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1994 Ford F-350XL, 2wd, elec dump bed, auto trans, no-turbo, AS IS, doesNOTrun

Make: Ford
Model: F-350
Type: Extended Crew Cab Pickup
Trim: NON-turbo diesel, elec dump bed
Year: 1994
Mileage: 300,990
VIN: 2FTJW35M7RCA31042
Color: white
Engine: Diesel, NON turbo
Cylinders: 8
Fuel: Diesel
Transmission: Automatic
Interior color: Blue
Drive side: Left-hand drive
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: McDonald, Tennessee, United States

1994 Ford F-350 NON-turbo diesel, elec dump bed Additional Info:

Does NOT currently run. Title is clear. Auto trans, NON-turbo diesel. Will post more pics including interior soon.
Needs an injection pump; weld repair on the right side of front bumper support (had this issue before we bought it); and a new fuel tank (it has two, we only used one, and that one is no good anymore). There are minor rust spots in the paint and on the front grill guard, but nothing severe. The headlights are fogged and have moisture, so they either need servicing or replacing. They've been like that the entire time we've had it as well...Also the interior door handle on the front passenger side needs replacing...the people who owned it before us may have always carried a full crew of men, though the interior is not in such bad shape. Not sure about the air cond. system, it may need servicing.
We built a wood slide-in tailgate that will come with the truck...it's not pressure treated so the tailgate has not sat outside in the elements...the side boards are pressure treated.
The bed is just gigantic, it can hold a lot more than the truck can carry...if the stuff is heavy!
Much of the glass has a very dark tint...the windows are not power though.
If you work on these trucks you should be able to handle all this. Replacing the pump has not been worth it to us, as we were not making much money with this truck, it was mostly for personal clean up for us (primarily a relative who passed away and had accumulated a lifetime's worth of scrap metal, we had to clean and move it to initiate further pro cleanup before selling the property...then there was more scrap metal, along with tornado cleanup and moving some dirt...at a different property).

Engine ran strong enough but always burned oil, probably had injection pump problems the whole time my dad owned it, bought it used in 2004. I'm saying there's a good bit of blow-by, but it always had trouble starting so I think the pump was a big factor the whole time...to me it seems like if the blow-by from worn rings, was the main factor it wouldn't have had good power, yet it did have plenty to haul well over a ton...also the more the engine revved the less it smoked. From what I've heard the Ford turbo engines still have the same wear problems as these non-turbo Fords, it's just that they also have a turbo that gets ruined when it happens. If you want the best engine you'll have to retrofit a Cummins or Cat, :) ...
We've probably only put 2000 miles on it, used it mostly from 2004 to 2012...it hasn't run in over 2 years. I can't see the actual mileage, it's a digital odometer (battery is dead), but the mileage is around 250k to 300k miles. The transmission was supposedly rebuilt by the previous owner, it still seems to be ok. The tires still have a lot of tread and hold air well, and are probably still good for short trips...can't guarantee them though for long hauling...I don't think they were brand new in 2004. Replacing the tires alone, might cost as much or more than this truck is going to sell for...so keep that in mind...certainly more than the cost of an injection pump, even with labor...(it's six tires, and they're heavy duty).
Dump bed is electric over hydraulic (mud flaps say Young Harris, that may be the dump bed brand) Bed works fine, not as fast as a PTO (it lowers faster than it raises), but I'm pretty sure the F350 never had a PTO for this production period. If you need a PTO bed you'll need a much bigger truck that can haul more than one ton anyway...along with a CDL...in my opinion.
We hauled some heavy loads, especially scrap metal and dirt, and most likely exceeded the 1 ton by a lot several times (the dirt we hauled was all off road)...the truck and bed easily handled it and lifted it, just had to beware of tire scrubbing...especially when driving on slightly rough surfaces.
I absolutely loved getting to dump stuff with this truck, lol...thanks for reading!