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1989 Honda ACTY Attack 2wd Kei Truck Japan JDM Legal Titled RHD RWD Rare

Make: Honda
Model: Other
Year: 1989
Mileage: 41,897
VIN: 00000000000000000
Drive type: RWD
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Columbus, Ohio, United States

1989 Honda Other Additional Info:

Please read FULL description and inspect ALL pictures before purchasing. We are happy to answer any questions you have :)
1989 Honda ACTY 2WD imported from Japan (RWD, mid engine), great for a street truck to lower it if you want to go that route. 2wd are getting pretty hard to find in japan in decent conditions.
Right Hand Drive (steering on other side. Fully Legal. It's not too difficult to get used to)
Fully Legal, Registered, Plated, ready to go.
41,897 Miles / 67,426 kilometers
VIN: HA1118994 (eBay forces me to put in a different VIN but this is the TRUE VIN on the car and Title and paperwork)
Matching VIN# to Ohio title and chassis. No shady things. 100% legal.
This Honda ACTY Attack is classified as a Kei truck in Japan which means it has smaller dimensions than your "standard" car and has a smaller motor for tax purposes and to get around crowded cities easier.
Truck bed is 4.5 ft wide by 6.5 ft long. Still a very usable truck bed for how small the truck is. Sides and tailgate also fold down to convert to a flatbed for wider loads. See pictures.
Bed is rated to haul 800+ lbs even though it's small. So it's a work horse.
Motor is 3 cylinder, 550cc, about 35 hp, 4 speed manual. I have not done top speed but can cruise 45-55 easily. I do not suggest highway driving. Mostly limited by the 4 gears instead of 5. This car is made for more city driving, delivering, cruising. Motor is carbureted and runs great. Starts extremely fast and drives easily. Low HP but the car is small and light at about 1,500 lbs only and has no problem getting around. It will not win any races (haha) but it is not intended for that.
The car runs great. 2wd is perfect for city driving or cruising around. Especially if you have plans to lower it, a 2wd chassis is the way to go. Pretty simple suspension setup.
Car drives great. Starts up very fast. No need to pump the gas. Just turn the key and go. Pretty simple motor. Easy to adjust small things since it is carbureted which is good since these cars were not offered in America and not the easiest to get parts. No leaks or any problems. Car runs great!
Car is 27 years old and shows in some areas. Looks like it was used as work truck for part of its life so the bed is scratched up and some some surface rust. The bed does have a very thick bed liner mat which is a plus. The cage behind the rear window is all surface rusty but can easily be unbolted, sanded and repainted any color you want. The is a little rust starting above the driver side door. This is all shown in the pictures. We show all the bad so you are not surprised by anything and know EXACTLY what you are buying.
Blue paint is special edition but has faded with age. It can be buffed back up to a good shine with some elbow grease. Also has small nicks and scratches aroudn the outside since it is a used 27 year old truck. Nothing real bad though.
Seats are in good shape. Has a glove box and small cubby in dash. Everything works great! Very simple interior.
Interior dash is in good shape. No cracks or anything. Steering wheel has crack in it from the sun.
Tires are ok. They are 12" street tires. ATV tires are a good alternative. Bolt pattern is 4x100 which is very common so you can swap for other wheels. Up to 14" fit very easily and look good and have a wide variety of tires options.
Pictures are the best way for us to show the condition. Please inspect them all closely, and check out all the details.
Car is Federally Legal, comes with all necessary DOT, EPA, Customs, etc. paperwork. Please research your state and ask your local DMV how to plate and register. It is currently Ohio Titled and Plated. We have no emissions laws where the car is currently registered.
If you live in CALIFORNIA or HAWAII, you basically can NOT register this car in those states due to their extremely expensive and extensive emissions and registration laws. If you live in CALIFORNIA or HAWAII, do NOT make an offer without fully realizing this and messaging me first or I will instantly decline your offer or cancel your order. This is to protect YOU.
Buyer is to arrange and pay for all shipping charges. I would advise against driving the car long distances anywhere as the top speed is low and parts are not readily available just in case you hit a large pothole or other drivers around you do stupid things. You can never be sure about how other drivers.
Please do NOT purchase if you do not intend to go through with the transaction. Thank you.