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A mint, mostly original car

Make: Lincoln
Model: Continental
Type: Sedan
Trim: leather, vinyl & cloth
Year: 1962
Mileage: 55,012
VIN: 2Y82H416xxx
Color: Black
Engine: 430 cubic inch
Cylinders: 8
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Automatic
Drive type: RWD
Interior color: Black/red
Drive side: Left-hand drive
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

1962 Lincoln Continental leather, vinyl & cloth Additional Info:

I really don't want to sell this car but circumstances force me to. Since I bought it in 1999 I have done or had done the following:
Engine: the timing chain and gears were replaced. The engine was removed and the oil pan was cleaned out and all the frost plugs were replaced as well as the rear main seal. The generator was rebuilt. The intake manifold gaskets and all the hoses on the engine except for the main radiator hoses were recently replaced. The carb was recently rebuilt professionally. The fuel pump is the correct Carter 3-port unit and has been rebuilt and the push rod was replaced. The AC compressor was replaced with a rotary unit as the seal kept blowing out on the old unit. The condenser, high pressure line and expansion valve have been replaced. The AC is cold. The power steering pump was replaced. The exhaust system is in good condition, most of it ( I forget which pieces) is stainless. The timing needs to be set and the carb adjusted. I can't do it as I don't have the tools and the mechanic who would work on it has retired and I can't really find anyone who even knows what a carburetor is. The work described above is not all that has been done.
Suspension: The springs were replaced with new from Eaton spring in Detroit. The shocks are new. The brakes were redone a few years ago. The wheels are 15 inch Chevrolet truck rims that were sandblasted and powder coated and now have Bridgestone/Diamondback wide white radial tires. I wish I did that years ago, what a difference! The hubcaps were modified to fit the 15 inch rims. The steering gearbox insulators were replaced.I did not keep the original 14 inch rims.
Interior/windows/HVAC: All I ever did was replace the front carpet and re-veneered the wood trim on the doors. That's it. There are creases in the leather on the front seat but there are no rips. There are no cracks in the dashboard or the steering wheel. The radio works and the clock has a new movement with a sweep second hand like a Rolex. All of the windows work well, the heat/defrost and AC all works as it should which is rare for one of these cars. All of the gauges work. The door locks only work with the engine running. I have tried to repair this but had no luck and finally gave up on it. The headlight dimmer does work but needs adjustment. It really never does work as I live in a city and ambient lighting does not allow it to function.
Body/Glass: there is really no rust to speak of. There is a tiny spot on the RR quarter panel about as big as the head of a pin. There are some minor areas of surface rust underneath that have not gotten worse in all the years I've owned it. All of the chrome and stainless is in good condition. there are some pits on the grille but a near-perfect grille comes with it. There are some minor chips in the windshield but not enough to warrant it to be replaced. I would say that about 70% of the paint is original. The roof, trunk lid and most of the sides are original paint. I never wanted to have the car redone as the originality would be lost. The hood and the right front fender were repainted. There are some scratches on the grille header after some jerk stole the hood ornament but I did replace it with one from Baker's.
I have the shop manuals, the dealer parts manual, all receipts for everything I've ever spent on it except oil changes. I have used Castrol Syntec 5W-50 for many years.
As far as I know, the mileage is true but I have no way of knowing. There is a spot on the brake pedal which is worn away and I don't think that would happen in 55,000 miles. Even so, 155,000 miles isn't much for a car of this year. I was told by the previous owner that the car was never put in a barn but was always in use and well maintained.
This car is sold as is with no warranty given or implied. You will have to find out about the regulations to import it to the U.S. as I don't know but it may be easy as it was a U.S. car when it was new.