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Rebuilt 289, over $3,000.00 in new parts, medium skill level project.

Make: Ford
Model: Mustang
Type: Coupe
Trim: Disc Brakes, Randall Rack & Pinion, Built 289
Year: 1966
VIN: 6F07C109582
Engine: 289
Cylinders: 8
Transmission: Automatic
Drive type: RWD
Interior color: Black
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Denton, Texas, United States

1966 Ford Mustang Disc Brakes, Randall Rack & Pinion, Built 289 Additional Info:

I bought this car to help out an old school mechanic, car guy as something that he could assemble and sell with some expected return on 'our' investment. What I didn't factor in is the maxim "No good deed goes unpunished." I purchased the car, a Ford Mustang shop manual, with exploded views of everything to show how all of the various systems, etc., go together, and waited to be wowed by his enthusiasm and motivation. That last element of theequation never materialized. He is 66, gets up around noon, and after a few casual weeks this is the state of the car after spending an additional $1,500.00 of my money to purchase numerous parts, wheels, tires, etc. My loss, your gain.
He begansomewhat enthusiastically by taking a cupped wire grinding head to the entire bottom of the car and then painted it with truck bed undercoating. It looks nice and removed severalglobbed areas of factory undercoating. He assembled the new disc brakes, connected the steering column to the Randall Rack and Pinion (had to create a D shaped end from a piece of 1" stock and weld it to the end of the steering shaft), removed and cleaned the brake and fuel lines, put lowering blocks on the rear axle, and other minor tasks and then found something else to entertain himself with.
This is the state of the car as it sits now. There is a brand new gas tank with a brand new sending unit connected to the refurbished fuel line run up to the manual fuel pump with new 3/8" fuel line with a new fuel filter connected to the Demon 650 four barrel double pumper carburetor. The brakes have all been gone through on all four corners, drums in rear disc brakes in the front but need lines to connect the front calipers to the existing front brake lines which still need to be attached to the new power brake booster and dual cup master cylinder with attached proportional valve.
The engine is freshlybuilt with a Competition Cams cam WL3425-15 and has never been run. It sits with fresh oil and zinc additive for the break in period. It has stock hydraulic lifters, etc., but some internal upgrades. Has an Edelbrock Torker intake with a dual feed double pump Demon 650 carburetor. It does have headers but no exhaust tubes or mufflers. The engine turns over with the key, has a new battery and a new starter. Everything is there under the hood minus some belts to power the power steering, upper and lower radiator hoses, etc.
The engine bay, inner fenders, radiator and radiator support, etc., is all in excellent shape and shows no rust or damage from accidents. I have seen numerous Mustangs in my 60 years and the engine bay is perhaps the nicest that I have seen. It either has the original satin black paint or someone at some point stripped it down to bare metal and resprayed it because it will clean up nice. No numerous coats of paint over paint chips and dirt.
The floors have a patch on both sides (forward portion of the pan) with replacement panels that are welded in and were done correctly. The rest of the floor is solid and presently has new carpet with the bucket seats installed. The trunk area is also without need of any repair other than to paint it. The front suspension has new coil springs, new shocks and both the upper and lower ball joints have no slop. The rotors, calipers, caliper brackets, hardware are all new. The drive shaft has new u joints and hardware. I don't have any other information on the transmission but I was told that it was a running and driving car before the motor was pulled to be rebuilt and the car taken apart.
The front windshield is new and has been installed with a new gasket. All of the rest of the glass is in good shape. The drivers side door window rolls up and down well but the passenger window needs one of those plastic rollers/wheels to make it operate correctly. The front fenders and hood are both new. They are somewhat adjusted but hedidn't have the shims to bolt up the bottom of the fenders correctly. The splash guards on the inside of the front fenders are both new. The front valance is new as well as the bottom cross piece under the grill.
If you look closely at the photos of the new parts you will see that there is a couple thousand dollars of uninstalled new stuff. Most of it isFrom Scott Drake, not cheap...The front bumper has minor wear (still very useable) but the rear bumper is new. There are new rear tail light lenses with new chrome bezels, new blinker lights w/chrome bezels front and rear, new dash pad (just sitting on the dash but not installed) new GT gas cap, new grill surround, new Mustang and Ford chrome letters, new 289 insignias, new GT insignias, new inner shock towers, all new weather stripping for the entire car, new chrome dash bezel, new cups for all of the turn signal lights, new window felts, new door sills, new vent window rubbers, new rocker chrome, like new 2017 Mustang wheels with no curb rash or paint chips (tires have about 80%) new Billet polished aluminum door handles and window cranks, and numerous parts have been taken down to bare metal, sprayed with self etching primer and then satin paint. There are numerous other new parts as well.
The exterior of the car is in very good shape. There is zero rust or rust repair. All of the wheel well openings have been slotted and rolled to accommodate wider tires. The passenger side rear quarter needs a little body work. The rockers are rust free and the taillight panel is in good shape.
There are going to be lots of bolts, screws, etc., needed to put everything together. You will need door lock cylinders, the post that latches the front hood, a front and rear bumper bolt set, a trunk lock cylinder, the swivel for the emergency brake cable that attaches to the forward portion, new door panels, mufflers and tubes, and other odds and ends. The car comes with all of the paint products needed to paint the car; primer,base coat (red or silver), clear as well as the reducer and hardener.
The car is in a storage in Denton, Texas. As should be clear it isn't running, driving or braking. It can be steered and I will assist either you or an auto shipper in loading it onto a trailer and put all of the parts inside the car.
If you have reasonable mechanical skills, etc., and a desire to have a very nice classic Mustang with power rack and pinion steering, disc brakes, and a modestly built engine (somewhere in theneighborhood of 325 to 350 hp.), all new exterior chrome, with no rust and no body damage for approximately $11k complete that will be worth somewhere in the $20k ball park this could be the car for you.
If you need any information, want additional photos, or would like to FaceTime with me and the car give me a call at (817) 403-7723. If you care to make an offer give me a call. Payment must be made by cash in person or a bank wire transfer. Thanks for your interest!