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Mad Max Interceptor project, real Aussie XA XB Falcon hardtop

Make: Ford
Model: Falcon
SubModel: Mad Max Interceptor XA XB XC Australian
Type: Hardtop / Coupe
Trim: Mad Max Interceptor Australian XA XB XC Hardtop
Year: 1972
Mileage: 100,000
VIN: JG65MY36111K
Color: Black
Drive side: Right-hand drive
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: West Wallsend, NSW, Australia

1972 Ford Falcon Mad Max Interceptor Australian XA XB XC Hardtop Additional Info:

Mad Max Interceptor project - a REAL Australian Falcon hardtop, just like the original movie car.
Dreamt of building your very own Mad Max Interceptor but either didn't know where to get one, how to get one or just couldn't find one in your budget? Well, hopefully, today is your lucky day.
Please note everything listed below is included in the price (US$23,500), EXCEPT the items specifically mentioned as being optional extras.
1972 XA Falcon hardtop (also known as a coupe) (The XA and XB Falcon Hardtops are essentially thesameshells, both externally and internally, either shell can be fitted with panels from either model and could only be told apart by reading the ID tags unless you really know what to look for), I have found that the 72 model is more attractive to owners in several locations due to reduced taxes or emissions rules compared to the later 73-78 hardtops.
This car was one I was putting together for some fun in my spare time. I wasn't really planning on selling it, however, a customer contacted me and I ended up selling it. He now has some health issues and has asked if I could resell it for him. I have limited workshop space and 3 other Interceptor builds underway so I don't have time or space to finish this one so this project has to go to a new home. (I will be able to make time/space to finish packing the vehicle prior to shipping but no time to do additional work).
THE FIRST THING YOU MUST KNOW! The shell has sustained damage due to a rear end accident. It is repairable and I had taken it to a couple of panel shops and both were happy to fix it (each had different plans for the best process). Regardless neither was able to fit it in for a couple of months and I just don't have the time or the space to store it, so it's going a lot cheaper than it would if I spent the time and money to repair it. I am INCLUDING in the sale the following parts to facilitate the repair of the car (note, not all of them are required, however, I'd rather supply more than needed with the car and give the new owner the options to fix it how they prefer):
Included is:
- Another complete floor pan from the firewall right through to the rear bumper panel, Inc. sills (rocker panels) and wheel tubs (wheelhouse) (in good straight condition with minimal rust), it also has attached both side of the boot (trunk) floor and associated panels to help with the repairs.
- New RH/LH inner 1/4 panel lower (existing have minor rust and average previous repairs)
- New RH/LH inner 1/4 panel outer(existing have minor rust and average previous repairs)
- New RH/LH lower trunk seal corners (existing have been removed due to a replacement of tail light beaver panel
- New RH/LH beaver to floor braces (existing will need to be removed for repair and they are only $30ea so easier to replace than to refit the old ones)
I will leave it to the buyer to evaluate the restoration work required to decide if the car is for them (personally I would say it's a moderate (but not quick) job for a panel guy or a decent job for a hobby restorer, I fit the latter category and I would have taken it on if I had more time and space).
As you will see from the pics there is damage to the lower rear beaver panel behind the bumper, the rear rails have a minor kink above the diff (replacements included) and the floor pan has a crease in the tunnel. This is not a minor repair. One panel shop was happy to pull unpick the trunk floors and pull the car square, the other shop said it would be quicker to just unpick the floor pan Inc. rails and drop in a replacement. Both quoted around US$3000. If you have the skills this repair could be undertaken at home in approx. 4-5 days’ work. I DO NOT have time to do it here, if I did I would get it done and sell the car for $35k+. All major parts required for repair are included, some won't be needed but at least you have them to choose your own path.

Ok now that the important negative point has been disclosed onto the rest of the car.
1972 XA Falcon Hardtop (Factory V8 body)
Overall the vehicle is mostly complete, as you can see in the pics it has been partially converted to a Mad Max Interceptor replica.
Complete steel body shell, with all factory steel panels, doors, fenders, fluted GS/GT style bonnet,boot lid and wiper panel. There is some rust, however, it really is better than most projects available these days. I've included most of the repair sections needed to fix both the damage and the rust, however, there will be some other sections needed (most will be easy enough to fab up sections and won't require bought sections).
Complete Mad Max Interceptor body kit, suitable for use for any of the 3 variations of the Interceptor, Mad Max, The Road Warrior or Fury Road (includes the nose cone, flares, roof wing and trunk/boot wing).
Full set of Mad Max wheels, 15x8" frontsand 15x10" rears (All brand new in boxes, not the second-hand rims shown in the pics) All rims are from the same set, same style and same satin black powder coating, with chrome domecentre caps and chrome nuts. The car will come rolling on a full set of rims which will also assist in keeping the Mad Max rims clean until the car is finished and ready to have them fitted.

Fake Zoomie side pipes. These are supplied in kit form so you will be able to fit them up as you wish, or even adapt them into the working exhaust system.
XC rectangular headlights with mounting buckets
Perspex headlight covers
The car also has a complete dash, with GS/GT style gauges and surround, dash pad, dash frame, glove box withthe door, heater vents, heater box, ducting, vent cables, handbrake mech, peddle box, blank floor shift steering column, indicator stalk, steering wheel, etc.
Used black carpet
Door interior trim panels
Black sports seats (can be upgraded to brand new period-style black vinyl seats for US$400 extra)
Black XB Rear seat (currently fitted with a sedan seat which is slightly taller in the base, it would not be required for a Road Warrior or Fury Road replica). (I can supply a later model alternative that fits well for just an extra US$200.

All side glass
Rear window (I will include a replacement seal as the one on the glass currently is worn)
Front windscreen
All window mechanisms (Inc. 2 new rebuild kits suitable for any of the 4 windows, for future use if needed)

Stainless roof gutter trims, front windscreen trim (the top strip is 2 pc, as per the Fury Road car that I was going to replicate), C pillar corner trims
XB hardtop tail lights
Fibreglass rear bumper (I will include a steel sedan bumper that will have the required mounting hardware)
Engine bay and interior wiring harness (note this is as fitted to the car when last on the road, it may have some previous modifications and may require some repair or additional wires added, or it may work as is, I haven't checked it over but generally it appears to be complete).
Fuel tank (currently has a standard tank fitted which is overall good but does have a couple of visible pinholes in the top surface, I'm happy to provide instructions on how to convert this tank to a long-range version whilst also fixing the couple of holes).
All factory suspension, brakes and diff (assume these will require reconditioning, the vehicle is 45 years old and I do not know when some items were replaced, the brakes and suspension will in most part be fine but certainly some items will be simply wise to freshen up. I can supply a complete front end rebuild kit, around US$600).
Door catches, handles, and mechanisms (XA doors fitted, but I'll throw in some XB door sections in case you want to change them)
V8 radiator, brake booster, V8 engine mounts (suit Cleveland or Windsor), bonnet hinges, wiper motor, and linkages. Plus no doubt other items that I haven't mentioned but I have here for the car or already fitted.
Ratchet auto shifter (B&M or similar). I'll include a centreconsole as well.
upgrades are available via my website, the following items are not included in the sale:
- XB GT spec 351 Cleveland engine (good runner T code motor with alloy intake, alloy rocker covers, and aftermarket HEI distributor) (engine would come fitted in the engine bay) - US$2500
- C4 Auto (condition unknown since last removed from vehicle) US$250
- XB GT 9" Diff housing with standard drum brakes and 28 spline axles (Add your
owncentre) - US$800
- late model rear seat (that fits) - US$200
- Repro Scott injector hat (Alloy with alloy base, exact copy) - US$1450
So that's pretty much everything you need to make your very own Interceptor. Build it cheap in Fury Road spec or go to town and build a show winning Mad Max 1 replica, pretty much everything you need is there ready for you to get building.

Where is the car located?
Australia, but don't stress, I have been sourcing and exporting these cars around the world for the best part of 20 years. I have shipped them to the USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Belguim, Switzerland, New Zealand. I can make all arrangements from this end.

Who are you?
My name is Cameron Manewell, your welcome to google me, I'm not a fly-by-night operator or scammer. I've supplied more than 35 of these Interceptor projects to Mad Max fans all over the world spanning from 2000 to today and hope to for many years to come, so there not only am I experienced in describing my vehicles honestly I also have a track record of making sure the cars arrive safely to their new owner. My body-kit has been used on probably double that number of cars making it the most popular Interceptor kit worldwide. I was honoured to have built the Interceptors for Fury Road (along with a few other cars in the movie).

Could you complete the Interceptor build for me?
Whilst the technical answer is Yes, unfortunately, I am booked out well into next year with other Interceptor and Falcon hardtop builds. This car is being sold as is, however as with all my previous buyers, I am available via email or Facebook to answer questions and offer assistance with the build. Your not on our own after you get the car, I'm always happy to assist where I can.