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Make: Ford
Model: All Steel Five Window Coupe
Type: Coupe
Trim: Steel
Year: 1932
Mileage: 1
VIN: OR88899
Color: Green
Engine: V8
Cylinders: 8
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Manual
Drive type: RWD
Interior color: White
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: McMinnville, Oregon, United States

1932 Ford All Steel Five Window Coupe RUST FREE WEST COAST Additional Info:

Today we have listed for sale what could possibly be one of the coolest, and certainly one of the best traditional 50's era1932 Ford Coupes on the planet. Thiscar had been in the mind of thebuilder as a personal car for years, and when he found the old channeled hot rod body, the rest was history. Being built as a personal car and not a 'flip', the owner took his time, anddid some really cool details, anda simple but high level of quality that's seldomfound, even on mega dollar'checkbook' rides.Before asking questions please read all the way through, everything should be pretty well answered, but if not feel free to ask. This is also the first time on the market for this vehicle, so it's definitely not something you've seen, and seen again - unless you happened to see the car at the 2016 L.A. Roadster's Show - many people did and pictures of the carfrom that event have been popping up all over.The ONLY reason this car is for sale is that the owner has a family, and now wants to build a sedan so that more of his family can be involved, come along and enjoy the hobby! I will do my best to describe it so that you feel you know it. It's hard to show the total story of thiscar in the words I use, but I have added as many pictures as possible -we tried to use pictures that covered the overall feel and look of the car. PLEASE use the scroll feature to get to all of the pictures, sometimes they don't all come up without that scrolling and on a cell phone they may be harder to get to. We'd rather have you see more pictures than'needed'than too few - but they are all there, many of the interior, engine and undercarraige - I promise!Thesepics aremostly all taken at Evergreen Air Museum -many in front of a Douglas C-47 Skytrain that was part of the Normandy invasion in 1944.You will also note the Spruce Goose, a Saturn rocket and other planes in the background of some of the pictures. Evergreen is gracious in letting us use their planes and facility as a backdrop for these pictures. If you're ever in the McMinnville are please stop and see them - they have not only the air museum but an aerospace museum and an indoor water park! I use lower resolution so that anyone in the world can download them with relative ease.Please be aware that thisroadsteris advertised and for sale locally, nationally and globally, and we do reserve the right to end this auction at any time if the vehicle sells before auction ends. Thisverycool, unique, collectible, stylish and solidpiece of American traditional automotive historyis definitely for sale and definitely on the money price wise. If you are SERIOUS about thecar - please call my cell # 503.580.6225 if I don't answer the first time - try again later - if I am at work I may not be able to answer your call. Please be considerate of the time. This is an amazingly honest,and well thought throughvehicle and overall is simply an amazingand one of a kindrig - one you can drive, show off mess around withand show with pride.. Someone is going to get an enjoyable, fun and great collectible vehicle here. Buy it today and be the envy of those who hesitated and missed.

1932 Fords.We've seen 'em, and we've seen a lot of 'em. Every now and againwe see one that sticks in our brain, youknow the ones? That areindelibly etched in our minds for all time. This is one of those cars - and from the first time I saw it on a chassis and readyto run, I was done.All over. I only wish I had the spaceto put this in my garage and this car would stay right here in Oregon - but that's not to be. Meet the Jade Grenade. A very good long-time friend of mine built this car from a body that was found in Eastern Washington. Itwas a hot rod from that area, that was green, channeled and unchopped. Who knows where it was from first, I think of EastCoast rods when I think channeled and unchopped, but who knows - again, Eastern Washington was what we were told, but then, every one hasa story! Once my friend recieved the body he set about getting the rest of the pieces together - starting with a fully boxed aftermarket '32 bare chassis as a solid and firm foundation he started to work, it has a 4 inch kick-up in the rear part of the chassis.This was what I call a 'lifetime' car, the car he was building is what you see, and this end result was what he focused on, and remember that it wasn't some hodgepodge, mind changed, era changed, checkbook car - it's owner built except for the inside threads and bending the exhaust. Proportions, and stance are everything in a car - look at both on this one and you'll agree, he NAILED it. The engine has all been gone through and is a 1956 Chevrolet topped with a vintageEdelbrock C355 tripower intake and holding three vintage Fordcarbs - check out the old chrome finish! For reliability andnear daily road use, the builder decided early on to only use the center carb, though all threeare completly rebuilt. It's spinningpower to a 1956Chevy car3 speed transmission, and outback to a 1959 Fordpickup 9 inch rear with 3:70 gears. Distributor is a point type. Theexhaust manifolds are stock, and the pipes are straight. I'm thinking this has a Duntov or 20/20 cam as I call 'em, because the idle, the lope, the sound is absolutely the best sound ever. (if you let me know your #I can text you a video of the car running - the sound is absolute heaven!) Steering ishandled by a modified F1pickup steering box, and a dropped front axle, utilizes modified F1 pickup shock mounts and split wishbones. The owner built somecool split 'ladder bones' out back, and all of these traditional components work together to make this car a real driver. It stops, starts, steers, runs and drives out well. No excuses, no games, no foolin' - it runs and drives out super nice. The owner has about a 10 mile or so commute daily, with part gravel(!) and he drives it to work often. As there is no speedo or odo, heestimates that there is around 4000 miles on the car. It's WELL sorted and it all just works, and works well. He's been to many shows, andruns to town are not uncommon - I love seeing (and hearing) this car bombing aroundtown. It's bad a....., well bad to the bone. The tires are 5.60 Firestone Gum Dipped Wide whites up front and 7.50x16 out back, and sporting like diameter moon discs on the Ford steel wheels.Inside is very simple and tasty- just as the rest of the car is. If you're looking for electronics and whiz bang gizmos - fahgettaboutit. This is ahot rod - plain and simple. It's got oil pressure, temp guage and ammeter under the '39/'40 Ford instrument bezel that's mounted in a narrowed and filled'40 Ford dash. That's it for guages. All the basic safety gear is in place though, turn signals (the fronts are the lights atop the Guide headlights), oogah horn, license light, brake lights the stuff ya gotta have. There is no heater, and no wipers.The builder did all the inner wood structure,but hadn't had a headliner done - he built a '35 Ford Pickup years ago that Inow own - I havent done a headliner on iteither - the beauty of his chop jobs ishard to cover up -bet you don't hearTHAT often! Door glass rolls up and down as it should, a detail that's often overlooked or just not completed. The side and rear glass is all new in more of a green tint like in 'the day', but the windshield is off an old hot rod from New Jersey - check out the window decal / inspection sticker from 1955. The glass was carefully cut down when the windshield frame was chopped. It's clean, tasty and simple inside. No boom boom stereo, sorry. The pipes are allllll the music this car needs. The body, as mentioned earlier is allHenry Ford steel. It was channeled at some point long ago, but not chopped. The builder/ownerhas amazing skills and proportional taste, chops likenot many others who have walked this earth, and does such a clean job. High accolades, I know but it's fact. I know these questions will come up,the top is chopped about 4 inches and the body channeled about 6. The owner is at least as tall as I am (I'm 6ft 3) and fits well in the car. Once again, every body panel is original, as are the garnish moldings that are equally well chopped, and the gennie Ford peaked and filled grille shell and the grille insert. The paint is an early 60'sFord JadeGreen, and is done in a base coat, clear coat. There are so many little details on this bodythat are unique, and many one off. It's just cool. Well done, and well built. The paint is well done, and remember, it's a driver, and it's a hot rod. It's no trailer queen, so if your looking for an event hallonly trailer baby, keep on looking. If you know what you are looking at here, you 'get it', if not, we won't apologize, just smile and click on a 'glass '32 or something. Not being rude, just up front.In summary -this isan amazingly honest and for real car.You will notice "Assmbled" on the title instead of Ford, but 1932. This is something Oregon DMV does often these days - as well as assigning an OR Vin. We want you to know and notice it - right up front. It's still a clean and clear title with no brands or encombrances. Everything in and on this car has been thought through very carefully and methodically, it's not been just tossed together, and it wasn't built to be sold, and as sometimes, even oftenhappens, it's just turned out that way. It will be the source of many smiles, waves, envious stares and enjoyment that we know for sure, certainly not for the shy - you will have many new friends, and a trip to the store or burger joint will definitely take longer, and prepare for videos and photos to be taken everywhere you go. You'll be an instant star, and probably end up in a few magazines. Show it, store it,hop it up even more, daily drive it - any or all of these makes sense - just take care of it, and above all - HAVE FUN WITH IT!This will prove a better investment than stocks, bonds or money in the bank and one heck of a lot more fun! If you have questions please feel free to ask, we will do our best to answer you back in a reasonable amount of time.

Here's the nitty gritty: PLEASE DO NOT BID IF YOU DO NOT INTEND TO PAY! If you have zero or negative feedback - please contact us first. We reserve the right to cancel bids to those who don't adhere to this request. If you need to get permission of any sort to buy - PLEASE GET IT FIRST. Excuses such as - I had the money now I dont, My spouse doesn't like the color, Gee I got sick as soon as I won the bid in the last 30 seconds of the auction, Oops I hit buy it now by mistake, My kid bid not me, My attorney says etc etc will not be tolerated or excused. PLEASE think before you bid! A500.00partial paymentis required within48 hours of auction close, the balance in full due within7 days of auction close. Paypal will not be accepted on any part of the auction unless agreed upon in advance. Payment is by bankwire, cashiers check or cash. No overpayment situations please. If paid by any form of check - check will clear bank before vehicle leaves it's present location. Winning this auction does not qualify you to fly in and inspect the vehicle then decide IF you want it, or to renegotiate. The vehicle is available for inspection by appointment, so if you aren't sure - please come see it first! Shipping is at the expense of the winning bidder. Vehicle is located in and must be picked up inMcMinnvile, Oregon. Vehicle is a used one that is 84plus years oldand therefore sold as is and without warranty of any kind. Vehicle is being purchased from the current owner, not Houseofhotrod, and the bill of sale will be from that owner. We do guarantee the availability and posessionof a title with no leins or encumberances at time of sale, and that title is a clean and clear 1932 Oregontitle with no brands - but it does read 1932 ASMBL, NOT 1932 Ford - just want to be perfectly clear here. We will help you arrange shipping any way we can, and will help facilitate a truck picking it up etc., but winning bidder pays for all shipping charges. Sorry if we sound short or demandinghere - we just want to communicate that we take our eBay seriously - all we really ask is that you do the same!! This makes it much easier for those of YOU who are also serious about bidding and buying. I have bought many vehicles here and understand your concerns - we've been there! PLEASE ask questions if you have them - I will do my best to answer honestly and quickly. Thank you for looking and bidding

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One correctionwe need to make is that the cardoes have aheater!! It was so well hidden under the dash that I didn't even catch it until I was looking at the heater hoses just a bit ago. My apologies there. A few other things to add too: The wheels are both 5 on 5 1/2 bolt pattern, so they can run the button style caps and or rings if you'd prefer them over the Moon discs.As mentioned in the reply we just made, the clutch slave cylinder is on the bell housing, and the slave is from a 60's Chevrolet pickup, the same as the original application for the master cylinder. Any other updates we will make as we go. Thank you for all the calls and texts. We appreciate them, and you! :-)