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1993 Honda Civic si 1.6l hatchback. 5 speed. 5th Gen 92-95 Era EG. Blitz Black

Make: Honda
Model: Civic
Type: Hatchback
Trim: SI
Year: 1993
Mileage: 181815
VIN: 2HGEH3386PH534421
Color: Black
Engine: 1.6L Gas I4
Cylinders: 4
Fuel: gasoline
Transmission: Manual
Drive type: FWD
Interior color: Black
Drive side: Left-hand drive
Vehicle Title: Clean
Item location: Marietta, Georgia, United States

1993 Honda Civic SI Additional Info:

I am relisting this car as the user chiluuaddi in Aurora, C, even after I assisted with finding shipping services, decided that he couldn't afford the car and just stopped responding.

1993 Honda Civic Si
First off: ·The car was originally for my son and we experimented with the green paint. It is Rustoleum Peel Coat and can be easily removed. If it is not your preference, I can remove it after the auction has concluded. ·I am the second owner and have owned the car since 2005. ·It was originally a company car and I drove it exclusively between 1999 and 2005 when the timing belt broke. ·All maintenance performed by me since 2005. ·The car has had some repairs done in the past, but all sheetmetal and bumpers are Honda OEM. ·The car is mechanically strong and I wouldn't hesitate driving it as a daily driver or on extended trips.
Items recently installed/replaced: ·radiator ·radiator fan ·OEM timing belt ·water pump ·clutch ·CV joints ·all shocks and struts
Modifications: ·The entire exterior was stripped to bare metal and painted JD Blitz black (satin black). ·Original radio replaced with a Panasonic OEM Acura CD player. ·aftermarket head light/tail light/fog light kit. ·replacement power mirrors. ·Tien sport springs. ·ST suspension front and rear anti-sway bars. ·Megan Racing front and rear adjustable upper control arms (rear ones have not been installed) ·Megan Racing short throw shifter. ·Yonaka cat back exhaust system. ·DC Sports CARB legal header ·DC Sports CARB legal cold air intake ·Rota Grid 16 inch rims. ·Nitto Neo Gen 205/40/R16 tires installed at 180k and include non-transferable certificates. ·Optima Yellow top battery. ·Tinted windows.

So, the bad: ·Cruise control does not work. ·Some dents still remain since bodywork and painting was done. This was a company car before I owned it and the roof and hood have some fairly large dents in them (see pictures). ·Sunroof can be a little slow to open, but never had a problem in years of it ever getting stuck. I will sometimes assist it with hand to gently push the glass upward. ·Transmission needs to be rebuilt. You can drive it all day long, but there can be some grinding between 2nd, 3rd and 4th gears. ·Fog lights are installed but not wired up at this time.the dimmer for the dash lights starting failing at some point in the past. I just added a wire into the dimmer switch that bypasses the dimming capabilities. so when the lights are on, the dash lights are at full brightness and cannot be adjusted. It was never an issue for me so the fix was adequate.
NOTE: ·The iPad mount and iPhone holder have been removed and are not included in the sale.
Jimmy R.

additional photos here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/i7iupsuf0r1j76v/AACOSE3_mY5ycUbAux8FqowQa?dl=0
Videos:sunroof:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sDTg56PkfLYcoasting:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wx0s8LretmQdriving: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zsn2vDQZqfI
two notes:1) I forgot to mention previously, but all lights in the car have been replaced with LED's. The turn indicators flash faster than they should, but I did not install load resistors to compensate.2) In both videos, you can hear a rattling sound; I believe that is from the package tray/cargo cover. It was as not as noticeable in the car.

Questions from viewers:

ok heres the list of questions. apologies they are so long

-why are you selling this car, and if you kept it what are the next few things it needs(besides tranny)

-you said you drove this car from 99 on, do you know what type damage it had in 1996 and did it hurt the subframe?

-before you painted it, were there any rust rot in the rear quarter panelsor elsewhere? also why didn'tyou paint the door handles and mirrors?

-are there any leaks at the windshield, moonroof, doors, or rear hatch area?

-any rust down in the spare tire well?

-with all the suspension replacement, does this thing squeak terribly when you hit bumps and drive it?

-with the adj control arms, was this something you had to do because of alignment issues from the previous damage that was suffered to the car in 1996

-is it a good driving car, reason i ask a lot of times cars that have been lowered and many suspension replacement parts are all over the road when you drive it

-when i come to get it you said all of the green can be gone from the car and the wheels? just making sure as the green is not my cup of tea

-with the radiator replacement, does it ever get hot now, or have any coolant leaks or is it worry free now?

-you said timing belt broke in 2005, i assume that detonated the motor but didn'tsee you mention it, so is the engine in this another one from an EX or Si from that same time frame?

-do you know what it would take to get the driving lights totally working? is it just running wires to the switch in the dash or what?

-when you put the new OEM bumper on the car, why did you cut out the inner part of the front bumper? does the radiatorcause that to need to be cut out? i'll be replacing the bumper with one with that inner plastic parts in it.

-what happened to the front lip spoiler that comes on the Si hatchback?

-do you have the stock shifter for this car, I'm not a huge fan of short throw shifters.

  • I truly don’t want to sell it, lot of good memories in this car. But I have four cars and I am wanting to buy a Ford Focus RS and the wife says that some of the others have to go. I really want my son to have it, but the wife is against him driving a stick shift for a daily driver.
  • There were two areas that I know of that were damaged. It was hit in the rear, only hard enough to destroy the rear bumper cover and it dented in the spare tire well just a small amount. The rear bumper cover is an OEM replacement (I know this because as I stripped the car down, the bumper cover was metallic green). Also, there was small dent in the driver rear quarter just above the wheel well. It was repaired well with body filler, but I damaged the filler when I stripped the car, so I had to do some repairs to the body filler in that area. As far as I can tell, the rest of the car is completely original. As I said, I started driving the car in ’99 and put about 85k miles on the car since. The mileage prior to that was done by other company drivers and I will be honest, they didn’t treat the car as nicely as I would have liked. So that is reflected in the damage displayed to the interior panels and the other dents to the outside of the car that I did not repair.
  • As I said above, no rust was seen at all. The mirrors and door handles were aftermarket and did not come in until after I painted the car.
  • when rebuilding the car, I replaced the rear taillights with aftermarket ones. after a month or so, the lenses started to separate and water started to get into the trunk. I've since repaired the lenses and haven't noticed any more water entering the trunk area. that was the only area that I've ever seen water. the sunroof has never had issues. I've taken it to the car wash several times since painting the car and it has not had any issues even with the high pressure wash.
  • only rust I've ever seen is a minor amount of surface rust where water had gotten in due to the leaking taillight lenses. you can see the spots in the additional photos I posted this evening.
  • I’ll post a video, but no the suspension does not squeak at all. I used quality components and the car drives firm, but quiet. I do occasionally hear some of the interior panels moving about sometimes, I don’t know if this is what you are referring to. Hopefully the driving video will give you answers.
  • The car never had suspension issues prior to the rebuild. Lowering was my choice as I prefer the current stance.
  • I was able to get the car aligned and it drives very smoothly and tracks perfectly. The only affects of the modifications has been much improved body roll and responsiveness. I’ve been on the interstates at near 80 MPH and honestly it’s very pleasant (besides the RPM’s hanging around 3k…)
  • Not an issue. I can remove the green if preferred.
  • Last summer the plastic radiator burst on my way home. I had it towed to the house and replaced it with the Mishimoto MRADCIV92X radiator and MMFS-CIV-92 fan kit. The radiator is a 3 core unit and for the rest of the summer, the temp gauge has not exceeded 1/3 of the gauge. I also have Mishimoto MMHOSE-CIV-92BL silicon radiator hoses that I will include. I did not install them on the car as the inlets on the radiator are larger than the hoses. I bought some hardware to stretch out the ends but have not swapped them out. I’ll provide pictures to explain this part.
  • You are correct. When the belt broke, it did minor damage. Fortunately, this was limited to two valves only. I was very fortunate. At this time I bought the car from my company and had it towed home. Over the next year or so (off and on, I was very busy with being a new father at the time), I rebuilt the top end of the engine. Purchased a gasket kit, two valves, timing belt, and water pump and rebuilt the top end. For full disclosure, several years later, the clutch disintegrated and I replaced it with and OEM unit and did the CV joints at the same time.
  • The aftermarket foglight kit came with a switch to install in the dash, but since the Si has a sunroof and Cruise Control there are no additional ports inside for the fog light switch. I added a wire from one of the driving lights to trigger the fog lights to turn on when you turned on the driving lights but it doesn’t work as of yet. I don’t think it is due to the trigger wiring, it seems to be a dead short from the fused link to the fog lights themselves. If there is time, I will try and troubleshoot that further.
  • Honestly, the cutouts were my personal aesthetic, they were done years ago, long before the car was stripped down.
  • I am not aware of a front lip spoiler that came from the factory on Si’s. I could be mistaken, but it did not have one when I started with the company in ’99.
  • I do have the stock shifter.