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1991 Land Rover Defender 200 TDi, LHD, unmolested all original

Make: Land Rover
Model: Defender
Trim: Defender 90
Year: 1991
Mileage: 180,000
VIN: 00000000000000000
Engine: 200 TDi
Drive type: AWD
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Rockville, Maryland, United States

1991 Land Rover Defender Defender 90 Additional Info:

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  • Original and unmolested
  • Everything works as it should
  • Documented ownership history
  • Documented service history
  • All books, original double sets of keys, tools and pouches
  • Never used offroad
  • Never modified
  • First year for the 200Tdi engine, the most sought after for it's legendary reliability and good performance
  • Already qualifies for Classic Vehicle status

Unmolested, all original and in outstanding shape, with what is considered to be the best engine ever to be put in a Landy: the legendary 200 TDi. The steering wheel is on the correct side too (left hand drive). Full ownership history, all original books, two sets of original keys, all original tools and pouches. Rare double spare tire option (on rear door and hood). Also comes with the FIVA certificate of Historic Relevance.

It is equipped with power disk brakes, power steering, and a tow hitch.

I personally bought and imported this Landy this past Summer while visiting family in Europe. I drove it about 6000 kilometers (so approx 3500 miles) so I can tell you everything there is to know about it.

Full documented ownership history from day one.

The car has (and is) always been garaged, and I was told it never did any sort of off-road. The undercarriage of the car shows consistently: there is no sign of any contact between the bottom of the chassis and the ground (while normally you can see dings and signs of rocks hitting the undercarriage if it has done any off-road driving). Also notice that there are no added aluminum chequered plates anywhere on the car: while they look cool, they are generally put in place to cover up body damage or because the owner planned to use the vehicle in off-road conditions and wanted to reinforce the exposed panels, so them NOT being on the car is a good thing.

He also had the differentials rebuilt, new water pump and belt, new OEM exhaust, new engine mounts, new brake booster and a full service performed where the engine passed with flying colors. It needs nothing but a loving owner.

All of this is documented by pictures of the “before and after” along with some receipts and documentation (about 200 pictures in total).

The seller then veered towards an original Mini Cooper and decided to let go of the Landy. That’s when I bought it and personally replaced the gearbox rubber mounts (they were in good shape, but felt it was best to replace them nonetheless), I had the original paint buffed and waxed which brought it back to a glasslike finish, and I had all 6 wheels restored to new condition, as they were not up to the newly shiny paint. All of this is also photo documented.

Having the paint buffed while preserving the original decals cost $2,500 alone, almost as much as a cheap paint-job... I decided to not have the decals replaced as while they do show some signs of discoloration, a car is only original once, as they say. There are minor imperfections around the car, but you would never think it’s the original paint-work, even knowing the car lived a pampered life, it’s truly unbelievable how well it shows, and the new seat covers and foams complete what was in essence a very conservative freshening up of the car, with all original parts. Nobody believes it’s 26 years old.

All and all the car presents itself in spectacular form. I would not hesitate to take this car across a continent today. EVERYTHING works down to the courtesy light and the beeper if you leave the lights on after taking the keys out of the ignition. Mileage is about 180k and original (which breaks down to a consistent 8000 miles per year).

It will do close to 90 mph but is happiest at about 70, it’s a true pleasure to drive and seats 2 people in front and 4 in the back.

Do note that the earlier versions (anything older than this 1991) will be very underpowered compared to this engine and will also burn a lot more diesel. The 200 TDi was really a leap forward that allow this car to comfortably keep up with traffic at highway speeds while getting about 30% better mpg. Also being a 1991 it qualifies as a classic vehicle so it can be registered and insured for very cheap: it’s the best year to buy a Landy. Later models have a BMW engine in them, and while they are indeed faster, they are nowhere as reliable nor “authentic”.

I cannot stress enough the performance difference (and reliability) between the 200 TDi and it’s predecessor… I’ve had both, it’s night and day.

Any questions: ask. The car can be shown at the warehouse where I store it, I welcome appraisers and in person inspections. I encourage you to come out and see it in person, I believe it is the only one to be so original and in this condition in the US.