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1928 Lincoln Locke Sport Phaeton, Solid Unrestored, Complete, Very Rare

Make: Lincoln
Model: Sport Phaeton
Year: 1928
Mileage: 111,111
Engine: V-8, 60 degree
Drive type: RWD
Vehicle Title: Rebuilt, Rebuildable & Reconstructed
Item location: Santa Cruz, California, United States

1928 Lincoln Sport Phaeton Additional Info:

What we have is an opportunity to buy one of the most brilliantly styled cars of the 1920s - the 1928 Lincoln Locke Bodied Sport Phaeton. This is a sport phaeton that had an original tonneau cowl added to it before WWII, possibly by the dealer. The tonneau cowl was a $400 option on this car and is listed in the part book as an assembly. Only 125 Dual Cowl Phaetons were built and are highly coveted by collectors. Only ten or so of these cars exist today. It is modest money for an easy restoration. Unlike some classics, chassis parts are readily available and the club has a strong following and is supportive. 1928 is the last year for Buffalo Wires Wheels for Lincoln, but also the first year for the larger engine and the second year for very effective four-wheel brakes. It is a high quality car with an all aluminum body with bronze fittings and brackets. The windshield is made brass. Many fittings are german silver (monel). The Lincoln is arguably the highest quality built car in America at the time.
History: Car was extensively modified before WWII. Lowered top, tonneau cowl added, engine components chrome plated, top of hood louvered, hood locks added. The late, great Jack Passey bought this car from Carl Shilling of Shilling Spices fame in 1947. Of over 70 classic Lincolns Jack owned, this is only one of two of this style that he owned.
Condition: The body is very solid and has never been stored outdoors. I have spent the last three months doing a dry assembly of the car using all of the original nuts, bolts, grease fittings, control rods, vacuum oil and fuel lines unique to a Lincoln. (As the Lincoln Owners Club and CCCA Technical Advisor for these cars, I am well qualified to do this.) The original wiring is in place for patterns. The body and fenders were professionally straightened years ago. The engine does not run and is stuck. However the paint on the blocks is original and the condition of the exhaust flanges is excellent leading one to believe that it is a low mileage engine. The engine has been garaged kept its entire life and is not a boat anchor. The running boards are restored originals. The moldings are german silver and straight and the attaching steel parts are rust free. The battery box is rust free and restored. Tires are for rolling only. The rear trunk rack has been straightened and is not pitted. The Lincoln trunk rack has two cast steel latches that hold the rack upright when not in use. These are inevitably broken on most surviving cars. On this car the latches are present and perfect. It was never my intention to sell this car and over the years I have restored parts from this car when working on other projects. This accounts for the different colors and finishes on the car. The car is not an assembly of junk. I have upgraded some parts like the running boards when better examples presented themselves. I have owned this car for 30 years.
Features: Complete new exhaust system, six correct 20" Lincoln Buffalo Wire Wheels and correct sidemount hardware. Good brake linings. Has an almost full set of leather door panels, seat covers and carpets from another very original car. Exceptionally nice windshield. These are very often damaged. The taillight is excellent with no cracks in the body, no broken or chipped glass. All lenses original glass. Good horn with the correct Bakelite wiring cover with original screw. The horn screen is present. Extra nice original greyhound radiator ornament. Perfect original walnut steering wheel. Very nice instruments with a good Waltham speedometer. The glass is cracked but the car comes with an original replacement glass. Perfect cigar lighter with all parts. The instrument panel is less rusty that it appears in the photos and it has no extra holes and is straight. Gas tank appears to be clean and straight (I would just paint it and use it as is). Original brass gas cap. There are six different kinds of special body mounting bolts used in assembly. The body has been bolted to the frame, but little effort was made to do the complete alignment of the doors or the tonneau cowl. In spite of that the doors all open and close well. The Locke phaeton was the only Lincoln built with a walnut slat cover over the gas tank. The assembly is complete and original with german silver moldings on each slat. Correct, complete and very rare Folberth windshield wiper with original arm and NOS wiper blade. Correct open Lincoln dual rear view mirror. Comes with the Buffalo wire wheel wrench, unique hub tool for working on the wheel bearings when wire wheels are supplied, original engine crank.
Missing and things that need attention: speedometer cable, vacuum line to windshield wiper, the hood needs body work. The original louvered hood top is missing and the correct replacement unique to this body style was found at Harrah's. The plated top hinge is damaged and a second hood top with a good hinge comes with the car. There is a trap door in the rear passenger compartment that originally had two latches. One latch is missing and can be copied or new and slightly larger versions are available from Restoration Supply and the wood can be modified. Either way, they are normally covered by carpet.
Not Shown in the photos: all door strikers, light switches, escutcheon plates, door handles, door sills, etc. The car has a full set of engine dust shields and original special brass mounting screws and washers. Also included but not shown is a full set of front wind-wing brackets in solid brass that are original Lincoln and are correct and unique to this body style (the only set I have ever found not on a car. An impossible find.) The entire exhaust system is new. The muffler is correct with cast iron ends. An original exhaust down tube with good asbestos is included to add to the new down tube. This is important to prevent setting fire to the floorboards.
Extra parts: Hood top from a different body style with a good hinge to replace the damaged one on the car. Extra sided panels. Extra radiator core. A few original walnut slats for the gas tank cover.
Original color: two tone green with Spanish grain brown leather upholstery.
Sold with a bill of sale: no title, as is where is. The car can be stored here for up to six weeks from the completion of the sale. I have done my best to give a fair, detailed assessment of the condition of the car and I will answer any questions about the car. Email me for my phone number. The car is available for viewing in Santa Cruz, CA USA.