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1961 Ford Falcon Deluxe 2 door (THE GAS MONKEY FALCON)

Make: Ford
Model: Falcon
SubModel: Deluxe
Type: Sedan
Trim: Deluxe
Year: 1961
Mileage: 8,249
Engine: 144
Cylinders: 6
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Manual
Drive type: RWD
Interior color: Turquoise
Drive side: Left-hand drive
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Johnson City, Texas, United States

1961 Ford Falcon Deluxe Additional Info:

This is the GAS MONKEY Falcon. Sold on the show in 2013, seen in two episodes. Rich bought the car and was going to cut it up and make a gasser out of it but when he saw it didn't have the heart. This is what he called "the most original 1961 Falcon on the planet". Someone put blackwall radials on it and it looks like crap. I bought five correct 650-13 whitewall tires for it that will go with it.

When the car was purchased the dealer put clear plastic covers on the seats and they have never been taken off. THE SEATS HAVE NEVER BEEN SAT ON !!
Here's the deal, the car has been sitting since about 1983 judging by the newspapers in the trunk. Gas Monkey had it running and driving so it moves but the brakes don't work well. The car needs to be gone through from front to back mechanically. The engine and transmission and everything else need to be pulled and the seals replaced, brake hoses and all the other hoses need to be replaced.

The nose was repainted sometime about the time we were in Viet Nam and is okay but off by about half a shade probably due to age. (You can see it in the driver's side shot in front of the Gas Monkey sign). Other than that it is a real deal 8,249 mile time capsule that needs a good home with somebody who has the knowledge to do all the mechanical work himself so it doesn't cost a million dollars to get it back in shape.

I have the knowledge but not the time so I am putting it out here to see if anybody is interested and has the cash to buy it.

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Got a question from a member and wanted to clarify. I deleted the member's ID as a courtesy to be able to share the information


Just to be clear, I am not Gas Monkey Garage or in any way connected. I bought the car in 2014 from the gentleman who bought it on the show. When I say "half a shade off" you can see in the pictures that the nose appears to be a slight difference in shade to the rest of the car. It is entirely possible that when you buff out the car that it will be a color match.
The floor pans and the entire car has no rusted through areas. There is slight surface rust on the front edge of the hood and the bumpers are lightly pitted but could easily be rechromed if you wanted tom make it a show car. This was my plan for the car and still is if I don't get the right price for the car. I also have the 1961 Ford Factory Shop Manual and a factory radio and antenna that goes with it.
I would disassemble every mechanical assembly and replace seals and other items like hoses to make sure you don't end up breaking down once you start driving it. To be clear, this is not a "wash and drive" project for anyone who does not have the ability to do, and do it properly. This is a car an experienced collector can tackle for minimal cost and challenge. My plan was strictly bringing it up to safe driver condition and preserve it by buffing it out and having the bumpers rechromed. I wasn't even going to cut the car to add the radio or antenna to keep it original.
The car and components have 8,249 miles on it so the hard parts have no wear worth mentioning. the car showed up on Season 4 Episode 9 and again in Episode 10 where it was sold for $8,000.00. I am not pushing for $8,000.00 but am not giving it away either.

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Had another question from a member about the condition of the car so I am copying for the rest of you to give you more information on the condition of the car.

The car has no rust. It was purchased in Detroit in 1961 but was never driven in the winter. Looking at it and the miles on it my guess is that the person took public transportation or the "driver" in the family died because the suspension sits as it did when the car was new which is typical of a car that was up on jack stands or blocks all those years.
I have been a car collector for many years and the miles on this one are the real deal. No wear on the pedals or the seat cover and the springs do not sac in the seat like a car that had been driven more. The original black rubber floor mat installed at the factory that is under the aftermarket mat on the front floor is cracked from age but not worn from someone's heel by the gas pedal which is also indicative of second time around on the odometer.
The car was undercoated at the dealer which was VERY common up North but there is no sign of salt or rust and none has been applied to hide any existing rust. trying not to sound too technical but I have been an automotive Engineer for forty two years and know where to look and what to look for. This thing is solid.
I am an hour west of Austin, Texas and if you tell me where you live by city and state I can suggest a hauler for you.