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1992 Honda Civic VX. Only needs you! 46+ MPG!

Make: Honda
Model: Civic
Trim: VX
Year: 1992
Mileage: 166,157
VIN: 2HGEH236XNH511052
Color: White
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Vernon-Rockville, Connecticut, United States

1992 Honda Civic Additional Info:

You are looking at a very rare Civic VX hatchback civic. Honda engineers designed the vx for one purpose, nd that was gas mileage. It gets an epa rated 44 mpg city and 51 mpg hwy. The Honda civic vx was only made for 3 years from 1992 to 1995. The VX still ranks in the top 10 list of most fuel-efficient cars. The problem with buying a used VX is that most of the used ones for sale only get around 35 mpg. A big reason for this is that the VX's O2 sensor tends to go bad after 125k mi. A new OEM O2 sensor from the Honda dealership is $350 and people like to replace it with the cheaper model. Rest assured this one has a brand new (5 wire) O2 sensor. The check engine comes on after about a minute run time, his is normal for a sensor as it cycles through. I get an actual 46+ mpg. (Receipts to prove) It only has a ten-gallon tank but it lasts a long time.

The problem with buying a used VX is that most of the ones for sale, ave been abused by one or more previous owners. The thing that makes a VX valuable is the condition of the engine. The engine in my VX is still strong, t has always had adult owners with regular maintenance. This is a turn key car that needs nothing but gas.

The only non-OEM parts on this VX are the taillights and wheels. This is the ideal car for someone who drives more then 10k miles a year and has to deal with snow in the winter. You will save yourself thousands of dollars compared to a 25mpg car. FULL insurance through geico is $34 dollars a month (Theft, ire, nd higher limits.)

I was surprised by how well this car handles in winter driving. The combination of front wheel drive, low center of gravity, nd narrow tires give the driver lots of control when turning on snowy or icy roads. The problem with the Prius and a lot of other fuel-efficient cars is that they have horrible handling in the snow. The problem with the TDI is that the price of diesel fluctuates too often and they do not run well in the winter.

This vehicle is capable of 50 mpg and can quickly pay for itself in gas if you are a commuter like myself. It has a v-tec lean burn motor and a long gear transmission to achieve this. At only 166,xxx miles, ou will be able to drive this car for years. Most of the major maintenance has been done this past year (fall 2015). I had new quarter panels welded in and all rust removed. The underneath of the car has been coated years ago and is virtually rust free now. The paint job isn’t the best but it is brand new. (See Photos)

The car runs very smooth and quiet. I had a new muffler and exhaust installed as well. The interior is in great shape with a brand new factory carpet, he interior seats are in great condition (Drivers side has the typical wear and tear on the side).

The car includes 4 speakers and the OEM head unit (not installed)

All old parts included: Brakes, ubs, iming belt, ires, tc.

New windshield and wipers were installed last month.

New driver side axel and ball joint.

Brand new ceramic lifetime guarantee brakes and calipers. (Best you can buy)

Driver side door rubber and hand motor. (It was falling off the rubber seal, had it replaced)

Timing belt and tune up were completed by last owner.

Emissions and registration in CT are current

To this day, he CX & VX models are lauded as one of the only gasoline-powered cars that rival thefuel economyof today's hybrids and diesels. In the March 2010 issue ofCar & Driver for example, t mentions its long-term test car, 2009 VW TDI Jetta with 6-speeddual-clutch auto transmission, ot worse fuel mileage (38 mpg) than their 1992 Honda Civic VX test car (which got 41 mpg) These cars are not impossible to find but they are rare. This one is unique in that all it needs is you and a tank of gas, ust about everything has been replaced maintenance wise in the past year.


One with 669,000 miles.

I am selling this car because it was just in a minor accident where the rear quarter and bumper were bumped into. (See Pictures) I already put over $2000 dollars into in the past 6 month. This is a great car for the price; you will save thousands on the maintenance, ax, nd gas savings.