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1967 Ford Custom 2-Door Sedan "428 Police Interceptor V-8" Nebraska State Patrol

Make: Ford
Model: Galaxie
Type: Sedan
Year: 1967
Mileage: 85,868
VIN: 7P50P116857
Color: White
Engine: "428 Police Interceptor V-8" 360 hp
Cylinders: 8
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Automatic
Drive type: RWD
Interior color: Blue
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Commerce Township, Michigan, United States

1967 Ford Galaxie Additional Info:


1967 Ford Custom 2-Door Sedan

“428 Police Interceptor V-8”

Former Nebraska State Patrol Car

Available for purchase for the first time in almost 14 years is this 1967 Ford Custom 2-door sedan, a former Nebraska State Patrol car. This car was factory-built with the P-code “428 Police Interceptor V-8” (428PI-4V) engine (360 hp @ 5400 rpm, 459 lb-ft @ 3200 rpm, and a 10.5:1 compression ratio) and C6 SelectShift Cruise-O-Matic 3-speed automatic column-shift transmission.

About The Car

This 1967 Ford Custom 2-door sedan is Registry Number 1857 in the 1967 Ford Full-Size Registry (the seller, Adrian Clements, is the Founder and Manager of the Registry). This car has the following VIN and production data:

VIN 7P50P116857, BODY 62E, COLOR M, TRIM 1B, DATE 26K, DSO 540016, AXLE 6, TRANS U

The VIN of 7P50P116857 decodes as follows:

7 = model year: 1967

P = build plant: Twin Cities Assembly Plant in St. Paul, Minnesota

50 = Body Serial Code: Custom 2-door sedan, bench seats (22,081 produced during the 1967 model year) *

P = engine: "428 Police Interceptor V-8", 428PI-4V, 360 hp @ 5400 rpm, 459 lb-ft @ 3200 rpm, 10.5:1 compression ratio

116857 = Consecutive Unit Number (CUN): 16,857th Ford car scheduled to be built at the Twin Cities Assembly Plant during the 1967 model year (Job 1 was CUN 100001)

The production data of 62E M 1B 26K 540016 6 U decode as follows:

BODY 62E = Body Style Code: Custom 2-door sedan, bench seats (22,081 produced during the 1967 model year) *

COLOR M = exterior paint color: Wimbledon White (white)

TRIM 1B = interior trim color, material and front seat style: medium blue "Lennox" pattern cloth cushions, light blue stripe vinyl capping on back rests, and light blue "Crinkle" grain vinyl bolsters and back, bench seat

DATE 26K = scheduled build date: Wednesday, October 26, 1966

DSO 540016 = District Sales Office / Domestic Special Order: car was originally ordered through the District Sales Office in Omaha, Nebraska, which covered central and eastern Nebraska and southeastern South Dakota, and was ordered under Special Order number “0016” for that District Sales Office.

AXLE 6 = rear axle ratio, type and ring gear diameter: 2.80:1 non-locking, 9-3/8"

TRANS U = transmission type and shift location: C6 Cruise-O-Matic 3-speed automatic, column shift (with 1st gear lock-out)

* Over the years, you may have seen a production figure of 18,107 Custom 2-door sedans built during the 1967 model year, but amazingly enough, Ford Motor Company neglected to include the units built at the Oakville Assembly Plant (located in Oakville, Ontario, Canada) in this "total"! The actual number produced is therefore 3,974 units higher at 22,081.

According to Ford’s production records, this car was produced with the following optional equipment:

- Interceptor Police Package: $418.57


- "428 Police Interceptor V-8" 360 hp engine

- Manual front disc brakes

- Heavy duty fade-resistant riveted rear drum brakes with manual adjusters

- Maximum Handling Package (includes extra heavy duty front and rear springs, reinforced front lower control arms, extra control shock absorbers, and heavy duty front stabilizer bar)

- 65 ampere dual-belt alternator with internal silicon rectifier

- 15” diameter x 6” bead width disc brake wheels

- (5) 8.15x15” 4-ply rated black sidewall Nylon tires

- Calibrated speedometer with 2 mph increments

- Extra heavy duty front seat with heavy duty springs and padding

- Black wall-to-wall front and rear heavy duty rubber floor mat

- 80 ampere heavy duty battery

- Black steering wheel and steering column

- Extra Cooling Package

- Lubricator-fitted driveshaft: $418.57

- C6 SelectShift Cruise-O-Matic 3-speed automatic column-shift transmission with 1st gear lockout: $220.17

- Radio noise suppression equipment (highway-type, includes 2 hood bonding straps, 2 wheel static collector springs, and 1 ignition coil condenser: $5.58

- Courtesy Light Group (includes ash tray light, glove box light, parking brake light, and trunk light): $22.54

- Electric clock: $15.59

- Single key locking system (doors, truck, and ignition use the same key): $3.13

- Tinted windshield: $21.09

- Deluxe seat belts with warning light: $10.42

- Left-hand remote control outside mirror: $9.58

The base price for this Custom 2-door sedan was: $2,440.78

The cost of the 9 extra-cost options installed on this car was: $726.67

The total MSRP of this car was therefore: $3,167.45

This represents a 29.77% increase over base price

According to Ford’s production records, of the 22,081 Custom 2-door sedans built during the 1967 model year, this car is:

- 1 of 4,393 with COLOR M, an installation rate of 19.89%

- 1 of 2,752 with COLOR M and TRIM 1B, an installation rate of 12.46%

- 1 of 1,080 with Engine P and TRANS U, an installation rate of 4.89%

- 1 of 107 with DSO 54, an installation rate of 0.48%

- 1 of 3,021 with the Police Package, an installation rate of 13.68%

According to Ford’s production records, the important dates associated with this car are:

- The order was received on Tuesday, August 23, 1966

- The car’s VIN was created on Monday, October 10, 1966

- The car was scheduled to be built on Wednesday, October 26, 1966

- The car was actually built on Wednesday, October 26, 1966

- The car was released from the assembly plant on Thursday, October 27, 1966

- The car was sold on Wednesday, October 26, 1966

Known History

This 1967 Ford Custom 2-door sedan was 1 of 30 identically-equipped units ordered by the Nebraska State Patrol on Tuesday, August 23, 1966. Of that fleet of 30 units, this car and only one other are still known to exist. This car was delivered to:

Don Loar Ford, Inc.

601 West 4th Avenue

Holdredge Nebraska 68949-2529

This car served the Nebraska State Patrol for an unknown number of years, before most likely being sold at a “used State property” auction. In August of 1976, this car was purchased by this combination used car dealer and salvage yard:

Easy Jack & Sons

2323 South Milford Lake Road

Junction City Kansas 66441-8626

I purchased the car in October 2002 from Easy Jack & Sons after they had placed a FOR SALE ad for the car in “Hemmings Motor News”. I had the car transported from Easy Jack & Sons to my home in Michigan. I had great plans to get the car running and to mechanically and cosmetically refurbish the car, but alas, that never happened. Life, and the fact that I own 5 other 1967 FoMoCo vehicles got in the way of those plans! The car has always been stored indoors since I’ve owned it (almost 14 years now), and has moved from garage to storage to garage, etc., over the years. I spent a small fortune to store this car over the years, but the good news is that I saved it from being parted out and then crushed. She is now available for a new owner to breathe life back into the poor old girl.


When it arrived, the car was filthy both inside and out, with lots of junk in the interior and trunk, and pine needles in and on the cowl and in the trunk.

I found that the clutch fan, alternator belts, water pump pulley, water pump, fuel pump, timing chain cover, and timing chain had been removed from the front of the engine many years before, and were sitting on the back seat of the car. Perhaps that’s why the car wound up at Easy Jack & Sons; the previous owner had started a timing chain replacement and lost interest in completing the job?

The following major mechanical components are original to the car:

- Engine block with “C6ME-A” casting code and “6H26” (Friday, August 26, 1966) casting date code

- Right-hand cylinder head with “C7AE-A” casting code and “6J30” (Friday, September 30, 1966) casting date code

- Left-hand cylinder head with “C7AE-A” casting code and “6J27” (Tuesday, September 27, 1966) casting date code

- Right-hand exhaust manifold with “C6AE-9430-A” casting code and “6K3” (Monday, October 3, 1966) casting date code

- Left-hand exhaust manifold with “C3SE-9431-B” casting code and “6J27” (Tuesday, September 27, 1966) casting date code

- Aluminum 428 Police Interceptor intake manifold with “C6AE-9425-H” casting code

- Autolite 4100 4-barrel carburetor with “C7AF-AM” engineering number and “6JC” (3rd week of September 1966) assembly date code

- Autolite distributor with “C7SF-12127-F” engineering number and “6G14” (Thursday, July 14, 1966) assembly date code

- C6 SelectShift Cruise-O-Matic 3-speed automatic column-shift transmission with 1st gear lockout, “PGB-F” engineering number and “000137” unit number

- 2.80:1 non-locking 9-3/8” diameter ring gear rear end with “WDT-F1” engineering number, “2.80” (2.80:1) non-locking ratio, and “6KA” (1st week of October 1966) assembly date code

The engine was, and still is, seized, with #4 piston (right-hand rear) frozen in the bore. The original engine and transmission assembly are currently out of the car, but come with it.

A 1965 power steering box and Eaton power steering pump had been installed before I purchased the car. I sourced a correct-application and correct-date coded manual steering box, as the car was not built with power steering. The correct manual steering box is included with the car.

When the car was sold at the conclusion of its Nebraska State Patrol service, the roof-mounted police light was removed, the holes were filled, and a textured paint meant to replicate a vinyl roof was sprayed on to mask the body work, which is why the roof of the car is black instead of Wimbledon White.

As you can see from the pictures below, this car has many dents and scrapes on the body. There is minimal rust on the body panels and closures (doors, hood, and deck lid) themselves.

The original left-hand door was replaced with a Beige Mist (paint color) one, but a correct used Wimbledon White replacement left-hand door from another 1967 Ford Custom 2-door sedan comes with the car.

The cowl leaks when the car gets wet, which only happened when I washed the car immediately after purchasing it in October 2002. The left-hand and right-hand floorpan to toeboard seams are rusted, and the front and rear left-hand footwells have rust holes. The trunk floor is intact with no holes. The frame is rock-solid, and rings like a bell when tapped with a hammer.

Sometime in its life, the right-hand reinforced front lower control arm was replaced with a non-reinforced unit, so a correct used reinforced one is included with the car.

The mileage showing on the odometer is “85,868.9”, but is unknown if this is 85,868.9 miles, or 185,868.9 miles.


I have over 50 pictures of the car (exterior, interior, engine, transmission, trunk, frame, floor pans, documentation, etc.) with full picture descriptions available on Photobucket; click here to see them all:



I have a clear Michigan title in hand, which I will sign over to the winning bidder upon payment in full for the car.


A non-refundable deposit of $500 is due from the winning bidder via PayPal within 24 hours of the auction’s end. The remaining balance is due via bank transfer before picking up the car, or via cash or cashier’s check at the time of picking up the car.


Due to the non-running condition of the car, and the fact that the engine and transmission are currently out of the car, the car can only be picked up – shipping by me is not an available option. The car is located an hour northwest of Detroit, Michigan. Please note that pickup can only take place between Sunday, July 10th and Saturday, July 16th.


Please don't hesitate to contact me via the "Ask a question" link in the top right section of the auction, or via cell phone (call or text) at 917-426-nineteen sixty seven, with any questions. Thank you very much for looking at, and hopefully bidding on, this 1967 Ford Custom 2-door sedan!

Yours in old Ford iron,

Adrian Clements