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1965 or 1966 Mustang Fastback Body Shell (Not Original Ford)

Make: Ford
Model: Mustang
Year: 1965
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Ontario, California, United States

1965 Ford Mustang Additional Info:

1965 or 1966 Mustang Fastback

As the classic car supply base diminishes, he demand for these American icons will continue to rise. R3 Performance Products is a new company with new ideas that will provide the classic car industry with body and chassis solutions. Our product design team is comprised of three very talented individuals with over 50 years of combined experience in the classic car fabrication industry. Our All-Star team has the skill set needed to provide our customers a solid foundation for their next Classic/Resto-mod build.Whether restoring a Mustang Fastback or building a resto mod, ur body shells will save you time and money. At R3 Performance Products we manufacture several styles of classic body designs. From the Classic original style, o Street Mod with upgraded suspension for a more moderate ride, o our Pro Series, or those of you that want and need more power and handling.We design and manufacture all three series to meet the demand of each and every car enthusiast out there today. With our parts and service department, e offer product and tech support.

Classic Series – Great for stock body replacement.

Classic series bodies are for the classic-minded enthusiast wanting to restore a rusted or wrecked car back to its old glory. Great for stock body replacement.

Street Mod– Perfect foundation for resto-mod.

Our Street-Mod bodies are assembled with the new-age enthusiast in mind. With our updated suspension already installed, t’s the perfect foundation for your next resto-mod project.


PRO Series – Race ready full tube chassis.

Our Pro Series bodies are designed for the race-car-driver in all of us. A full tube, ace-ready, hassis with our innovative pro suspension integrated into the chassis.


What We Sell

We have all heard the saying if you can dream it we can build it. Whether you are in search of a Classic, treet Mod, r a Pro Series shell R3 Performance Products has what you need. Not only do we have highly trained fabricators in house, e have invested nearly one million dollars in tooling to complete any modification to complete your dreams. Every day with our research and development team we are striving to offer the best possible product on the market. Coming very soon are our own custom designed suspensions that are fitted not only for our shells, ut your current classic cars. So put R3 Performance Products to the test: Dream it, nd watch us build it!

Build Process

R3 Performance Products has built state-of-the-art body jigs for every body shell that we assemble. These jigs not only improve manufacturing productivity, hey ensure that our bodies are built to spec every time. Our quality control team inspects every body shell before it ships. We believe that advanced quality product planning begins from concept layout to full completion of our shells. Every shell will come with its own serial numbered data plate and final inspection sign off build sheet. Our customers can rest assured that each body shell is built with the objective to be the best quality built shell offered today. Our goal at R3 Performance Products is to make it exceptionally easy for our customers to assemble our body shells.

Our body shells are assembled to exact specifications using 1006 universal automotive grade steel, hich in most cases will be thicker than that of the original. With all new sheet metal from tail panel to core support, ur bodies will eliminate the need to cut, eld or replace rusted out parts.

Every sheet metal part that is used in our body shell build process is inspected for quality and punched with a 3/16 hole at all factory connection points. These holes are spec measured on every panel. On average we punch 2 times the holes than the factory amount of spot weld. Every hole then receives a hand Mig welded spot weld. This type of welding does look a little different than factory, ut this process is far superior to a mechanical spot welder. In addition to our spot weld process, e also stitch weld our body shells in multiple high stress connection points. This is the R3 difference that sells itself. We simply build a better, tronger body shell. At R3 Performance Products we believe that our quality of parts, nnovative design and attention to detail sets us apart from our competitors.

If you have any questions about our productplease call us direct at:

R3 Performance Products (909)460-5544

This product is not affiliated with Ford Motor Company in any way or form. The terms “Ford” and “Mustang” are used for fitment and descriptive purposes only. R3 Performance Products Inc. states that our use of the Ford Motor Company’s trademarked terms in our s constitute fair use and nominative use and is in no way to offer confusion that R3 Performance Products’ products and Ford Motor Company’s products are related nor are their companies.