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Jaguar E-Type Coupe, Well Looked After and Drives Flawlessly

Make: Jaguar
Model: E-Type
Year: 1969
Mileage: 65,300
VIN: J691R26806
Cylinders: 6
Transmission: Manual
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: San Antonio, Texas, United States

1969 Jaguar E-Type Additional Info:

You’re considering my 1969 Jaguar XKE (aka E-Type) early Series II. Original numbers matching Coupe, NOT a 2 plus 2. I’ve owned the Jaguar for 7 years, having purchased it from a gentleman in Colorado who had owned it for many years and took obvious pride in the car. He only sold it because he was getting on in years. First, there is NO RUST on the Jaguar visible anywhere. The previous ownerhad reputedly rebuilt the engine, although I have no receipts to confirm; just a few pictures of the fresh engine on a stand prior to installation. The car was originally a Robin’s Egg Blue color which can still be seen in the spare tire wheel well and behind the dash. The previous owner had the XKE re-sprayed Old English White. I’d estimate the paint is at least 10 years old. Chips and small blemishes from normal use aside, the paint is very presentable but not so perfect you’d be afraid to use it which is a good thing as this Jaguar is imminently usable! Most of the chips in the paint finish are along the leading edges of the bonnet and doors which I have touched up. In the tradition of the previous owner I have taken great pride of ownership in this beautiful vehicle and have seen to it, through maintenance and mechanical refurbishment when required, that the Jaguar remained a joy to own and drive. The engine has remained in stellar working order. It is quiet, never runs hot, is very powerful and uses little to no oil. (It does drip some oil at rest but nothing out of the ordinary.) The gearbox is excellent and all mechanical and electrical systems function as they should with the exception of the clock and original radio which works but doesn’t sound all that great. I have receipts for thousands of dollars of work carried out since I’ve owned the car. The smaller jobs and strict routine maintenance, I’ve done myself. The more involvedrepairs were entrusted to the preeminent independent Jaguar repair facility in this region. These include a new clutch, pressure plate and release bearing, new cooling fan motors, front and rear brake rebuild, complete front end rebuild, gas tank cleaned and sealed, new drive shaft u-joints, reconditioned speedoandmany more jobs carried out to keep the car in top driving condition.The exhaust system was new when I bought the car and still nearly so today. I purchased the tiresseveral years back; theyhave perhaps 5000 miles and look like new. I’ve also replaced the seat bottom supports and foam, but re-used the original leather seat covers which are in remarkable shape for their age. As you can see, the rest of the original interior looks good and presents a condition that may support the indicated mileage as genuine although I do not have the documentation toconfirm a definitive claim to that affect. The underdash A/C has been removed but the previous owner had the forethought to retain it and all the original padding (all ingood condition) in case re-installation was ever desired and of course these pieces come with the car along with atrove of workshop manuals, period literature, and many years of repair and parts receipts datingfrom before my ownershipthrough the present.

Overall this is a beautiful, numbers matching Jaguar. It is mostly original and very well maintained with the aim to be driven and enjoyed. I highly encourage an in-person or third party inspection before the end of the auction. I know of no reason why the car could not be driven anywhere but I advise trailering or transporting beyond a few hundred miles out of respect for the car and conditions that prevail en route on today’s interstate system. I’llgladly answer questionsupon request through EBay or by phone. Call Al at 210-870-0667

Finally, there is NO RESERVE set on thisauction. If you bid and there are no higher bids, you win, so please askany questions beforehand and do not bid unless you havemade up your mind and areprepared tofollow through. Final payment is due within 10 days or before final pickup whichever comes first by wire transfer or cash only. See payment instructions for further details.