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E100 "Custom" ClubWagon Window Van

Make: Ford
Model: E-Series Van
SubModel: CUSTOM
Trim: Custom Short Wheel Base Ford Van
Year: 1979
Mileage: 118000
VIN: E01BHFE3919
Engine: 300
Cylinders: 6
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Manual
Drive type: RWD
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Tempe, Arizona, United States

1979 Ford E-Series Van Custom Short Wheel Base Ford Van Additional Info:

This 1979 van is a Clubwagon original; not a econoline. It is mostly original...seats reupolstered 8/10 job, carpet is replaced, looks good, losts of extra carpet, needs a radio, lots of new parts...please read the whole description.
HIstory: Puchased spring 2013 from a guy in north phoenix/scottsdale. I still have his contact. I kept my stuff in the van and the van in a storage lot and drove the it every couple months when in phoenix until 2016 I moved to phoenix permanantly. I used the van as a daily driver for about a month while i moved into a permanant location and bought a newer car to put the daily miles on and then stopped driving the van and started making it the Custom van I envisioned. I and wheels/tires and added the visor and flares and the stripes.I have not changed anything else except maintance. That was 3 years ago now. I have listed it many times over the last 3 years - not to sell as much as to just get people to find out about the business I had started restoring old wheels. I am ending that business and starting a new direction. I have not insured or registered the van in over 3 years. its time to let it go for sure. The title is a Michigan title as I had it titled in Michigan for the first couple years of ownership. It is never been to Michigan or out of Arizona since I owned it. Theres 2500 for the clean origional van...spent 1000+ on the flares and visor...1000 on wheels and tires...400 on window/door seals...plus another few hundred on basic maintance items.
I tried a no reserve listing last week but ended the listing to update the description and photos so that those people where confused by a couple typo's from wrong engine/transmission attributes in the description, i could not add the vin number, and the photos added of the van prior to the flare/visor set that showed the condition of van prior to the custom mods seemed to be a source of problems for some ebayers. I have the van in storage now and will not be registering it and driving it anytime soon.
The van has scratches and dings and dents and faded/worn original paint and added flares/stripes with just a tone off and satin.Everything on this is basic, availalbe, and is cheap.It has never failed to start in the years I have owned it. even after stitting for a month...a couple of cranks and it fired as soon as gas hits the carb, or a little starting fluid and it fires on the first crank. If it had been started it within the last few days, 1 pump and crank and it fired in 3 or 4 seconds. If i started it same day or next day, it would fire almost imeadiately. hope that details help ya.No smoke.The 4speed on the floor is tricky shift pattern from the van position but clutch hooks and has not slipped on me.The radio does not work. sometimes it works, so to me that means it does not work.I put less than 50 miles on it in the last 3-4 years, thats really only reason why i am selling it. It has not been insured in 3 years. I last drove it from my house to the storage lot where it is now. It really needs to be taken out and driven. The brakes are in good working condition. emergency brake works. Front pads are about half or less on the pads. I cannot recall the rear. wipers are old, they will need replaced. This did pass emmissions when I purchased it and still has all the emmisions items on it. The milage showing is approximately 118,000 and was a "box A" title when i puchased it. This means it is supposed to be original, but i have found that is not always true on the old vehicles. The van drives a little loose as to be expected with age. Shows a bit more wear than I would expect with vehicle with this milage, but it was a family for its first 100k miles used for all the activies.
Making more attractive to sell, it recieved the last month or 3, new cap/rotor/wires/plugs/coolant change. also newfuel/filters/shocks/,New black Bart Racing "SpeedWay" 15x10 and 15x8 with new zero miles Cooper Cobra 255/70 and 245/60. zero miles puchased a few months ago. new wiper blades.Pop-out side window seals have all been replaced, all new new front driver/passenger/side/rear door seals - New In Box (not installed)Rear SkyJacker air shocks, front HD Monroe. The carpet and pad that was in it was like new and still is, navy blue short pile automotive carpet - proper looking. Also included is a new carburator purchased last summer, just to have incase the modern gas does some work on the old carter.The blue is all the original paint, but not on the flares and stripes. There has been no body work done. Super clean underneath.
Payment:1, cash in person (prefered), 2, bank wire transfer. $500 deposit is appreciated if you are going to take longer than 3 DAYS to make the payment in full.Shipping is simple by looking up shippers in Phoenix or looking up somone based near your location.
Hope all this all helps. $4500 firm. No warrenty No gaurentees and as is!
International Buyers areok with me.
Feel free to ask any questions....248.890.2504 if you would like to call. thanks again.