional thoughts of finishing the job, found a rebuilt engine, gave it a look closely, and made task lists in my mind. But it’s not to be; it’s time to let my faithful girl go. Just like you just know when it’s time to say goodbye to your good old dog, and take that sad trip to the vet’s, it’s time to bid Madge goodbye. If it’s any consolation, there is a TF next to the MGA that has been pulling at the strings of my heart lately. And this time I have the time and energy to do it perfect. Not that the MGA is wrong mind you, it’s just that it has a few flaws that someone with the right amount of emotion and energy can take on and conquer. I should note, this was a full-on, body off frame, every nut, bolt and screw cleaned, painted replaced as necessary with the correct hardware. You will not find any drywall screws or plastic zip-ties holding wiring in place. The biggest thing that has kept me from getting this girl on the road is my vanity...yes; I just can’t stand to not do things the way they were meant. Remember those doors? Call me a stickler for originality, Type A or just plain crazy, but the car was painted without all the pieces fit together first and the fit of the doors/fenders is just not right. It’s the only thing that I look at in the pictures when my newest edition of MGA! Magazine comes to my door. I even stopped going to car shows because of my internal shame. So it’s time, time to break the cycle, and get that TF done before Dad finally goes to the big car show in the sky. Here is the state of the car as best as I can describe it: The car is a 1960 Chariot Red car, tan interior. The car has been sitting inside with a car cover for a quarter of a century. Every part is original or purchased from Moss (I am sure I still have every receipt). The tan interior was not leather but vinyl, as is the top. Everything looks new, but dusty. The top has windows that have aged poorly, so it should be replaced. The tires have about 20 miles on them, but they are not Dunlap’s, they are what I could afford when still in High School. The engine and transmission are out of the car. The rebuilt engine just needs to be re-assembled; the crank/bearings/pistons/rings are all in the block I bought. The pistons are .060” oversized. The original block is still a viable engine, for the right rebuilder. The pistons that are with it are .030”. All the remaining parts are in my possession and go with her, of course. The dashboard is painted in the original red, although the car when I got her had the vinyl overlay and the chrome bottom trim on it. I don’t know why, but I was recently told the tachometer is from a twin-cam car. Evidently its worth more than a standard tach, but I’m not going thru the effort to swap it out. I still have the chrome strip, and it comes with the car. The dash paint is dimpled and could use a buffing out, didn’t happen back in the day with my deadline. The paint on the car is all in great shape, but there are a few chips and scuffs. If desired, the car could be driven as- is, and from further than 5 feet away it looks great. The door/fender fitting could possibly be adjusted without affecting the paint, or left alone if it doesn’t bother you. The rocker panels were all rebuilt, with the correct parts (of course). I never touched the transmission, other than to check to be sure it had oil, so I would suggest that it be checked/rebuilt before relying on it. The car has been stored inside and covered since 1989 and only out to move to a new home or for the pictures enclosed with this description. I thought I had the spare tire/wheel, but searching my garage didn’t yield it. If located, it is, of course included. The side-curtains, in an unrestored original condition are included. The car has a new Ohio Title. We knew that a car without a Title was less desirable, so we went thru the effort to get a new one since the car never had one. Ask my wife, as the person that dealt with the fun people at the various State Agencies. So that’s the story, I am happy to discuss anything at all about the car, and if I have spare parts or anything MGA they go with the car. She deserves to be on the road. Greg
Shipping is Buyers responsibility as well as coordinating of such.
Will sell ONLY within the United States