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1966 Ford Thunderbird Landau Hardtop No Expenses Spared Total Resto Road Ready

Make: Ford
Model: Thunderbird
Type: 63D Landau Hardtop
Year: 1966
Mileage: 144,138
VIN: 6Y87Z1321276
Color: Red
Engine: 390
Cylinders: 8
Transmission: Automatic
Drive type: RWD
Interior color: Black
Drive side: Left-hand drive
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Scottsdale, Arizona, United States

1966 Ford Thunderbird Additional Info:

1966 Ford Thunderbird 63D Landau Hardtop, VIN #6Y87Z1321276

We are selling this vehicle for our customer who directed us to restore this vehicle completely to it’s as good as or better than new condition.

We operate a small restoration business located in Scottsdale, Arizona. This vehicle’s total restoration started in August 2012 and was completed in March, 2015.

· Has to be the nicest restored 1966 Ford Thunderbird in the world. We are not aware of any other 1966 Ford Thunderbird receiving this type of thorough, complete, better than new, restoration.

· Sentimental Reasons: Our customer owned the same vehicle new. He wanted another one in as good as, or better than new condition.

· Total Nut and Bolt Restoration, no expenses spared, on a rust-free eastern Washington state vehicle with very minor collision damage.

· Total investment in this vehicle is 3 times the asking price. All expenses are documented with receipts.

· Restoration process is documented with 3,800 digital photos. CD of photos to be provided with vehicle.

· Magazine Features: Hemmings Classic Car’s September 2015 and October 2016 magazine issues featured 12 pages illustrating this vehicle’s comprehensive restoration.

· Road Ready. All functions work except the interior overhead monitor console. Vehicle is dependable. Vehicle has been driven 1627 miles since its restoration was completed in March 2015.

· Mileage when restoration started in 2012 was 142,511. Vehicle now has 144,138 miles on it.

· Unmodified. Vehicle is unmodified and is the same as factory except for radial tires on ground

· Featured on our website: To view 400 photos of vehicle, before, during and after its restoration, Go To: www.qualitymusclecarrestorations.com, Go to Restoration Projects” Look at 11th listing from top.

Assembled at the Wixom, Michigan Factory with:

· Red Exterior

· Black Vinyl Bucket Seat Interior

· Black Vinyl Top

· Assembly date, December 23, 1965

· 390-315 Z Code Engine

· C6 Automatic Transmission

· 3.00 Open Diff

Standard and Optional Equipment,

· 390 CID, 315 Horsepower Engine, engine block is correct replacement with casting 1966 date after build date of vehicle

· C6 Automatic Transmission, born-with to vehicle

· 3.00 Ratio Differential, No Posi, born-with to vehicle

· Interior Overhead Console with Low Fuel, Door Ajar, Emergency Flasher and Seat Belt Lights

· Factory Air Conditioning

· Rear Window Power Vent Control

· Power Steering

· Power Disc Brakes

· Power Drivers Side Bucket Seat

· Reclining Passenger Side Bucket Seat

· Power Door Locks

· Power Door Vent Windows

· Power Door Glass Windows

· AM-FM Mono Radio with Six Speakers, Front and Rear

· Deluxe Hubcaps

· Fender Skirts

· Tinted Glass, all

Description of Restoration:


· Body and Paint. All sheet metal stripped to bare metal, a small of rusty metal replaced with correct sheet metal under battery tray, passenger side inner fender, 2” square area in driver’s front floor pan and 1” area behind LR wheel opening.

· Body, Collision damaged driver’s side door replaced with near perfect original donor door.

· Body and Paint, PPG products used to make vehicle laser straight. No base coat clear was used on this solid red finish.

· Body, Panels gaps and fit, are all good as or better than new.

· Emblems, Mint used or NOS

· Glass, All glass is very nice original except for a replacement windshield.

· Lenses and Lights, Mint-used or NOS

· Top, Vinyl top replaced with exact reproduction item

· Trim, All stainless trim straightened and polished to better than new condition

· Trim, All anodized aluminum trim straightened as needed, and re-brite-dip plated

· Trim, All chrome plated trim has been show chrome-plated

B Interior:

· AC, Factory AC-Heater-Defroster suitcase serviced, re-sealed and repaired as needed.

· AC, Heater core rebuilt, Not replaced with imported aluminum part

· AC, Under-dash, vacuum hoses replaced as needed

· AC, Evaporator assembly removed from case, pressure tested and cleaned as needed

· Brakes, The vacuum park brake mechanism has been serviced and restored as needed.

· Brakes, pedal assembly disassembled, restored, refinished as needed.

· Console, Original wood-grain trim and all other areas on console restored to new condition.

· Dash, Chrome trim, all interior dash and console trim has been re-plated

· Dash, Mint original dash pad assembly has been cleaned and lightly re-dyed its correct black finish

· Dash, All gauges, switches and speedometer, cleaned, serviced and repaired as needed.

· Dash, Clock rebuilt and converted to quartz

· Doors, New Reproduction door panels modified as needed so they fit as good as originals

· Doors, Power door glass and vent window glass electric motors have been cleaned, serviced and rebuilt as needed.

· Doors, All door mechanisms cleaned, re-plated, refinished as needed.

· Doors, All door anti-rattle parts, felt seals, etc. cleaned or replaced. Doors close easily without slamming them.

· Doors, Door vent window frame triple-chrome plated, all rust pits removed.

· Doors, Locks, Power vacuum lock solenoids in both doors have been serviced and restored as needed.

· Floor Mats, Reproduction front and rear floor mats installed.

· Floor, Best quality reproduction black carpeting installed.

· Headliner replaced with very close to original moon-skin material

· Moldings, All metal moldings have been powder-coated in their correct satin black finish

· Radio, Restored original 1966 Ford Thunderbird Mono AM-FM radio, serviced and works

· Radio, All six radio speakers, two in each door, two in dash, have been re-coned.

· Rear window vacuum pod system rebuilt as needed and is functional

· Seats, Front buckets seats covers are have been replaced with hand-made replacements and look exactly like the originals

· Seats, the rear seats are mint original, were cleaned as left as is.

· Seats. The driver’s side power seat mechanism and controls have been serviced, repaired as needed

· Seats, All anodized aluminum trim on both front bucket seats has been brite-dip plated

· Seats, All metal black trim on both front bucket seats has been powder-coated in the correct satin black finish.

· Seat Belts, All seat belts have been fully restored and new reproduction labels installed.

· Steering Column, The Swing-Away steering column has been restored, rebuilt and refinished as needed and is fully functional.

· Steering Column, turn signal switch repaired.

· Steering wheel is mint original

· Vacuum, All power lock, rear vent and AC system vacuum hoses replaced as needed

· Wiring, under-dash, cleaned, tested and repaired as needed.

CEngine, Transmission, and Under Hood:

· AC, Cleaned and serviced original AC condenser

· AC, New AC receiver-dryer and expansion valve

· AC, New AC hoses, all, with same configuration as new

· AC, Rebuilt original AC Compressor and powder coated original brackets

· AC system is fully operational with R12 Freon

· AC, Blower motor original, rebuilt

· AC, Hot water valve, new correct reproduction

· Brakes, Rebuilt original power brake booster and new hoses

· Brakes, New brake master cylinder installed and converted to DOT-5 Silicon Brake Fluid. Detailed to OEM finishes

· Charging System, Rebuilt factory AC alternator, powder coated original brackets and new belt

· Charging System, New reproduction voltage regulator

· Charging system, Reproduction Motor-craft Battery with Optimal Dry Cell Internals

· Charging System, Reproduction battery cables

· Cooling, Original factory A/C radiator has been rebuilt with new high capacity radiator core, refinished to factory finishes. Engine runs cool with AC on in hot weather.

· Cooling, New replacement water pump and new 160 degree thermostat

· Cooling, New reproduction Radiator Expansion Tank

· Cooling, New reproduction heater and radiator hoses and tower clamps

· Cooling, New Fan clutch and fan belt

· Engine has been completely rebuilt, 0.030 over, balanced, mild head work, and tested on engine stand before being installed in vehicle. Engine is not born-with to car, but, it is a correct, 1966 dated-coded 390 block. Cylinder heads are original and completely rebuilt to run on no lead fuel. Exterior of engine detailed to factory finishes. Engine runs great on 91 octane fuel.

· Exhaust, Reused the original LH drivers side exhaust manifold

· Exhaust, New reproduction RH passenger side exhaust manifold

· Exhaust, new heat riser valve

· Finishes, All areas under hood have been disassembled, stripped and restored to their correct original finishes. Quality of finishes is better than new.

· Fuel, Autolite four barrel carburetor completely rebuilt, new correct steel and rubber fuel lines

· Fuel, New replacement fuel pump and internal fuel filter

· Fuel, Correct original air cleaner and valve covers, refinished in their correct original finishes, new correct air filter element

· Fuel, Re-plated original carb and transmission linkage

· Ignition, Reproduction, date coded spark plug wires and new spark plugs

· Ignition, Rebuilt original distributor

· Ignition, New reproduction ignition coil

· Plating, Correctly plated reproduction hood hinges and re-plated original hood catches and latches

· Fasteners, All original re-plated fasteners, braces, brackets used and installed under-hood

· Powder coated, original fan assembly, pulley, fan shroud, core support, fender braces

· Power Steering, Rebuilt original power steering pump, powder coated original brackets and new belt

· Power Steering, New power steering hoses, all

· Starter, Rebuilt starter with re-plated original fasteners

· Transmission, Original Transmission completely rebuilt to stock specs. Exterior refinished to factory finishes. Torque convertor rebuilt.

· Vacuum, Restored and refinished both under-hood vacuum research tanks needed for AC, door lock and rear window vent system.

· Vacuum, Replaced all vacuum hoses going to and from AC, vacuum rear window and door lock systems

· Wipers, Cleaned and serviced hydraulic wiper pump

· Wipers, New hydraulic wiper hoses, all

· Wipers and washers, new reproduction bag, pump and all hoses

· Wiring, All new reproduction wiring and wiring harnesses for front lights, engine, charging system, starting system, Factory A/C, ignition

Chassis and Undercarriage

· Brakes, Original rear brake drums turned and new re-lined brake shoes arched to match brake drums.

· Brakes, New rear brake hardware

· Brakes, New brake cylinders

· Brakes, New brake lines

· Brakes, Original front brake rotors turned and machined

· Brakes, Front wheel bearings cleaned, repacked and new grease seals

· Brakes, Both front brake calipers replaced with rebuilt originals

· Brakes Proportioning Valve was rebuilt

· Brakes, All brake hoses are new reproduction parts

· Bumper brackets, front and rear, powder coated to original satin black finish

· Differential completely rebuilt with all new gears, bearings and seals.

· Differential housing refinish in factory semi-gloss finish, any small rust pits filled.

· Differential gear carrier assembly refinished same as new with rear oxide external finish

· Differential, rear axle bearings and seals replaced

· Drive shaft, original drive shaft has new u-jts, has been balanced and the exterior is polished same as original

· Exhaust, new reproduction aluminized steel dual-exhaust system with stock mufflers and no resonators

· Exhaust, all new exact reproduction hangers

· Fasteners, undercarriage and chassis fasteners are re-plated original parts

· Floor pan, Mint original floor pan, never any rust, red oxide finish is original to vehicle. Just had to clean with water and soap to make like new.

· Floor pan, Freshened up factory undercoating where it is was applied originally by the factory

· Fuel, New reproduction fuel tank and fuel tank sending unit.

· Fuel, Original fuel lines were cleaned and reused

· Inner fenders, shields between fenders and cowl, are powder coated to original satin black finish. New rubber seals installed.

· Steering box completely rebuilt and exterior refinished same as factory

· Steering, all four control arms, upper and lower, front spindles, front sway bar were stripped and refinished in their original factory finishes.

· Steering, Idler arm, new NOS

· Steering, tie rod ends, center link and pitman, original, stripped and in their original finish

· Suspension, Rebuilt original rear leaf springs and brackets, rubber bushings, liners and clamps replaced, all items refinished with bare steel paint.

· Suspension, All four ball joints, front, upper and lower replaced.

· Suspension, Coil Springs, front, original powder coated to original dark heat treated finish, inspection marks installed.

· Suspension, All front steering suspension rubber bushings for struts, control arms, sway bar, and steering box replaced.

· Suspension, All four shock absorbers, front and rear replaced with best quality replacement gas shocks. Have been refinished to look like originals.

· Tires, Set of four, P215/75R15" Radial Tires, American Class Brand with 1.3" white wall,

· Wheels, Powder coated original wheels, all four on ground

· Wiring, new transmission neutral safety and backup light switch


· Jack, and related tire hold down parts, restored original

· Latches and catches, re-plated originals

· Liner and Trunk Mat, exact reproduction.

· Painted surfaces, restored to original finishes

· Tire, spare, One exact reproduction, 815-15" BF Goodrich WW and 3/8" Redline tire for spare.

· Weather-strip, best quality reproduction

· Wheel, powder-coated original