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Make: Mazda
Model: RX7
Type: Coupe
Doors: 2
Year: 1983
Mileage: 82,635
VIN: JM1FB3316D0725781
Color: Other
Engine: 12A-1146CC
Transmission: Manual
Interior color: Other
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Local pick-up only

1983 Mazda RX7 Additional Info:

This exceptionally original 1983 Mazda RX7 is not just about recapturing the coupe that you wish you bought back in the day. These early Japanese sports machines are quickly climbing up the valuable collectable lists, which makes a nicely presented icon like this a solid buy, too. Mazda did their homework when designing the original RX7. It has the long hood that made the Corvette and Mustang into icons, but it also added European flair with a hint of the Porsche 944 in the execution. And of course, there's plenty of its cross-Japan rival Nissan Z in the mix, too. The result is a style that's unique but easy to love. Renaissance Red is the name of this car's factory color, and with most of it remaining original, it still looks quite fashionable even today. This total package is presented exceptionally well on a coupe that features flush folding headlights, tight body gaps, and the bumpers were very neatly integrated into the overall design. It's what helped establish Mazda's quality reputation, and everything that looked great back then only got better with age on this example. That's because the level of preservation is remarkable right down to the 80s-chic four-spoke factory alloy wheels.The interior is just as nicely presented as the exterior. The burgundy bucket seats look great and were engineered to keep you comfortable. Plus, the rear floor mat and dash have recently been replaced with the correct color pieces so this coupe can remain looking its best. This GSL model is loaded with all the best sports car features, including center console, power windows, electric rear defroster, and provisions for air conditioning. The huge sunroof removes almost like a targa top and stows in the trunk. The only real difference you'll notice from factory spec is a neatly installed AM/FM/CD stereo for more modern tunes (the original unit also comes with the sale.) From behind the original steering wheel you can see the clearly marked instruments, including the Porsche-style center tach (and yes, that 7,000 RPM redline is there for a very good reason.)The RX7's real calling card was the revolutionary two-rotor Wankel engine. And this numbers-matching motor has only averaged about 2,500 miles per year over its lifetime. No pistons, no crankshaft, no valves, just a pair of triangular rotors inside a beer-keg-sized housing. The design was compact, efficient, and could provide the same power as its six and eight-cylinder competitors. But its true hallmark was that it could happily spin to 7,000 RPM and beyond with incredible smoothness. In fact, if you've never experienced the difference of a rotary, you get to discover a whole new performance sound that comes from going beyond your normal rev range. It's the heightened performance feeling that makes it a joy to row through the gears of the standard five-speed gearbox. And you can do it with added confidence thanks to a new clutch installed this year. Combine this with a front-mid engine layout, sport-tuned suspension, and four-wheel disc brakes, and you're going to be looking for every excuse to add miles to the odometer.This preserved classic is excellently presented, right down to the engine bay. It even comes with paperwork like the owner's manual and warranty card. It's a total package gives you a rare opportunity to enter the crop of rapidly appreciating classics. Call now!!