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1991 Honda CRX HF 5-speed Manual, white exterior - 1 owner

Make: Honda
Model: CRX
SubModel: HF
Type: Hatchback
Trim: HF
Year: 1991
Mileage: 297,542
VIN: JHMED8367MS017282
Color: White
Engine: 4 cyclinder
Cylinders: 4
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Manual
Drive type: FWD
Interior color: Blue
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Eureka Springs, Arkansas, United States

1991 Honda CRX HF Additional Info:

1991 Honda CRX HF 5-speed Manual Transmission, White, Approximately 297,542 miles

VIN: JHMED8367MS017282

Auction Rights: I am also showing this car for sale locally and reserve the right to end this auction at any time.

Low Reserve Price.

Shipping: Buyer responsible for vehicle pick-up or shipping

Item location: Eureka Springs, Arkansas, United States

Deposit of US $500.00 within 24 hours of auction close, non-refundable.
Full payment is required within 7 days of auction close - cash only.

No Warranty or Guarantee:
This is an old car. We are selling this car AS IS.
No guarantee and No warranty - expressed or implied.

Though it was working when I posted this description, the car will need to be towed or you will burn the motor up because the radiator is busted and leaking, the thermostat might be bad, and the front passenger headlight is broken out.


I guess I've driven our trusty steed for the last time. We are the original owners and it's been faithful to us for almost 25 years and almost 300,000 miles. I go back and forth on what to do, whether to do a complete rebuild or sell. But, this last fender bender a month ago has cinched it for us. Just too much for us non-mechanics to want to do ourselves. Over the years it has had its fair share of misfortune and has some rust to show for it, but still served us without complaint. It was hit by a deer and the hood is crumpled. It's had severe hail damage twice. It was hit by a backing car. It was hit by a wild shopping cart. It leaks into the interior every time it rains. It's had a mouse nest in the glove box. The gas tank seeps gas out the sides and if we try to replace it, it's rusted on and would have to be cut out and then the other parts might break. The water pump, thermostat, radiator, and front headlight are all broken. It leaks and sprays oil. The gear shift light no longer works. The seats are nothing but rusted metal and powdered foam. The after-market cruise control won't hold on hills. The emergency brake works, but the handle is often either too tight or too loose. The rear connections are frozen so we can no longer align the rear wheels. There are paint spatters all over the console from an exploded can years ago. One a/c vent is busted out. The carpet is worn to the metal floorboard in one small spot. The pedals are worn slick. There is no radio or clock - which is how it came. I can’t see anything inside the car at night because the interior lights don’t work and the button lights don’t light up for the air. Etc., etc., etc.

And it STILL gets really good gas mileage. We once got 71 miles per gallon in the heat of its first summer! It still gets maybe 45 mpg last time we checked!!!! It only costs us $7 in property tax, $19.50 for registration, and very little for liability insurance!

It's so hard to say goodbye. We will miss this car! I love it's simplicity - no electronics, just simply roll the window up using your own arm. Just punch the button or turn the dial to change the airflow. But, we don't have all the tools, time, know-how, or desire to rebuild it ourselves. It’s someone else’s turn to love this car - if I don’t change my mind and think too long about it.

We are selling this 1991 Honda CRX manual 5-speed car AS IS. This is a beater car and you will be buying it dead or alive. I will give the most honest information I can, but I am not a mechanic or repair person and you must buy at your own risk. No guarantee is expressed or implied. This car is nearly 25 years old with nearly 300,000 miles on it. I don’t think they all are, but if you expect that all parts might be damaged, rusted, or frozen in place., you will consider yourself lucky if they aren’t. Expect lots of body damage and rust. This car is a prime candidate for a complete rebuild or for parts for a rebuild. I’m hoping someone will make it like new again.

Though the CRX starts easily and was drivable when I posted this description, the car will need to be towed or you most likely would burn the motor up due to a recently damaged radiator, etc. I only went between 3 miles to a few blocks without stopping to let it cool or add water. I would check all fluids before starting it again.

The Good

  • Clean and Clear Title - one owner and much loved and appreciated.
  • Was still driven on April 1st, 2016, but had to add water or stop and let it cool every few blocks or a couple miles to keep from overheating due to busted radiator and probably broken thermostat caused by low speed front-end collision last month. Before that, it was driven regularly for 2 hour trips. But, do not recommend driving it at all now until these things and other things like the gas tank, headlight, and seat upholstery are replaced. All fluids must be checked and probably added before starting the car to prevent damage due to leaks.
  • All glass intact and in good condition.
  • Was fun to drive.
  • Tight turning radius.
  • Still got fabulous gas mileage last time we checked, but your mileage may vary.
  • The aftermarket A/C was working the last time we tried it - but it has never been strong. If the temperatures outside are very high, it can’t keep the interior cool.
  • Two new tires put on in September, and they haven’t had a lot of mileage since then. I believe the other two are in good shape, but have no idea how many miles they each have left on them. No warranty.
  • Spare donut tire included.
  • I believe the battery is pretty good. It had a 5-year warranty from Sears, and was put in two years ago. It started easily when I drove it last week, but I won’t guarantee it in any way since we no longer drive it and this is an AS IS sale.
  • The clutch, transmission, and emergency brake have never been replaced,. All seemed to be in working order when driven last, but you will have to check this out yourself. Remember - As Is. No guarantee.
  • We experience extremely low property tax and low-cost insurance on this car due to its age and HF classification. Your rates and fees might vary from ours.
  • Last July 2015, the following was done: The spark plugs were replaced, it was tuned-up, the valve set was adjusted, the timing was adjusted, a burned out wire was fixed, fuel injector cleaner was added, and the muffler pipe was re-attached with a new section repair, etc. This is no guarantee that these things will not need done again. It is just information about what was done.
  • Remember, the car is not being bought for what was done or what was working, but is being bought AS IS, and not in proper working condition.

The Bad

  • 297,541.5 miles on odometer.
  • Needs a lot of parts replaced - radiator, thermostat, gas tank, one headlight, etc
  • Radiator has visible cracks and leaks immediately when fluid is added. The engine will start to heat up within a couple blocks of driving, possibly caused by a damaged thermostat. I don’t know, but that was the guess made by the guys at the auto-parts store when I pulled in to fill up my radiator and let the engine cool.
  • Has a lot of rust and a crunched hood that is not sitting smooth on the sides and has had body damage in several places.
  • Right front headlight is completely busted out.
  • Left front headlight is very old and not bright enough. It needs buffed or replaced.
  • Both seats torn and exposing bare metal and rods as seen in pictures, needing completely replaced.
  • Spray paint on console and parking brake lever.
  • Busted driver’s side air vent.
  • Cruise control is aftermarket, and does not work well on hills.
  • Horn does not work since accident last month.
  • Rear hatch doesn’t like to latch. You have to slam it just right.
  • Seat belts have caused the common problem for this model of slashes in the door upholstery.
  • Never had a radio.
  • Never had a clock.
  • Gas and brake pedals are worn smooth. Need replaced.
  • Gas tank cap is not original.
  • Leaks oil which can be seen on the top of the engine and maybe elsewhere.
  • We had no trouble, but it is probably due for a new timing belt and water pump.
  • When it rains, water leaks into the hatch area and into the spare tire well. Things can get wet when stored in the hatch area.
  • The lights for the A/C buttons and other things don’t work, so you can’t see what you are pushing at night.
  • The overhead light does not work.
  • The console is sun-weakened and risks damage.
  • No air bags.
  • There are probably a lot of other things that are wrong with the car that I’ve lived with but have forgotten. You are welcome to ask. Just remember, we are selling it AS IS.