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1993 Land Rover Range Rover County Sport Edition - Short Wheel Base

Make: Land Rover
Model: Range Rover
SubModel: County Sport Edition
Type: SUV
Trim: County Sport Edition
Year: 1993
Mileage: 175000
VIN: SALHV1243PA631042
Color: Blue
Engine: 3.9L Gas V8
Cylinders: 8
Fuel: gasoline
Transmission: Automatic
Drive type: 4WD
Interior color: Gray
Drive side: Left-hand drive
Vehicle Title: Clean
Item location: Pearl, Mississippi, United States

1993 Land Rover Range Rover County Sport Edition Additional Info:

Hello and thanks for taking a look at this Listing.I’m going to be as forthcoming on all known aspects of this TWENTY-SEVEN YEAR OLD Rover as I possibly can – providing all details that I can recall.I cannot provide any type of ultra-detailed PAPER service records/history on this truck – but I have some, and will provide everything I have to the Buyer.I have provided loads of info that has taken me hours to type out as seen below, so please fully read this listing.

I’m providing 24 pictures – limited by Ebay – I have about 60 or so that I can send to any interested buyer – and of course, message me if you want a specific photo of anything.

I’m also providing You Tube videos of the truck to help you get a better idea of the condition.Go to You Tube – Do a Search for ’93 RRC’and the videos that I’ve provided should be presented for your viewing pleasure.

This is a vehicle that should be considered to be for restoration – or possibly recreational use if that’s your thing (super Agile off-road).It will sell to the highest bidder.The last thing I want is for the Buyer to have grounds to say I did not accurately describe it or disclose issues.See my Ebay history and feedback – member now for 19 years and well over 200 positive feedback entries.

If you want it shipped, you will need to handle all details of that and of course pay all costs.

I have clear title in hand.It’s not a Salvage title.

The Rover is located in Pearl, MS which is a suburb of Jackson, MS.Pickup would be preferred.

First:the Rover runs and drives – but it needs work. It actually "Runs like a scalded Ape" as my friend from North Carolina used to say.Engine and Transmission are original to the best of my knowledge.Goes into 4-Low with no issues and I believe there to be no problems with the Transfer Case – but that’s an aspect of the drive train that I have very little understanding of.I drive it 3 or 4 times a week on short local trips to keep it from sitting.I occasionally take it off road for fun, but not extreme.It’s not my primary transportation, it never has been, I bought it to restore, as a shop project and for nostalgic reasons as I had another Rover Classic many years ago.

To my knowledge, the head gaskets were original when I purchased the truck – the previous owner confirmed this. In 2017 the engine began to run hot and pressurized coolant was escaping from the coolant overflow.Based on research, the consensus of all sources I consulted indicated to replace the head gaskets.Please note:I am still not certain that the issue with this engine is resolved by the head gasket job.The Rover does not overheat and no longer leaks coolant, but it does seem abnormally hot to me after running – even though the temperature gauge does not go above ½ way.Has new aluminum radiator, thermostat and coolant overflow reservoir.Please bear this in mind as you decide what to bid/offer for the Rover.I’ve never taken it on a trip exceeding 100 miles (since buying it in 2014, when I drove it non-stop from Charlotte NC to Jackson, MS – at which time it ran exceptionally well).

Since I’ve owned it, I’ve put approximately only 12,000 miles on it and that’s probably an overestimation.

NOTE:Exact mileage not known.Previous owner replaced instrument cluster when Odometer stopped working.Replacement ODO shows 134,xxx.I believe that the difference between that mileage and actual is roughly 40K based on info I got when I purchased the vehicle in 2014 – so that would equate to roughly 175K.

All rust on the truck was treated by the previous owner.Additional rust that developed during the time I’ve owned it was treated with POR-15 by myself – on lower tailgate (where the license plate lights are mounted) and front lip of underneath the hood.I believe there to be no frame rust on this truck from visual inspection – which is a major plus.


· 1 month ago:2 new Bosch 0332014112 Fuel Injection relay modules

· 2 months ago:New battery (generic but correct from Autozone)

· 4 months ago:New aftermarket seat switch on driver side.Did not fit exactly and does not sit correctly in the housing – needs attention but electrically, works as it should (one motor on driver seat is non-functional:seat base – forward/backward)

· 2018:replaced rear view mirror with new auto-dimming mirror that has LED directional (N-S-E-W) indicator and can control your garage door (if compatible)

2017 (about 1,500 miles ago):Top end engine rebuild:Full head gasket job – I used a high quality head gasket kit from Rovers North and also used ARP Studs.Heads were professionally cleaned and resurfaced at a local engine performance shop, reinstalled using ARP studs and torqued to correct specs as defined in the Rover Shop Manual.I thoroughly cleaned every part that I removed during this job – the engine compartment of this Rover is pretty darn clean

· 1,500 miles ago:Exhaust manifold gaskets, spark plugs, plug wires, Accel ignition coil, rotor cap, rotor, oil pressure switch

· 2,000 miles ago:aftermarket aluminum radiator, aftermarket coolant reservoir, new thermostat

· 2018:removed dash wood trim piece, stripped it and covered it in a nice textured cloth material – did the same to the front 2 wood door trim pieces – and did the same to the center console wood piece – the rear wood door trim pieces are still original but in good shape with some cracking and

· 2017:2 New dome light lenses and cool Blue LED lights (bright) in both

· 2017:New aftermarket IACV (idle air control valve – controls air flow at the plenum/intake

· Replaced upper tailgate with rust free/refurbished assembly – but it now has some rust – these things are notorious for rusting out – this one closes and is tight and solid and has the rubber gasket

· 2016:2 New aftermarket powered mirrors

· 2016:Headliner shell repaired with fiberglass kit and recovered – but used incorrect adhesive – material is new but is again sagging

· 2016:Transmission flush and new fluid, drained both front and rear differentials and replaced with new, correct weight fluid/oil, oil change/filter, drained and replaced power steering fluid

· 2015:New aftermarket Alternator

· 2014:New aftermarket in–tank fuel pump


· Airbag Suspension Converted:Installed Old Man Emu springs with 2 inch lift and Bilstein shocks all around

NOTE HERE:with this suspension modification, the truck sits 2” higher than from the factory AND the suspension is GREATLY changed from the factory airbag feel that a stock short wheel base Range Rover will have – it’s perfect for offroad but handles surprisingly well on road with this conversion.

· All new belts and hoses

· All fluids and filters

· Brake pads and new brake rotors – all 4 wheels

· 2 new Brake Calipers installed - Front

· 4 new BF Goodrich Rugged Terrain A/T tires

· Heater Core /Diode Pack replacement job performed (Yes, the 10 hour job where the entire dash has to be completely disassembled – the one you never want to have to do yourself)

· New headlights

· Extensive treatment of any rust he found on the truck with POR-15

· Replaced subwoofer speaker and installed new Polk speakers, new Pioneer CD unit in front (original 6-disc CD unit still in truck, but not hooked up)


· ABS Pump (I think) needs replaced – brakes work, but ABS light is on and pedal feels different than it used to – more like non-powered brakes.

· Power Steering leaks a bit – pretty typical and not severe – no other issues with the Pump/Steering Box that I am aware of – steering works as it should

· Drivers side steering swivel ball joint is now leaking fluid – slowly.I topped it off about 200 miles ago – is not dry and not damaged that I can see, makes no noises so I’m no not sure why it’s leaking.Passenger side swivel ball assembly appears to be fine with no leaks, noises or issues

· Drivers seat:motor that moves seat base forward/backward non-functional – all other motors on the seatI think there are maybe 10 motors in each seatare working.

· Passenger seat:Seat Back forward/backward works intermittently – all other controls function

· A/C:does not cool.The AC Compressor engages and runs when switched on, so it must be a leak in the cooling system – maybe a gas recharge fixes it – not sure as I’ve not done that

· Rear windows:Drivers side rear window works – but only if you “fiddle” with the ECU which is in the center cubby box (which is removed and I’ve somehow lost the box insert).Passenger side rear window:does not work, needs new motor I’m fairly certain

· Central locking system is finicky and needs work – activates with the key but unlocks at will – can’t be relied upon for security

· Rear upper tailgate does not lock (no key and disconnected from central locking system)

· Cruise Control is not operational

Has an audible "clunk" when put into reverse

· Radiator cap on the aftermarket aluminum radiator stripped out and I’m using the original black plastic cap in its place – doesn’t fit well, but sealed.

· Rear storage tray is only ½ of original – one half was essentially worn out, cracked, done for – I cut that part of it off

·Headliner needs to be recovered (again)

· Needs to be painted and has many body imperfections/dents – were there when I bought it

· Pretty significant dent in front lip of Hood

· Air Dam (black plastic trim item that sits below front bumper and houses Fog Lights – no longer on the vehicle and I do not have it


· This is the limited edition Sport model – it’s not the garden variety 1993 County SWB – if fully restored, it should fetch a higher price than others of the same year

· Exhaust seems to be in very good condition – metal casing of the rearmost muffler unit has corroded and is peeling off, but there are no exhaust leaks and Catalytic converter seems fine as well

· Tires have approximately 50% life remaining (my opinion) but they are now approximately 7 years old

· Both front windows are fully functional

· Comes with original Factory books/manual/paperwork

· Sunroof is fully operational and does not leak

· All areas of rust have been addressed over the years – truck is solid in this regard – yes, other new areas are starting to show a bit of rust – but this is something you have to stay on top of with Rovers

· When I did the head gasket job, I did some custom painting of the Rocker covers, Intake Plenum and a couple of trim pieces on the engine – so, it has some unique personality in that regard

· I have some new parts that will be included with the Truck including a new timing chain and Transmission Filter Kit, door trim grommets, hose clamps, bulbs and misc original plastic trim pieces (seat belt covers most notably)

· Has original jack and tools all in good shape

· All glass in good shape – no cracks in windshield or any windows

· Heated screen (windshield) works

· Stereo system is nice – loud and clear – 4 Polk Audio speakers and the sub is powerful enough to rattle the windows

· Interior in better than average shape I guess – I’ve seen so much worse on Rovers this old

· Rubber floor mats front and rear

· New spare tire (on matching 5-spoke rim but center cap on it is MIA) not same brand as other 4 but exact same size/measurements

· Has front Brush guard and also has brush guards on rear tail lights, in good shape – some rust on the front, but surface only

· Installed 1.5” cast aluminum spacers on all 4 wheels – improved the look of the truck – wider stance, very good quality spacers and correctly installed- fully removable if not to your taste – no modification to the hubs was required to install them

Send me any questions that you have and I’ll do my best to answer them.Let me know if there is any specific picture of any aspect of the Rover that you wish for me to photograph (that I’ve not already provided in the pictures list).If you want to pay for it, I’m happy to take the Rover to a certified Land Rover tech for a full assessment of condition – you’ll have to fully arrange all details from your end.

And Finally:PLEASE UNDERSTAND:Vehicle is being sold as is, with no warranty and will not be accepted for return/refund under any circumstances.