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1965 GMC Stepside Pickup Truck 4x4 k15 V6

Make: GMC
Model: K15
Year: 1965
Mileage: 68000
VIN: 123456789
Vehicle Title: Clean
Item location: Akron, Ohio, United States

1965 GMC K15 Additional Info:

The good: Numbers matching 305 V6 Stepside Factory 4wd.I lightly ran a body magnet over the entire body of the truck and it’s not a Bondo bucket... body is really straight solid and nice. interior is decent and seats are comfortable, and it runs and drives as you would expect for an old truck... everything that's supposed to work, works... and it basically starts right up and gets you wherever you want to go. So... yay truck.The bad: this was a plow truck in Ohio and man, you can see it on the frame... MOST of the frame is solid with some scale on it...but it’s got some of those “whatever works for a work truck in the 70's"repairs you just hate to see. There is a Fishplate on the frame, brazed/Riveted inner panels... And the most unique repair you’ve ever seen on the rear Differential. I’m not gonna lie... it makes you sad, at the same time it makes you say “well, I get it”... plow truck” It's SOLID, but it's not factory.That being said.. it runs and drives decently but needs a weekend of attention; I just gave it a light tune up, and replaced some brake lines. the carb could stand a rebuild from sitting... it gets better every time I drive it but it’s got all the signs of wanting a rebuild. Needs an alignment...pulls a little to the right... Also, it’s a 3 speed on the column and the linkage is worn and needs adjusted.... It's a little hard to get into reverse and 3rd gear if you're not fantastic at shifting a 3 on the tree.
All the lights work.. it doesn’t run hot, or use oil, or smoke... 4WD works brutally well. Mahogany bed looks really great and for the age of the tires, they’re decent. Of course... it’s geared like a bulldozer, and drives like a 5 ton dump truck. When I drove it the other day for the first time, I was a young, wishful boy with a bright future... 3 days later I am A man with a full beard who bear hunts with a field knife. ITS LIKE THAT.So- Essentially, it a Good looking old work truck you can drive and enjoy while you give it some TLC. Just look at the photos and know what you're buying. These are HARD to find in any condition at all, and my price takes into account all of the above good and not so good points.Sold as is - 500 Paypal deposit due the day the auction closes. Clear ohio title... *actually the original title. Also comes with original warranty card, manual and repair books. The air cleaner is off the truck but i have it. Im familiar with shipping of all types... and happy to help... or you can drive it home.Any other questions, just reach out.