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1973 lincoln mercury capri v-6 2600 4 speed - street solo autocross

Make: Mercury
Model: Capri
Type: Coupe
Year: 1973
Mileage: 55,000
Color: Red
Engine: v6 2600 cc
Cylinders: 6
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Manual
Drive type: RWD
Interior color: Tan
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Houston, Texas, United States

1973 Mercury Capri Additional Info:

more pictures and video here:


1973 capri

This auction is for the package deal and includes the car, trailer and all the spares and extras associated with the two…health concerns prevent me continuing to try and put this car back on the street. The car was used for SCCA solo II competition and was put away with the arrival of kids. The level of car preparation allowed it to be competitive in the prepared classes at the regional level where it won several divisional championships, but all that is required to allow legal street operation would be to install a horn.

The car is a 1973 mercury capri made in Germany with a V-6 2600 engine and a 4 speed manual transmission. The engine is basically stock but has a mid-performance cam upgrade and the intake manifold and ports have been matched. The carburetor has been rejetted to help enhance the cam and head work but is otherwise stock except for the removal of the decel-valve modual, and the addition of performance based headers and muffler equiped exhaust.

A short video with sound is available upon request.

The car’s suspension has been upgraded and includes koni shock and strut inserts, DOBI front springs and SPEARCO rear springs. Nylon or metal couplers have been used to replace rubber items thru out the steering system. The front sway bar is a 1 1/8" BAP-GEON "banana" bar with adjustment for caster. The rear sway bar is a 1" ADDCO bar which has had full metal heim joint ball-rod ends added which allow it to be secured to the stock sway bar attachment points in the frame. The final drive is currently a mechanically locked 3.89 rear end which can be restored to an open rear end condition with a set of two spider gears…no welding was done on the carrier or ring gear.

The wheels are 13x7xAmerican Racing LIBRE…all the tires are old racing slicks and are rubbish but do hold air. An extra set of four 13x7 LIBRE wheels and mickey thopmson tires used as "rain tires" are also included. These tires hold air, but should also be considered rubbish.

Most the stock interior has been removed or modifed but the original door panels, door glass and rear seat panels remain. The rear side glass on both sides has been replaced with plexiglass. The dash is mostly intact with modifications having been made to facilitate a push button start, and flip switches for ignition, electric fuel pump and electric cooling fan. All the lower dash trim panels and glove box have been removed, as well as the carpet and sound deadening material. The front original seats on the original seat tracks remain, but the driver side seat has been modified to allow a five point seat belt and harness to be use and the seatback adjustment has been bolted tight in the current angle.

A commercially manufacturedbolt-in single hoop roll bar has beeninstalled. The main hoop has adiagonal bar from the passenger side up toand behind the head od the drivers side, and a diagonal knee brace bar on either side of themain hoop connects back to the rearwheel wells.

Car spares:

Four American racing LIBRE wheels with full tread street tires for rains- tires are rubbish

Front struts, lowering springs, with calipers, left and right

Third member with 3.22 gear set installed, no brake backing plates but brake lines are in place

Third member with 3.44 gear set installed, no brake backing plates but brake lines are in place

Extra 4 speed transmission with broken 3rd. gear (new cluster gear required for repair is included)

Extra 4 speed transmission with bellhousing for the 2000 4 cylinder ford OHC engine

Extra drive shaft for V-6 application - complete

Long block with disassembled heads, intake manifold...block and internals are good but don't expect to use without disassembly.

Lots of new parts and pieces in two traveling spares containers…brake pads, gaskets, water pump, misc. filters and rebuild sets, clutch cable, etc.

Lots of used parts and pieces from six capris over thirty years…brake drums, pressure plate, nuts and bolts, etc., dash instrument unit, top dash, a set of front seats and seat tracks, two steering rack units, many axles...

After a new battery was installed in 2014, the engine was started and ran as well as the when it was put away many years ago. since then, a new water pump, new top and bottom hoses and a new electric fuel pump have been installed however known items that need fixing before it would be fully driving operational are:

1.stock OEM gas tank has a leak and also needs cleaning

2.master brake cylinder needs replacement

3.rear brake wheel cylinders need replacement

4.front brake caliper condition is unknown but brake system needs flush and fill

5.clutch disk is "stuck" to flywheel but throwout is working and disengages the pressure plate

6. radiator clean and flush is recommended

The trailer is all steel welded construction with tandem axles and was custom designed to allow towing this car on a class II hitch (max. 250# tongue weight)., which is what I had to tow with at the time. Four new tires in 2014, with an old,new spare tire that has never had to be used. A tongue hitch lock is also included and the axles have bearing buddies installed. This is an excellent towing rig and was once "certified" by the Texas Department of Public Safety (highway patrol) at 83 MPH on a trip to a dallas divisional event. The trailer needs paint.

There is also a 12' x 10' shade structure which can be assembled to the trailer on either side of the trailer for protection from the sun or rainat events.

car, trailer and spares may be picked up in Houston, Texas.

all graphics on the original paint are either magnetic signs or plastic tape which can be readily peeled off.