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1961 Lincoln California Black Plate Continental Convertible Investment Class

Make: Lincoln
Model: Continental
Type: 4 Door Convertible
Trim: Top Grade Leather Period Correct
Year: 1961
Mileage: 89374
VIN: 1Y86H424095
Color: COLOR: A = Presidential black
Engine: 430 CDI
Cylinders: 8
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Twin-Range Turbo-Drive 3-Speed Automatic
Drive type: RWD
Interior color: TRIM: 26 = Black Leather Pleated Design Bench Seat
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Laguna Beach, California, United States

1961 Lincoln Continental Top Grade Leather Period Correct Additional Info:

If you should have any questions please call my cell.949-433-0404 Griffin

The 1961 Lincoln Continental Convertible

The FIRST year of a 58 year legacy.

America'sMost Distinguished Motorcar

As the fourth generation of the Continental, Ford was going “all in” on this 1961.

  • If this did not succeed? Ford had every intention of scrapping the line entirely.
  • After putting their proverbial design nuts on the line, Ford hit a HOME RUN, with this classic new look.

You will notice refinements in styling for 1961.

The world's only production 4-door convertible model at the time.

Award-winning styling that put the styling departments at the competition on alert!

  • Lowering the top required only pulling on a T-handle control while sitting in the driver's seat.
  • How the magic of the top functioned.
  • The deck lid, hinged at the rear, unlocked itself, opened, an extension panel tucked in under the deck lid rotated up to extend the length of the rear deck, the top unlatched itself from the windshield, stored itself in the luggage compartment, and the deck lid closed and locked itself.
  • The entire process took about a minute from start to finish.

Singular in its luxury and comfort. Unique in its ease of handling, its center rear opening rear doors, its full power auxiliaries as standard equipment.

Unequaled in its construction and ride, incorporating an impressive list of engineering refinements.

This year, discover Lincoln Continental for yourself.

Examine its new, even more luxurious interior.

Turn the Key and feel the powerful response of the largest and most carefully built engine of any automobile made.

Drive it and experience the full power and the unsurpassed ride of the Continental.

And, when you do, imagine how it will feel to own a Lincoln Continental Convertible...

**. ****

Out of the 25,160 total produced, only 2,857 were CONVERTIBLES!!

What that means is only .011% of the entire production were CONVERTIBLES.

In recent stats suggest, that only 3%, are still in existence and road worthy.

That means there are less than 86 of these Lincoln's left on the road.

Production Started: September 28, 1960.

Production Ended: July 9, 1961.

She was born on August 3rd 1960 produced to be sold in District Sales Office (DSO) LOS ANGELES CALIFORNIA.

“Let's us start at the top, shall we...”


She was purchased by Mr. and Mrs. Charles V. Crowl M.D. on June 25th 1961 at Sachs & Sons Ford Lincoln Mercury in Downey California.


Dr. Crowl was a California State Board Certified Physician and Surgeon.

She was loved and taken care of until the second owner Gary Shereve acquired her on May of 1974 where she lived and again was VERY well maintained in Pasadena California.

When I found her, she was sitting under a cover sleeping inside a garage in Pasadena California. As I looked her over, I knew she was solid as solid could get. Her bones are what you would expect growing up in California.

She truly is a piece of American history.

She has only been driven 89,374 miles over her lifetime.

What that means is:

  • 1,540.931 Miles per year
  • 128.410 Miles per month
  • 31.102 Miles a week
  • 4.586 Miles per day!


  • Top Cycles Perfectly (New Hydraulic Top Hose set)
  • Windows switches were all taken apart, cleaned and reassembled.
  • All 4 windows go up and down effortlessly perfectly.
  • Quarter Vent Windows open and close perfectly.
  • 6 Way Seats.
  • AM Radio
  • All dash / tail / brake / back up / headlights (high & low) work

Just an all inclusive pleasure to drive...

*. *

The 1961 is considered by many to be the best of the series.

Here are her numbers: 1Y86H424095

Digit #1: 1 = Year (1961)

Digit #2: Y = Assembly Plant (Y - Wixom, Michigan)

Digits #3 and 4: 86 = Body Style (86 - 4-Door Convertible)

Digit #5: N = Engine Code (N - 430 CID V-8)

Digits #6-11: 24095 = Consecutive Unit Number

The VIN Plate below decodes as: 74A A 86 03H 4 7

BODY: 74A = Lincoln Continental 4-Door Convertible

COLOR: A = Presidential black

TRIM: 86 = Black Leather Pleated Design Bench Seat

DATE: 17D = August 3rd 1960 (day of month, letter represents month)

TRANS: 4 = Twin-Range Turbo-Drive 3-Speed Automatic:

7 = Conventional rear axle, 2.89:1 ratio

*****. ****

Tim Code: 86 74A (Convertible) Total Built: 2,857

Trim Code: 82 53A (Sedan) Total Built: 25,160

"This data should put things into perspective as to how rare this Convertible really is...."



N - 430 CID V-8

Bore and Stroke: 4.30 x 3.70 inches Compression Ratio: 10.00:1 Brake Horsepower: 320 @ 4600 rpm Torque: 465 lb.-ft. @ 2600 rpm Carburetor: Carter 4V (C3VE-9510B)


4 Twin-Range Turbo-Drive Automatic


1 Optional: 3 A 2.89:1 Optional: 3.11:1?2.89:1 Directed power


9.15x 15 Firestone brand Self-adjusting hydraulic system

Front: Ventilated : Drum type

Rear: Ventilated : Drum type


123 inches

Front Tread: 62.1 inches

Rear Tread: 61.0 inches


Length: 216.3 inches

Width: 78.6 inches Height: 54.2 inches

Trunk: 14.4 cubic feet Trunk

Sill Height: 24.0"


Front headroom: 39"

Rear headroom: 38.4"

Front legroom: 41.1"

Rear legroom: 40.5"

Front shoulder room: 59.3"

Rear shoulder room: 59.4"

Front hip room: 62.3"

Rear hip room: 62.4"


Fuel Tank: 25 gallons?Cooling System: 25 qts. (with heater)

“Luxury tailored to your good taste.”

"The NEW BLACK TOP GRADE LEATHER hides were picked by me personally.”

When each of this Continental's seats were re-upholstered, extraordinary care was exercised to achieve perfect workmanship with every meticulous stitch."

"Her body she needed very little work".

Here were the steps:

Prior to paint, ALL of her chrome trim was all removed re-chromed and professionally hand polished.

1. She was taken down to the metal (by hand) NOT by sand blasting. I was amazed at how perfect she was under that faded paint. She spent well over 60 days in paint and body. "No need to rush perfection".

2. Then we began by degreasing the metal to remove contaminants left over from the stripping process. The metal is then treated and coated with zinc for superior corrosion resistance and better adhesion of the subsequent paint layers.

3. Primer was the first layer of paint. It is formulated to fill tiny scratches and imperfections in the body and give the subsequent color coats something to adhere to. Unlike the drab gray primer of yesteryear, we used colored primer to hide future damage from rock or stone chips.

4. The base coat, or color layer, was the next in the process. In the past, this was the final layer of paint, which was directly exposed to the environment. We then applied clear-coat paint over the final color layer. (Clear coat is a layer of paint without color pigment added-it is simply clear paint. The clear coat adds high gloss while protecting the colored base coat from scratching, chipping, and the effects of the environment.)

Finally....Her paint is thick and smooth as you can see in the photos.

During paint and body here are the notes about the chrome trim interior & exterior.

Removed & Re-chromed / Metal worked and Polished

  • Peak moldings were removed and re-polished. (10)
  • Peak moldings for AM radio antenna was removed and re-chromed. (1)
  • Power window switch covers were removed and re-chromed. (4)
  • Drivers and Passengers window crank handles were removed and re-chromed. (2)
  • The hood emblem was removed and re-chromed. (1)
  • Rear deck lid emblem was removed and re-chromed. (1)
  • The windshield pillars were removed and re-chromed. (2)
  • The windshield header trim was removed and re-chromed (3)
  • Rear view mirror arm and bracket was removed and re-chromed. (2)
  • Head light bezels was removed and re-chromed (2)
  • Front grille assembly was removed and re-chromed. (4)
  • Front grille upper trim were removed and polished. (3)
  • Center pillar caps were removed and re-chromed.(2)
  • Drivers side mirror was removed and re-chromed. (1)
  • Front bumper impact bar was removed and re-chromed. (1)
  • Front right hand bar extension was removed and re-chromed. (1)
  • Front left hand bar extension was removed and re-chromed. (1)
  • Rear impact bar was removed and re-chromed. (1)
  • Left rear outer impact bar was removed and re-chromed. (1)
  • Right rear impact bar was removed and re-chromed. (1)
  • Sun visor (windshield header pieces) was removed and re-chromed. (2)
  • Door unlock knobs were removed and re-chromed. (4)
  • Rear cowl caps were was removed and re-chromed. (2)
  • Door handles were was removed and re-chromed. (4)
  • Fuel gage / Speedometer / Clock bezels were removed and re-chromed. (3)
  • Lower rocker bottom left and right side molding were removed and polished. (2)
  • Front and rear license plate mounting bezels were removed re-chromed. (2)
  • Drivers side power sear switch cover was removed and re-chromed. (1)
  • Left and right tail break light bezels were removed and re-chromed. (2)
  • All rear deck lid trim was removed and metal worked then polished (12).

Hand Polishing

All 4 doors the entire door trim was removed, disassembled and hand polished this included:

  • Door handles (Interior 4).
  • Inner trays(4).
  • Cigarette lighters (4).
  • Inner trim(4).
  • Ashtrays (3).
  • Steering wheel center, shifter & indicator column.
  • Dash trim A/C controls, Power window, Power lock knobs.
  • AM radio controls knobs.
  • Vent knobs.
  • Interior lamp.
  • Door light bezel trim (4).
  • All fender well molding (4).

What's she has NEW:

  • NEW BLACK TOP GRADE LEATHER front and rear seats.
  • NEW trunk carpet and paneling.
  • NEW spare tire cover.
  • NEW period correct vinyl top.
  • NEW Starter.
  • NEW coolant reservoir.
  • NEW Leatheret' door panels with double loop carpet bottoms.
  • NEW 7 Rebuilt window switches (These were all taken apart sanded, cleaned and repaired with new rubber inserts).
  • NEW Double loop black Carpet throughout entire cabin with heel kick pad.
  • NEW Trunk carpets cut to original specifications.
  • 2 Door seal front (with molded ends).
  • 2 Door seal rear (with molded ends).
  • NEW Weather trunk weather strip.
  • NEW Peak molding clips for Fenders and Quarter panels.
  • NEW Rear deck molding.
  • NEW Convertible top Quarter pads (These pads rest on the car when the top is up).
  • NEW Steering gear box.
  • NEW Power steering pressure hose.
  • NEW Power steering fluid.
  • NEW Carburetor rebuilt.
  • NEW Fram oil filter.
  • NEW 300W Kendall GT-1 oil.
  • NEW Throttle body.
  • NEW AFB Carburetor floats.
  • NEWLY Rebuilt transmission.
  • NEW Lower steering column bushing.
  • NEWLY Rebuilt Fuel pump.
  • NEW R&I manifold gaskets.
  • NEW High volume oil pump.
  • NEW Brake booster.
  • NEW valve gaskets.
  • NEW exhaust (complete from engine to tail).
  • NEW AC DELCO spark plugs.
  • NEW Accel/High performance distributor cap and rotor kit for 71000 series.
  • NEW Mallory/8 mm. 8 cyl. black Pro Wire Hemi stainless steel core straight boots universal spark plug wire kit.
  • NEW Sylvania Xtravision H5001XV Headlamps.
  • NEW Peak 50/50 Antifreeze & Coolant.
  • NEW CVR Car cover.
  • NEW Comp fire extinguisher.
  • NEW Time period correct engine decals and Jacking procedure decal located on inner rear deck lid.

List of Sandblasted and Powder Coated items:

  • Air cleaner (Prismatic Powders Color P-4105B Black Metallic)
  • Air intake (Prismatic Powders Color P-4105B Black Metallic)
  • Oil Breather cap (Prismatic Powders Color P-4105B Black Metallic)
  • Valve rocker arm covers (Prismatic Powders Color P-4105B Black Metallic)
  • Upper sway bracket arms 4 (Prismatic Powders Color P-4105B Black Metallic)
  • A/C Bracket (Prismatic Powders Color P-4105B Black Metallic)
  • Radiator fan shroud (Prismatic Powders Color P-4105B Black Metallic)
  • Radiator bracket plate (Prismatic Powders Color P-4105B Black Metallic)
  • Radiator mounting bracket plate (Prismatic Powders Color P-4105B Black Metallic)
  • Battery tray (Prismatic Powders Color P-4105B Black Metallic)
  • Coolant reservoir (Prismatic Powders Color P-4105B Black Metallic)

She fires up on first try and runs very quiet and smooth.

I live on top of a large hill looking over looking the Pacific Ocean, she attacks this hill with ease and her temp stays running cool.

She comes with:

  • Triple A Collector Car Replacement Insurance Policy with a REPLACEMENT VALUE OF $153,000.00
  • Clear Certificate of California Title (In my name).
  • Any and all receipts for the services / parts / components / repairs that came from this labor of LOVE.
  • 1961 Lincoln Continental Maintenance Manual.
  • 1961 Lincoln Continental Window Sticker.
  • She has ALL NEW fluids and filters, her tires have 10% wear or 90% left on them, she is ready to go!!!

At this point I believe I have covered ALL of the bases....

If you should have any questions please call my cell. 949-433-0404 Griffin







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