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1991 Ford E250 Quigley 4x4 4wd Van (great project van!!)

Make: Ford
Model: E-Series Van
Year: 1991
Mileage: 73800
VIN: 1fthe25h6mha83410
Vehicle Title: Clean
Item location: Le Roy, Illinois, United States

1991 Ford E-Series Van Additional Info:

This is my old 1991 E250 Van. I bought it off ebay and flew down to Florida and drove it home back in 2010. If I remember correctly, I was told it was sold new in Florida and had been there until I purchased it. The odometer read around 65K, if I remember correctly, when I purchased it. It now has 73K+ on it.
I really haven't done anything to it much but put about 8K on it the last ten years, maybe 100 the last two years. We started going away two winters ago for the bad winter months, and I just haven't used it. I wanted to take it to someplace and have it redone (like diesel brothers or Count's Custom), but reality is we are going to have to downsize in the next few years and I doubt I'll even have a place to park it inside, so that isn't going to work out.
It needs a lot of work. It starts fine, and I drove it up and down the road a couple of days ago and it went pretty good. First time it had been moved since last fall.
I will list the good and the bad.
The Good:- I put new tires on it ($1,141 see pictures for receipt) in 2013 and they only have 5K on them and still look great.- always stored in the shed.- motor has never used any oil between changes....But, while probably very low miles since the last change it has been awhile time wise.- all the 4x4 stuff seems to work fine (transfer case (low-high range), lockouts, etc)....everything does what it is supposed to.
The Bad:- it has always been a little strange starting....Sometimes I'd have to take it out of park, maybe to neutral, then put it back in park for it to turn over. Always worked so far, but something must be out of adjustment on the shifter or transmission to make it think it's not in park/neutral sometimes....not often but has happened on occasion.- related to above, when you put it in reverse it sit's a second or so then goes into reverse kind of hard. Works fine when in reverse but shifts kind of hard into reverse- floorpans in front of the seats are really bad. I priced them years ago and they weren't expensive (I think 5 or 6 pieces and like 300 bucks total, maybe more now), but need to be able to weld them or pay someone to do it and I just never had it done. I assumed it was from salt water from all those Florida years, but really don't know.- when I drove it the other day, it did not idle down very well at the end (i.e - too high RPM). I shut it off and started it again, and it idled ok. not sure if the gas cable is sticking from sitting so much maybe? Or a sensor? - dash is a little rough, several dash lights are burnt out, radio was missing when I got it and I never put one in. Heat gauge, Oil, etc work. I have had the speedometer quit a time or two over the years, but when you shut off the ignition and restart the motor, the speedometer works again when you take off.
I had the hitch put on it when I first got it, and borrowed my neighbors 16' trailer to take my mower over to my brothers house when he wasn't able to do that any more. Big mower is probably 3000 lbs, and it pulled the trailer/mower just fine. It is the old 5.7 liter 351 I believe....Not sure what transmissions they put in these after the C6's, but this one has overdrive with a button you can push to disable.
After I got it home, I really never drove much further than going to town for something or the other or using it in the winter for bad weather locally. Thus the low miles the last 10 years....always did it's job well.
Would love to see it go to someone that want's to bring it back to it's glory days. Pretty neat old vehicle and deserves better than I'm able to do for it!!
Any specific questions, or if you would like to come look it over and go for a drive, send me a message and I'll accommodate if at all possible!!
Cash at time of pickup would be preferred payment method. Would like to avoid all the fees if possible. Please pick up within 10 days.
Sold as-is, where-is.
I've tried to list everything I can think of/remember....It's been sitting a long time so should be checked over before driving daily or any distance. Don't want to send somebody off and have them get stranded down the road a ways.
Again, come by before auction end and I'll be happy to take you for a ride.....On the road or through a field. It goes either way!!!
Any questions, just ask.

On Jun-16-20 at 19:46:00 PDT, seller added the following information:

Someone asked about the air....It has never worked and I never got it fixed.