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Make: Land Rover
Model: Defender
Type: SUV
Trim: 90
Year: 1985
Mileage: 118,889
VIN: 11111111111111111
Color: Bronze Green
Engine: 2.5 DIESEL
Cylinders: 4
Fuel: Diesel
Transmission: 5-Speed Manual
Drive type: AWD
Interior color: Black/Grey
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Southport, North Carolina, United States

1985 Land Rover Defender 90 Additional Info:

Mad Rover

Here at Mad Rover, we are dedicated and passionate about cars but more importantly, we are MAD about Land Rovers, especially the iconic Defender! To us, we believe a car is more than just a car…. more than just transportation. They are a labor of love - a drivable timepiece that you can enjoy and truly cherish. At Mad Rover, we believe that life is better when you do what you’re passionate about, from work, to play, and what you drive. We are dedicated to others who are like-minded lovers of adventure, auto enthusiasts, or collectors to attain these legendary vehicles.

Land Rover is one of the world's most famous, iconic and most successful 4x4 manufactures. Regarded by many as the best off-road vehicle in the world, Land Rover has a storied pedigree dating back to 1948 with the introduction of the original Land Rover Series I. Styling is no-nonsense and quintessentially British. Off-road performance is unparalleled. Simply put, it's the best four by four by far. The toughness and versatility of the original Land Rovers are now legendary. With a mix of superior design, epic quality, and a distinctive unique European charm, it’s only inevitable that the Land Rover Defenderwill be a highly sought after collectible. Defenders grew from modest seeds of necessity in the darkness of World War II to becoming helpful trucks to have around rural British farms. But maybe this heroic heritage has added to the mystique that fueled its legendary vehicle status.

Of course, a touch of royalty certainly doesn’t hurt…. Land Rover a car fit for the Queen. The original Land Rover isn't just a motoring icon; it's one of the Queen's all-time favorite vehicles and she was known to be a big fan of Defenders over the years. Queen Elizabeth II, who was the princess at the time, stepped out of a Series I Land Rover all the way back in 1951 to deliver the King’s Colors to the Royal Air Force. Some 67 years later, she still uses Land Rover Defenders as her primary means of transportation. In fact, most of the royal families use variations of Land Rovers and Defenders as the main car when driving to both private and public functions. Over the years Land Rovers have ferried the Queen at countless ceremonial events and she's been pictured behind the wheel of countless Land Rover vehicles, but the royal relationship with the brand goes back to 1948 and carries on to this day.

Mad Rover is proud to present an opportunity to own a true British classic, a 1985 Land Rover Defender 90. Increasingly rare and very desirable 32-year-old classic Land Rover 90 County. The engine and running gears work perfectly as it should. This is a rare and unique vehicle that’s an iconic British build (not a cheap foreign/Santana Spanish copy). All in all, any car collector and enthusiast will find a classic and genuine investment in the 1985 Defender 90 - a car that has been a true survivor of its lifetime, one that will live on for many more generations to come.

1985 Land Rover
Defender 90
Country Short Wheelbase
2.5lt N/A Diesel
118,867 Original Miles
5-Speed Manual Transmission
LT77 Gearbox
Hi/Low Differential lock
Power Steering
Disc Brakes
7 Seats Complete with Seatbelts

Well looked after, never taken off road
No accidents or damage
Only three previous owners
VIN matching engine/brake booster plate & chassis (frame)
Complete with documents & paperwork
Superb service history, with all documents, receipts and invoices from 1996
Just serviced, oil & filter, air filter and drive shaft/ U-joints points greased
Titled, insured and registered in North Carolina
Fully compliant with all USA import regulations
Vehicle available today in North Carolina, USA
Sold with a clean North Carolina Title

Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
Land Rover Defendersare unique trucks due to their capabilities and design specifications, but another reason that they are extraordinary is a combination of how rare the vehicles actually are along with their lengthy history. Not only that, but Defenders are now out of production, so to get your hands on one is truly a rare opportunity. The Defender has a well-established community of admirers, by owning one you become a part of its history and knowing the background of your vehicle is particularly important. To do so, you can better understand your Defender by simply understanding the particulars of its VIN.



Manufacturer code: Land Rover


Model: Defender (for early models: Ninety, or One Ten)


Wheel-base: 92.9 inches, but designated 90


Body type: 2-door: Pickup, hood cab, truck cab, or soft/hard top


Engine type: 2.5-litre diesel (model 12J)


Steering and transmission: Right-hand drive (RHD), 5-speed manual (LT85, LT77, LT77S, R380 or other)


Model year: 1983, 1984


Assembly location: Solihull, UK


Serial number

Defender 90 Assessment

We personally road test each vehicle before it is offered for sale so we can give you a first-hand account of how it runs and drives. Each vehicle is represented accurately and honestly to the best of our knowledge and ability. This Defender is a great driver and I would rate the exterior to be in great condition for its age and mileage. Refurbished in spring 2016 with new paint, new Exmoor interior and new doors. Finished in a Land Rover Bronze Green with an Ivory roof, which can only be described as simply a beautiful and classic combination. All the engine and running gears work perfectly as they should. This is a very straight and honest Land Rover with only minor age related wear. I just love the character and charm of it being right hand drive. All drivingcomponents, gas pedal, clutch, brakes and gear stick are the same as an American vehicleconfiguration. Except you are just in a right hand side drivingposition. Takes ten minutes to get use to and then it’s a joy to drive and creates waves and attention wherever it goes.A true original Defender!As with any older vehicle, please expect a few flaws and imperfections that come with age and mileage. On this specific example, there is nothing noteworthy to report. Thebody linesare nice and tight, the hood, all doors, and trunk all open and close easily. All of the glass and lenses are intact.It's clear that the previous owner took great care of this Defender and pride in ownership shows throughout. It has 21 years of documented service history, invoices, and registration paperwork. It still has a current MOT (British road safety test); every vehicle in the UK must pass a MOT each year (not required for the USA but completed regardless). Which ultimately shows you have a roadworthy, safe and competent vehicle that is road legal to drive in Great Britain.

Mechanically, this Land Rover Defender 90 is in excellent running and driving condition. The Defender starts easily and runs smoothly with every turn of the key. It has a 5-speed manual transmission, which transmits the power through a two-speed (hi and low) transfer box with a locking center differential with permanent 4-wheel drive. The vehicle’s road manners are good - what you would expect from a Land Rover. The suspension feels tight and well sorted, steering and braking perform to satisfaction, as they should. The power steering is crisp and true. The engine keeps perfect temperature and excellent oil pressure at all times. The engine makes great power and feels strong throughout the power band.Low-end torque is impressive. The clutch engages smoothly and does not slip nor chatter. Gear changes through the manual transmission are smooth and precise. Out on the highway it cruised comfortable at 70mph and drove nice and straight with absolutely no complaints. Includes two sets of keys. Complete with a folder three inches thick of historical and original invoices, receipts, registration, and paperwork going back to 1996! Overall this Land Rover is in great mechanical and structural condition and operates exactly as it should and is ready for its next adventure!

I would rate the interior of this Defender to be in excellent original condition for its age and mileage. The cloth seats are clean and show well throughout the interior. The seats show minimal wear and are very supportive. Comes complete with three original front seats and two foldable rear bench seats, making it a seven-seat vehicle with complete seatbelts. Again, pride in ownership shows throughout this interior.

All this Defender needs is a new owner, who will be getting quite a retro and unique collector piece. Certainly purchasing more than just a car, as a Defender owner, you will be adding to the story and legacy of its history - taking adventures to the next level. The Defender models are now becoming rare and collectibles. Land Rover ceased production of the Defender in 2016, so prices are rapidly rising and are a worthy investment not just in fun.

If you're looking for a vehicle with character - this definitely deserves serious consideration. This Defender gets compliments everywhere it goes and is a genuine head turner! Take advantage of this rare and historic Defender, which has a clean title, insured, and fully registered in NC. No need to worry about importing, international shipping, or getting it through customs. Mad Rover has taken care of all the complex and diligent work for you. Grab this fantastic opportunity of an excellent fine British import - the Land Rover Defender. We promise the investment in this adventure is worth it!

This Land Rover Defender may not get you anywhere fast, but it will sure get you there in style!

About the 2.5-litre Diesel Engine (12J)

Land Rover radically updatedtheir product linein 1983. Before the short-wheelbase, Ninety models in 1984 featured a 2.5-litre diesel engine. The stroke was lengthened to improve torque and an updated cylinder head was used to reduce noise and emissions. A more modern injector pump improved fuel economy and an improved glow plugssystem improved cold-starting performance. To reduce engine weight extensive use of aluminum castings were made for the cam-belt case, vacuum pump, rocker cover, and other parts. It was the standard engine for the UK and European markets increasing sales of Land Rover after the new introduction. Time has shown that these engines can turn in long service lives if maintained as required.

Engine Specifications

Layout: 4-cylinder, in-lineBlock/head: Cast iron/cast ironCapacity: 2,495cc (152.3cuin)Bore × stroke: 90.47mm ×97mm (3.562in ×3.819in)Compression ratio: 21:1Fuel injection: Lucas-CAV DPS rotary pump and CAV Pintaux injectorsPower: 68hp @ 4,200rpmTorque: 114lbf·ft @ 1,800rpm


This Defender is factory fitted with a matching VIN 2.5lt N/A diesel that starts up every time. It feels firm and sounds solid, as it should. This 2.5 diesel engine has covered 118k original miles - which is low considering its age. It does drip a couple of drops of oil but nothing major, considerably normal for the vehicle’s age. Holds perfect oil pressure and temperature - as it should. Does not smokeor make anyabnormal sounds. Time has shown these Defenders are unbreakable if they are maintained and driven properly over the years.

Service & Maintenance History

If you bid - bid with confidence knowing that under our care we performed a full service on this Defender.Full multi-point inspection completed, checked and topped off all fluids and inspected all major components including front differential, rear differential, transfer case, gearbox, wheel swivels, coolant, brakes reservoir and power steering. Just serviced with a new oil and filter change, new engine air filter, all undercarriage chassis points, prop shaft and U-joints freshly greased on 5/4/2017 at 118,809 miles. Prior regular documented services and maintenance history including new injection fuel pump, timing belt tensioner, timing belt/cambelt, lift pump gasket, rocker cover seal, coolant and radiator replaced, oil and filter changed, and fuel filter at 109,670 miles.

Body & Exterior

The Defender is much loved for its rugged construction, simple mechanics, and all around basic simplicity. The body of this Defender is in excellent condition considering its age and was refurbished in spring 2016 with a new two-toned paint job in classic Land Rover Bronze Green with an Ivory White roof, really making this 4X4 standout. The body is aluminum on top of a steel chassis. Overall the bodywork is above par, being an old ‘Landy’ of course you can expect a couple minor dents here and there, but nothing of concern that only adds to the charmcharacterof thevehicle. New replacement military style doors equipped with sliding windows. Comes with a rear tow hitch and the electrical connector that is in great condition. This vehicle is also fitted with rear sliding side windows (station wagon). Including foldable side and rear steps. This Defender looks stylish sitting nicely on factory Land Rover 16” steel rims. A removal hardtop that can be arranged as an open top/truck bed or fit to whatever configuration you prefer.


The interior has Exmoor gray/black herringbone cloth that is in aexcellantand clean condition with no rips or tears. It features three original cloth seats up front with two cloth foldable bench seats in the rear, making it a seven-seat vehicle - complete with seat belts and lap belts. The interior of this vehicle is very standard and basic, but clean and well looked after. Simplistic dash with all original dials and the speedometer is in MPH. Floor Pans are solid and in very good shape. Door Bottoms are in great shape and do not have any holes. Full-size spare/5th wheel carrier stored tight and secure in the rear cargo area.

Bulkhead & Chassis (Frame)

Both are in fantastic shape and very sturdy. The chassis is solid throughout and the rear cross member is strong. The bulkhead and frame is solid and show no sign weakness, the undercarriage has been well undercoated and protected. Overall it is structurally robust and heavily built.

Brakes & Running Gear

All the brakes and running gear work properly, the disc brakes and parking brake hold the vehicle as it is meant to. Stops nice and firm as it should,occasionalsqueakfrom the brakes. Equipped with powered-assisted steering, which really makes it fun and a pleasure to drive for an old Land Rover. Clutch operates correctly, the original gearbox shifts work properly and it does not make any strange noises. All-wheel drive with high and low ranges all work correctly.

Overall this Land Rover Defender is in great mechanical and structural condition, it operates exactly as it should and is ready for its next adventure!

The Defender Story

The phenomenon, that is Land Rover began in 1948 when the Series I was released with the advertising slogan 'go anywhere' vehicle. Sixty-nine years later, what began as a post-war project to keep the Rover Car Company afloat has developed into a British motoring legend and over two-thirds of Land Rover's sold in the last half century are still in use today. Officially known as a 'Land Rover 90’ having been manufactured between 1983-1990, with the Defender name arriving in 1990. Now known as the Defender, Land Rover's iconic off-road vehicle is the benchmark for all modern four-wheel drivers and is often described as the 'hero' of the Land Rover range. A Defender is a simple machine: there is little to go wrong. Yet the Defender is a utility vehicle and must be judged as such. At it's very worst; the Defender is a labor of love. The vast majority of Defender owners are practical, common sense adventurers. The Defender provides a no-nonsense approach to getting from A to B whilst also offering unrivaled off-road, towing, storage, and bums on seat capacity. The vehicle is a robust, safe, and a simple machine. The vehicle is not as large, heavy or difficult to use on a day-to-day basis as it might first appeal. The Defender is the archetypal off-road machine. Unlike many of the Defender's competition, the vehicle is permanently engaged in four-wheel drive. Their engines are designed to deliver maximum low-end grunt and to give you manual control over the differential lock and the gear range: although you'll never win a sprint in a Defender, you will struggle to find something with better torque and traction.These design features make Defenders the class-leading off-road machine.

A true, go anywhere, all terrain vehicle!



Weimport and hand pickeach of our rare and unique vehicles based on quality, value, and desirability. We give every vehicle a thorough test-drive and a visual inspectionbefore it is offered for sale. Basically, if we wouldn't drive it ourselves we would not sell it to you. Westrive to provide the most thorough and accurate description as possible within the scope of our ability. These are not perfect showroom quality vehicles, so please don't expect a perfect and brand new vehicle. Ultimately it is a Land Rover and they are older, rough, and rugged. These vehicles are now becoming iconic, retro, and collectable classics full of character. They can have age related issues, however, by buying a used Land Rover you fully understand what comes with purchasing an older vehicle. The pride and care we take in the vehicles we sell show in detail and selection. We are dedicated to make sure you have a satisfactory and enjoyable buying experience. So please give us the courtesy of only bidding, if you are prepared to purchase the vehicle.

Frequently asked Questions

Q. Is this vehicle legal?
A. Yes all vehicles we offer for sale have been legally imported to the USA and they conform to all the rules and regulations. It has passed all Department of Transport, Environmental Protection Agency, Customs & Boarder Patrol and DMV tests and inspections and is 100% legally here in the USA. All vehicles have current legal documentation. It is insured, titled and registered in North Carolina and will be sold with a clean title.

Q. What is an MOT? (Required for European & British roads, but not required for the USA)
A. An MOT test (Ministry of Transport) is an annual testof vehiclesafety,roadworthinessaspects and exhaustemissionsrequired in Great Britain. The decision to pass or fail each presented vehicle comes down to these following the guidelines .The MOT test covers the following, lighting, signaling equipment, Steering (including suspension), Brakes, Tires and wheels, Seat belts, Body, structure, chassis (rust) and general items. Includes body and components such as spoilers, bumpers and mirror housings, Exhaust, fuel and emissions. Our vehicles are provided with a British MOT certificate of roadworthiness, which is a much higher examination than a DMV state inspection.

Q. Is this vehicle in a good ready to use condition?
A. Yes all vehicles for sale are in a good ready to use, ready to drive condition; all our vehicles go through a multi-point inspection mechanically and cosmetically. Any necessary services are performed to bring it up to its maintenance schedule and to a good running order.

Terms & Conditions

Please read the entire description and view all pictures before placing a bid. Please only bid if you have the funds to commit to the purchase of the vehicle. We go out of our way to provide the best-detailed description as possible that we auction, as well as posting numerous photos that are unedited. Please wait to place your bid until you are completely satisfied and all questions have been answered. By placing a bid on our auction, you agreed that you have read and agree to all of the Terms & Conditions as well as eBay's Terms & Conditions; you assert that you, the bidder, understand and take full responsibility of the risks of purchasing a used vehicle; and you further agree that you have full knowledge and have asked any questions prior to placing your bid. Additionally, you enter into a binding contract to purchase the item you are bidding on, should you be the winning bidder. The seller may, at its sole discretion, cancel any bid or restrict any member from bidding on this or future auctions. Your opportunity to negotiate is prior to the end of the sale.

Winning Bidders
Please have your financing, cash, cashiers check, wife/husband/parents/dog convinced, or whatever it is you need to do ready before you bid. Winning bidders are required to contact us via eBay message, email or phone within 24 hours of auction close. A non-refundable deposit of $250 is due upon the auction end to secure the vehicle. Full payment is due within 7 days of the auction's end. Payment methods to complete the sale are by: cash in person, certified checks, money orders, bank finance checks, 3rd party loans or wire transfer. If you are having the vehicle shipped, full payment must be completed before the vehicle can be release for shipment. Buyers are responsible for their own state taxes and fees.

THIS VEHICLE IS SOLD AS IS- NO WARRANTY IS INCLUDED (expressed, written, negotiated, or implied).

Shipping & Vehicle pick up
We can help the buyer with finding, assisting, and securing a shipping company - at a competitive price. If the vehicle is going to be shipped, full payment must be received before the vehicle is delivered to the shipping company.

Export & Import Services
We at Mad Rover handle all aspects of vehicle exports and imports, including UK export and US import compliance. We work directly with specialist shipping lines and export/import agents, in addition to delivery to the port of shipping in the UK, and port handling and collection on arrival in the US.

Buyer's Inspection
Every effort has been made to accurately and fairly describe this vehicle to you.We have, to the best of our ability, disclosed all information known about this vehicle for auction.Please be advised that used vehicles will have typical scratches and dings – Furthermore, the year of the vehicle and mechanical parts could be subject to fail.All test drives and inspections must be complete before the final sale, so please make sure you inspect the vehicle prior to the auction ending. Buyer is responsible for any inspection charges and fees.

Non-paying Bidders
At Mad Rover, we take great pride in our work and are very serious about what we do. Likewise, we expect the people who bid on our vehicles at auction to be serious about honoring their bid. If you are the successful bidder for the vehicle auctioned and do not pay for your vehicle within the specified time, an unpaid item case will be opened with eBay. This can severely restrict your ability to purchase from all eBay sellers. You will be charged a $249 re-listing fee. All unpaid fees will be handed over to a collection agency and pursued to the fullest extent of the law.

Fees & Tax Information
The buyer is responsible for registering the vehicle in the home state the buyer resides. As well the buyer is responsible for any and all costs associated with transfer of ownership including, but not limited to: registration, sales tax, tags, title transfer, inspection, and transportation expenses.

The vehicle is located in North Carolina; it has passed all Department of Transport, Environmental Protection Agency and DMV inspections and is 100% legally here in the USA. It currently has a clean North Carolina title with no liens. The title will be transferred to the new owner, just like buying any other vehicle here in the states.

At Mad Rover we are Mad about Land Rovers and specialize in the iconic Defender. If you have any questions or inquiries please do not hesitate to contact us - we will be happy to send you more photos and assist you in any possible way.

Email: madroverimports@hotmail.com

For friendly knowledgeable advice and information.

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